Wild Oats – The Hike

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Jason and I had a common day off next week, Tuesday, and Jason ask me if I would be interested in taking a hike in the Ocala National Forest. I consented and he said he would pull everything together.

On Tuesday morning we arrived at a small empty parking area at the head of a trail that led to a nice clearing about 2 miles in. Jason had a day pack and we proceeded up the trail holding hands and talking about whatever came to mind.

The temperature was in the mid 80’s even in the shade of the forest and there was no breeze. As we began to sweat, Jason pulled off his shirt and tied it to his pack.

I had worn a light T-shirt without a bra and even though I kept my shirt on, I could easily have been in a wet T-shirt contest with the way my firm, erect, natural DD breasts showed through the wet material.

We arrived at the clearing and Jason spread a light blanket on the grass and we gratefully settled in. We took off our shoes and socks to let our feet air and I pulled my wet T-shirt off so it could dry before our hike back to the car. Jason had thought to bring several bottles of water apiece as well as wine, bread and cheese.

We both immediately downed a bottle of water and then passed the wine bottle back and forth between us as we snacked and enjoyed ourselves.

I was lying back looking at the sky through the trees when Jason leaned over to kiss me. I responded and soon our tongues were wrestling. cebeci escort Jason began toying with my breasts as we kissed and my wide areolas wrinkled up and my nipples became rigid.

Jason dribbled some wine on my breasts and licked it up. Then he dribbled more on my stomach and licked it up. He was near the waistband of my shorts so it seemed natural for him to hook his fingers into the fabric and lower my shorts and panties n one motion. I lifted my hips to make it easier for him and presto, I was lying nude on the blanket with him.

He poured a little wine in the depression made by my belly button and licked that up. Then he moved to my neatly trimmed pussy and dribbled wine on my pubes. It ran into my love slit and he continued licking it up.

I slid my legs apart to give him full access to my honey pot and he continued to dribble and lick.

Sometime along the way he slid his own shorts and underwear off and when I reached down to fondle his penis, I found him naked and fully erect.

I rolled over onto my knees and elbows with my butt in the air and Jason positioned himself with his hard, thick, erect cock at the opening of my love chamber. I was wet and there was no resistance as the head of his cock separated my love lips and slid into me.

He filled me and I was enjoying it. I pushed back to meet his thrusts and soon was çukurambar escort feeling the beginning of an orgasm.

Jason and I had increased the pace and I could tell he was approaching climax also. He pulled out, rolled me onto my back and slid his cock right back into me. We were pounding each other wildly when we came together. We lay there, joined at our sex, and I just enjoyed the feeling with my eyes closed.

I heard a slight noise and opened my eyes to see two of Jason’s best buds standing beside the blanket naked with their dicks in their hands. They were 20 year old twins, good looking, and I had met them casually earlier in the summer.

Their dicks were about 7″ long and so skinny that my forefinger and thumb could meet with space to spare when wrapped around them.

I beckoned them over and took a penis in each hand while Jason was still balls deep in my vagina.

I began sucking one and then the other. Jason pulled out and began loving my breasts while one of the brothers lay down beside me with his dick sticking straight up in the air. This was too much for me so I swung a leg over him and straddled him as I lowered myself onto his cock.

He pulled me down to his chest and began kissing me. I felt his brother finger fucking me in my vagina at the same time I had a dick in me and it was a new, nice full feeling. “Oh, that demetevler escort feels nice.”

About the same time, the brother with the finger in me replaces it with his dick and now I have 2 long slender cocks in my vagina at the same time. They begin moving in and out of me. One moving in as one pulls out until only the head remains in my pussy. I imagine the feeling of their dicks moving against each other in the warm wet confines of my vagina became too much for them and they began fucking with the same rhythm. My orgasm hit and I flooded them with my love honey. They came together and both of them drained their balls in me spurt after spurt of warm, creamy cum.

I was sandwiched between them and enjoying every minute of it.

The twins pulled out and Jason took me again. Squish, squish. My vagina was so wet that I could hear us making love. I don’t know how many times I came that afternoon, but after Jason, both twins loved me again, individually, at least two or three more times apiece.

I felt thoroughly fucked by the end of the afternoon and loved the sexually satisfied feeling.

I kissed the twins and Jason with full mouth kisses and thanked them for a totally satisfying afternoon of love.

We put on our shoes as Jason packed our things in his day pack and we all walked back to the car park naked. I had cum running down the insides of my legs and would have been a sight to behold if we had passed anyone.

Jason put the folded blanket on the seat for me and I remained nude as we drove back to my house. When we got home it was dark and I had no hesitation walking up to the house naked with my breasts swaying.

Jason and I had a quickie then I hit the shower as he headed home. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

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