The Older Man Named Noel Pt. 05

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We both woke at the same time, I needed to pee, and drain off the load he had deposited in me last night. I came back he was naked, the covers on the floor, his cock erect and ready for me. I got in between his legs and took his cock in my mouth, I licked his balls, then lifted his legs and ran my tongue along his butt crack. Noel actually screamed as I did this to him, my tongue lingered on his button for a moment or two, Noel could not hold back, his voice cracked, he moaned out loud.

The Bellman had brought up our breakfast, he heard Noel moan and groan he assumed something was wrong, he poked his head in our bedroom and got an eyeful.

“Oh I am so sorry Sir, I thought that maybe you had fallen and hurt yourself.”

He quickly exited the room getting in the elevator, Noel and I had a hard time not to laugh, poor Jimmy had seen more than he should have. I sucked a load out of Noel, he then swallowed one out of me, we got our robes on and ate.

“I could get used to being spoiled like this Babe, breakfast served on the balcony, a hot steamy man in my bed every night. You spoil me Sir!”

“I love to spoil you Tom, you should be treated like a Prince, my Prince.”

Noel gave me a funny look, I wondered if he was okay, he assured me he was fine, just something on his mind is all. Noel and I got in the shower, got dressed he and I would go for a walk in the park, then off for lunch. We found a cute tiny restaurant that served almost anything imaginable, the food incredible the place overly decorated but quaint.

We made our way back to the Hotel, we were walking along, Noel gave me a funny look once again.

“Are you sure your okay Babe?”

“Yes Tom never better actually, Tom do you have a passport?”

“I do why do you plan to whisk me off somewhere and keep me as your sex slave?

“Oh Tom I like the way you think actually, I was thinking a week away, but you tied to a bed me in leather gear, whips, chains hoods, sounds even better, and we don’t have to leave the country.”

Noel had this silly evil grin on his face, he and I both laughed so hard, when we got to the Hotel he had messages waiting for him, paperwork had been dropped off from his work awaiting signatures, never a day off when you own your own company. Dave had picked up the package Noel was expecting, a brown envelope I assumed work papers.

We made our way to our suite, Noel had work to get done, I wanted to try on some of the clothes he had bought me. While he worked I modeled clothes for the man, he would give me a thumbs up or down. I have to admit I loved everything he picked out for me, the man knew my polatlı escort taste in clothing.

Noel got through the mountain of paperwork he had to get done, he called the desk to get the Bellman to pick up the papers he had signed that were needed at his work immediately. Jimmy came up pleasant as always, Noel and I apologized for what he had seen this morning.

“No worries Sir, all in a day’s work.”

Noel and I had to get in the shower, he wanted us ready early, he would not say why, only that we had to be in the car by a certain time. We got ourselves cleaned up hair done to perfection, Noel had bought us new colognes, different ones for us to try to see which we liked. I looked forward to trying on the suit he had made for me by his tailor. Noel and I stood there in the mirror, we made a handsome couple for sure.

We got looks as we walked through the lobby of the Hotel, Dave the driver was ready to got us off to our dinner. I had never been in a place like this, even the Maitre D was snobbish, he quickly recognized Noel greeting him as we walked in, he kind of gave me an odd look like who was I and why was I with Mr. Robinson.

Noel introduced us, telling him I was his boyfriend, this got me a raised eyebrow from Charles the Maitre D. I simply grinned at him as I took Noel’s hand in my own. We were seated immediately, Noel pulling my chair for me. I loved being treated like this, Noel took his seat across from me, we ordered wine, then I let Noel order dinner for me.

We toasted to our anniversary, it had been three months ago today that we had met at the art gallery, Noel again had this funny look on his face, like he had something to tell me. We enjoyed our dinner, then Dave took us to the symphony, it was truly a magical night, being this close to this man was where I wanted to be.

We enjoyed a glass of wine at intermission, again I got to meet more of Noel’s friends, again they were surprised to see Noel with such a young boyfriend, you could see they all thought I was after the man for his money. I wanted to tell them I only wanted him for his cock, and balls of course. We had some polite conversation, Noel and I holding hands and enjoying our evening out.

Dave took us back to the Hotel, we enjoyed a drink in the lounge like we had the first night, but I was overdressed for this place this time. Noel and I held hands as we went to our suite, Noel no longer shy to show affection in public places. I still sensed he had something on his mind, when we got to our room he asked me to join him on the balcony.

“Tom I have to ask you something and pursaklar escort tell you something as well.”

