The Shared Wall Pt. 02

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Anina Silk

(To understand the context of this part, I would suggest reading the first part, “The Shared Wall”)

It had been two weeks since Tom had taken Dani to the basement and and he was having withdrawal of sorts. Alex had happily shared Dani but now all was quiet and Tom was feeling the void.

There were few total submissives and even fewer men willing to share them with other men and even fewer that conveniently lived next door, a shared bedroom wall away. He craved her return. Tom’s wife was never coming back and all he had to excite his dull life was sex.

Dani was special.

Alex had shared Dani with a friend of his the week before but the meeting had been uneventful. The friend was just inexperienced enough to be boring, especially compared to the well traveled Tom, who definitely knew how to turn a woman on.

Dani asked to see Tom again if they were to continue sharing her. “He knows how to fuck me.”

Alex agreed that when Tom fucked her on his kitchen table it was electric. “You want more of that, baby?”


“Maybe this time I stay and watch the whole thing and maybe join in. What do you think?”

“Yes, ask him. I like you watching me. It’s exciting and we can share the experience when you fuck me at night!”

“I’ll ask him.”


Tom went to answer a knock on the back door and looking between the blinds his blood pressure jumped in anticipation.

Alex played it nonchalantly but his eagerness shone through, “So, Tom, Dani and I were concerned about you and so how’re you doing?”

Tom just cut to the chase, “Are you wanting to share Dani again? If so, bring her over.”

“Ahhh…yes, I want to share her but…I want to stay and watch if you don’t mind?”

“Sounds reasonable but maybe there’s times you won’t want to watch or listen. Your wife is very adventurous and so am I.”

“I can always head for the door if necessary but when you fucked her on the kitchen table I loved it so we’ll see. What time’s good for you?”

“8 o’clock?”

“We’ll be there.”


Alex was nearly as excited as Dani. “Let me dress you up, honey. I’d like to create a little sex doll for the neighbor.”

“Sure, have fun, baby.”

“Oh, and I want to use the collar and leash again.”

“Mmmmmmm, soooo hot.”

Alex rummaged through her drawers and closet looking for a combination that pleased his eye. He asked Dani to withhold comment until he was finished. The final result was laid out on the bed from top to bottom):

Hair: pinned up with that fresh ready for sex look, ready to fall onto her shoulders later.

Makeup: slightly smoky eye with blood red lips.

Top: white lace bustier with matching panties.

Legs: white lace stockings, thigh high.

Feet: blood red patten leather 5 inch pumps.

And wear a long coat to take off at the reveal.

“What do you think?” he asked her.

“Not bad, baby. Pretty sexy but I was thinking of a more casual slutty. No bra, loose crop top falling off one shoulder, faded jean short shorts, sloppy makeup, rouge, red lips, same hair, same shoes. What do you think?”

“Wow, tough call. Since there’s bound to be another meeting after this one let’s go with your casual slutty this time.”

“Thank you, baby. I think he’ll like slutty me.”

“I’d fuck you either way.”

“So would he. Hehe.”



When the door opened, Tom made way for his guests, especially, Dani, the object of his obsession, the girl on the end of the leash, handed over to him by Alex. For Tom, Alex was part of the equation but only because he had to be. It didn’t matter, Dani was back in his home.

She hadn’t even set down when Tom pulled the leash to him, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hard. Alex anxiously watched ulus escort her respond in kind. “Let’s go in the living room,” said Tom, “I’ve already made a pitcher of margaritas.”

Dani and Alex sat facing Tom on two small sofas.

“Tom,” said a teasing Dani, “you wouldn’t be trying to get me drunk, would you?”

“Now why would I do that when you already want me to take you by the hair and fuck the shit out of you?”

Alex and Dani were caught off guard with his frankness, absent of any cute verbal foreplay. “Isn’t that right?” he asked with a slight grin.

“Yes,” she answered simply. His words had started a wetness between her legs that reminded her of how much she had missed him in the prior two weeks.

“I’m glad you’re back. That leash totally complements your outfit.” The joke laid there like a dead fish until Alex chuckled a bit. Nervous anticipation had filled the space since they came in but the tequila was beginning to work its magic.

“Stand up, Dani,” said Tom, “Turn around and let me look at you.”

She posed for him seductively, the shorts riding up into her crack. “Are you going to take me, Tom?”

“Maybe,” he said offhandedly.

“What do you mean, maybe?”

“Maybe I’ll fuck you, maybe I won’t.” It took all the willpower he could muster to say the words, because of his craving for her, but he managed to do it and make her surrender to him even more before he did her. Alex hadn’t a clue as to his motive for being withholding. For fuck’s sake, he was sharing Dani with him.

“Tom…I need your cock in me…”

“How much, Dani?”

