She Wanted to See Me Squirt Ch. 02

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I stood up and kissed Jamie for the first time. My lips trailed down her neck to her gorgeous tits. She was right, I tasted sweet, as I lapped up my pussy juices and squirt off her smooth skin.

I took one pale, pink nipple in my mouth and pinched the other. Jamie’s hand trailed down to my pussy, as she moaned. I slapped it away.

“What was that for?” She asked.

I broke the suction my lips had created on her nipple and said, “I have cum like 5 times….I’m still soaked. It’s your turn.”

Jamie looked jaded, and said, “What if I can’t?”

I laughed, “You will be begging me to stop because you are too sensitive from cumming so much.” Jamie just rolled her eyes.

I kneeled down in front of Jamie…..Nervous. I hadn’t done this before, but Fuck!! If no man had made her cum, I couldn’t do any worse. Right?

I leaned in and flicked her clit a few times with my tongue. She moaned loudly. I then circled that sensitive nub slowly with my tongue and flicked it a few more times. I brought my fingers to her pussy. She was soaked. Her outer lips were covered. This made me smile.

“So making me cum didn’t turn you off?” I asked.

“It was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. When you came in my mouth, I felt my pussy flood.” Jamie replied.

That was enough, I buried two fingers in her. I had planned on teasing her, but I couldn’t do it. Hearing the reaction she had to me, made me want to stretch her pussy with my fingers. I inserted two fingers, feeling her tightness clench around them I licked my lips. I had never felt something so damn sexy in my life. I found the spongy area quickly. I started to stoke it with the pads of my fingertips. I felt her drenching pussy begging me for more. But I felt Jamie herself, also tense up. I immediately removed my fingers.

Jamie damn near chocked on her protest.

“Lay down.”

I knew exactly how I was going to get the earth shattering orgasm out of her, but we weren’t there yet. I decided I would just force that orgasm out of her.

When she laid down, london escort agency I told her to trust me, she would cum harder than she ever had. Multiple times. But she would have to trust and relax.

She looked reluctant, but agreed.

When she laid down, I ran by tongue up and down her pussy a few times. She tasted amazing. I wanted nothing more than to stay there, allowing my saliva to mix with her increasing wetness, but I knew she’d never relax enough. I put two fingers back inside her. Her pussy grasped my fingers as I stroked her gspot. Her pussy tasted sweet. Similar to mine, but also different. I loved it. i also noticed her clit was now harder, more prominent, and begging for attention. Perfect.

I reluctantly pulled my lips away from her pussy. I reached over and pulled out my hitachi wand. I turned it on. When I pressed it to her begging clit, she tried instinctively pulling away. I held it there, I again turned my attention to the two fingers in that tight, drooling tunnel. I smiled as I slowly fucked that taut hole with my fingers. Making sure to firmly push upward on her gspot her as the vibrations ravaged her clit.

Jamie’s skin flushed, and her pussy started to greedily devour my fingers. I picked up the pace, making sure I fucked her harder and deeper. The way she didn’t realize she needed it. Jamie’s pussy was drenched. Her juices started to puddle in my palm.

I started stroking her gspot with more force as I focused the wand more intently on her clit. I could feel tension building in her pussy.

Jamie grabbed my arm and said “I can’t take this, it’s too much. I don’t know what’s happening.”

I laughed and said, “You’re about to cum. Relax and let it take you. Let it happen.”

I continued to stroke her gspot and kept the wand on her clit. Jamie started moaning and throwing her head back and forth. I took the wand off and replaced it with my mouth. I started sucking on that swollen clit, like I was dying of thirst. That did it. I felt her pussy clench, relax, and get escort london wetter as she screamed. Jamie stiffened and then went limp. The only moment was a tremble in her legs.

Jamie started crying. I didn’t expect that. Maybe I pushed too far. “What is wrong?”

“Is that what it feels like?” Jamie cried.

“I think so.” I answer.

She was quiet.

I gave her a minute.

But then I felt fingers on my clit. i looked down to see Jamie’s fingers lightly caressing my my wetness.

“It’s your turn, right?” Jamie asked.

“Oh no. I have plans for you.” I laughed

I was hopeful she hadn’t come down off the orgasm enough yet, I grabbed the sucking toy and added it to her clit. Her eyes shot open. I played with the entrance to her pussy, but never planned to enter it. I told her to just let the clit sucker do it’s job. It did. Within 30 seconds she was cumming again.

Jamie was smiling and said “my pussy loves you.”

I laughed as Jamie’s eyes got wide once again.

Still no break, I slid that black gspot vibrator into her.

“I don’t care what your pussy is feeling, I want you to go with it. Got it?” I smiled at her.

Jamie looked weary, but said “ok?”

I laid on my back and said “Now come up here so I can lick your delicious pussy while I look up at your tits.”

“Wait, what?!”

“Just do it”

Jamie positioned her pussy over my face, and I pulled her down. I reached around her glorious ass to turn the vibrator on. Jamie cried out. I used my tongue to explore her entire pussy. At first she was still, but then the sensations took over and she started to move with and against my tongue. I had a great views of her entire body. Her tits looks fantastic. Her hands were steadying herself against the wall.

As Jamie grinded herself against my mouth, her juices started to run down the vibrator onto my lips. I was loving it.

“Fuck, I’m so glad I didn’t go to the bar looking for cock. I’d rather ride your tongue and tits, you sexy slut.” Jamie said breathlessly.

With london escorts that, she moved, glazing my tits with her pussy juices, as she rode my tits. Even with the vibrator blocking her sex entrance, she was still leaving everything in its wake, wet as fuck. I reached up and slapped her tit, and watched as it bounced. She laughed an evil laugh.

“You have yours coming. Don’t forget that.” I taunted.

Jamie reached back a few times and would insert a few fingers into my hole or sharply slap my clit.

“You little whore. You like eating my pussy and being the only one to ever make me cum.” Jamie taunted. “Also dont forget what a dirty sluty you were earlier by giving me a facial earlier.”

Jamie moved again, making sure I couldn’t answer by shoving her clit onto my hungry tongue.

This confidence from Janie was short lived. Before long she sounded worried.

“Claire, we need to stop…I feel like I have to pee.”

I momentarily removed my mouth from her pussy.” Just go with it. When you feel like you’re gonna cum, fully let go. You won’t regret it. I promise.”

My pussy was on fire. It needed fucked, but I didn’t want to lose sight of Jamie cumming again. Jamie started to grind my mouth so I started fucking her with the vibrator. I started to feel a little more resistance in her slick hole, so I focused on the tip of it fucking solely that gspot.

Jamie started to squeal. I knew what that meant. I pulled the vibrator out, and focused my tongue on her clit.

When I did, Jamie screamed and burst cum all over me….my mouth, my neck, and the bed.

Jamie collapse backwards on the bed. Stunned. Jamie reached down and felt that dripping pussy.

“Did I just squirt?” Jamie sounded confused.

“You did.”

“That is so fucking sexy.” Jamie giggled.

“It really is.”

“I bet you need to cum after doing that to me. I know I did with you.” Jamie stated.

As Jamie slid off the bed, she reached over and felt my slippery pussy.

“Yep. Just what I thought. You need to cum. She picked up the glistening vibrator and stuffed it roughly into my pussy. She turned it on. I moaned. Jamie laid a small kiss on my breast and got up.

As Jamie walked to the bathroom, she laughed, “Definitely so much hotter than a cock.”

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