“Okay Babe you can tell me anything, you’re not breaking up with me I hope cause I have to tell you Noel, I’m in Love with You.”

I could not hold back I started to cry, the evening, the dinner, the symphony, him asking me out on the balcony, the emotions rushed to me, I was crying like a baby. Noel held me as I cried, I could not hold it back, he took my face in his hands and kissed me. I got myself composed, got my emotions in check, Noel had me sit on the chair.

He kneeled on one knee, he took my left hand in his, he pulled out a ring box.

“Tom I Love You and want you to marry me. Thomas Eugene Matthews will you marry me?”

Noel opened a ring box with a band encrusted with diamonds, I held my right hand over my mouth, the tears were flowing once again, once again I was speechless. Noel pulled the promise ring off my finger and replaced it with the diamond one. He put the promise ring on my right hand.

“So Tom will you marry me?”

“Noel you know I love you with all my heart and soul, I will marry you but we have to wait till I am done with university, I want us to do this right.”

He and I kissed hugged, I stared at the ring he bought me, it was so noticeable, one could not hide this ring, it caught the light at every angle. Married he and I married, I would have never thought I could be married. I never saw Noel smile so much, he too stared at the ring, it looked so perfect on my finger.

We had a glass of wine on the balcony, I messaged Dad to let him know I was now engaged, I got a message from him, “What? Engaged? To who? And when? Tom seriously!” I answered all the questions he and Tim had as quickly as I could, I wanted to get back to my man. Noel and I sat and enjoyed the night skyline, the city so beautiful from up here.

“Tom I want you to come and see my actual home, this is a Hotel not my home, my parents left me their home, but I rarely use it, before I met you I went there every other week. Tom I want you to see where I grew up.”

“Noel Babe, I am without words right now, what do I say to you, I would love to see where you grew up, your actual bedroom. We will have to go visit my Step Dad as well Noel I want him to meet the man I’ve fallen in love with.”

Noel and I got ready for bed, I could not take my eyes off of the ring the man had given me, I was so impressed by the promise ring this one was incredible. Noel and I made mad passionate love to each other, he and I snuggled in close to each other. I woke to sincan escort the man kissing me, his lips on mine, his arm around me pulling me close to him.

“Good morning my handsome Prince.”

“Good morning to you my King.”

Noel and I kissed, the man was boned up he needed relief, I got in between his legs, took his cock in my mouth, then his balls, I slowly lifted his legs and slid my tongue along the man’s butt crack. I pressed my tongue to his hole, he slowly let me in so I could get inside of him.

Noel was going wild, he squished the pillows, his toes curled, his body contorted, I grabbed his cock and gently stroked it as my tongue worked his tight hole. It took no time at all and his balls pulled in tight, his cock stiffened, his hole clenched my tongue.

Noel shot himself in the face neck, chest, his cock never seemed to stop shooting, his balls would ache after this session. I let the man’s legs down as his orgasm rocked his body, I lapped up all the cum the man had shot. I laid on top of Noel and snowballed his load with him, his eyes wide open, his tongue bathed in his rich white cream.

Noel ordered us breakfast as I got a wet cloth to wipe us up, he and I would sit on the balcony he had work to get done, I had reading to catch up on. I laid on one of the settee’s books in hand Noel pacing on the phone getting some of the loose ends he needed to get completed. I watched the man as he was so engrossed in what he was doing, he and I like an old married couple.

Noel caught me smiling at him, something about this man I looked at him and it always brought a smile to my face. He was into his conversation, he asked the man on the other end if he could call him back, he had something he had to do before he could continue this conversation.

Noel came and sat on my crotch, he leaned in and kissed me, smiled put his phone down and laid on top of me. I dropped my books on the carpet. He and I snuggled together. I felt so good with him laying on me right now, I held the man to me, his head on my chest.

“I Love You Tom.”

“Love you too Babe.”

Noel and I dozed off for a half hour or so, I woke to him getting off of me.

“Where do you think you are going Babe?”

“Tom I need to pee or I will end up peeing on you.”

“First its whips and leather, now its golden showers, Babe you really are so kinky.”

“Tom you will learn so much more about me as we go along, I still have to show you my dungeon.”

Noel could not hold back the laughter at the last statement he made, he and I kissed and he made his way to the washroom. I laid there, semi erect, I had never been so truly happy. Noel came out of the washroom, he looked at me, then climbed on the settee on top of me.

“Seems someone is happy.”

“You Babe are why I am so happy, I Love You so much.”

“Love you too Tom, not sure I have ever been so happy in my entire life.”

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