“Tom, goddamit, I need you to fuck me! I haven’t cum that hard with anybody else…please….”

Alex was taken aback hearing her say this. Even though he was aroused it psychologically took him out of the room. It felt like he was eavesdropping on two people he didn’t know.

Tom stood up and took hold of her leash and yanked her until they were nose to nose. “Well if you really want it bad then you’ll drop to your knees and get my cock hard…then I’ll decide.”

Under the threat of performance, Dani gave him a monstrous blowjob, slurping and sucking his shaft until saliva hung in strands like Spanish moss.

He stood her up roughly with the leash and ripped her T-shirt in half, allowing him easy access to her magnificent tits that hung there, braless, for him. He sucked them til her nipples were erect and hard. He took hold of both nipples and twisted them until she yelped.

He yanked the chain, dragging her to the dining room and bending her over the table. He pulled hard on the shorts and panties, forcing them down over her hips, then took an open handed swing at her inviting ass, connecting with a loud smack.

As she yelped each time he spanked her, Alex moved to a different chair to get a better view. He was stroking his unsheathed sword, completely immersed in her being dominated.

Tom, unannounced, rammed his tool in her hole, still spanking her in the process. It was quickly after he entered that she came for the first time, screaming with the orgasmic release.

It was a ferocious fuck and the dining room table jumped a little bit with each of Tom’s assaults on her vagina. He held both arms behind her back so the top half of her body rested on the table.

She felt another orgasm growing in her belly… “Faster, Tom, don’t stop…fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuccckkk…Uhnnnnnnn, fuuuuccckkk…Oh my god…”

Alex was on his feet, dick in hand, jerking off watching Tom use her.

Tom went on one final tear and blasted his thick load from her buttocks up her back.

To Alex he said, “She needs a little more. Fuck her til you cum, Alex.” Tom went and sat back down in the living yenimahalle escort room and Alex came quickly.

They both joined Tom on the sofa. The only difference being that Dani sat next to Tom who draped one of his oversized shirts across her naked shoulders. “Are you comfortable, Dani?” Tom asked her sweetly.

“Yes,” she said, snuggling closer to him. There was a level of consternation for Alex. Yes, he got hard watching Dani take cock but what was with the affection? She was with him now? What was going on?

Alex couldn’t help but take in the sexy vision of Dani’s lovely legs coming out from under the shirt. “I loved that, Tommy. I came so fucking hard….”


“So I heard, sweetness,” Tom said, caressing her arm that lay across him.


“I also felt your pussy take a death grip on my cock, you little vixen,” he said and they laughed. “What say we recharge our batteries and visit the basement dungeon?”

“Tell me what you’re going to do to me down there, Tommy,” she said excitedly.

“Hmmmmm,” he pondered aloud, “I think I’ll put you on the rack, pussy side down…”

“Oh shit…”

…and apply the cat-o-nine tails to that bangin’ body of yours…”

“Oh god…whip me, Tommy…”

“…and jam the big vibrator up your hot cunt until you beg me to stop…”

“Oh my god…”

“…and, of course, I’m going to fuck the hell out you until you pass out and Alex has to carry you out of here.”

“Mmmmmmmmm, what a nice way to go out,” she said, reaching up to kiss him, their tongues finding one another.

Alex was frozen. He missed the BDSM escapades last time and not sure he could watch Dani take pain like that even though she clearly wanted it.

“But if we do that in the basement,” Tom continued to her, “I want to do it when we first wake up. It’s more intense that way.”

“What are you saying?” Alex asked incredulously, “you want me to bring her back over in the morning?”

“No, I want her to spend the night with me.”

“Haven’t I given you enough of Dani…?”

“No, I want to stay…” Dani said urgently.

“Alex,” said Tom, “you’ve been more than generous with Dani. She’s a rare gift, but remember she’s just on the other side of the wall. You can listen to us making love tonight before sleeping and in the morning I’ll film what we do in the basement and she can bring it home with her so you both can enjoy it.”

“Dani, do you really want to do this?” Alex asked, hoping she’d say no.

“Yes!” she said, sure of herself.

“…okay, but I’ll leave only after you fuck her tonight.”

Tom looked at Dani, who nodded.

“More margaritas?” Tom asked cheerily.


As it got later and the small talk had long since worn out, Tom looked at the half dressed Dani with lust and hunger. He ran his fingers through her hair. Alex knew the time was near as Dani returned that same look to Tom.

Tom lifted the front of his shirt she was wearing and his large hand enveloped her perfect breast while he moved to kiss her again. Alex noted how long and passionate it was, not the nervous, clumsy ones he watched his friend plant on Dani the week before. These kisses were the kind that lovers exchanged.

As they broke, Dani said, “Take me to your bed and fuck me, Tommy. I’m your girl.”

“Yes, baby, mmmmmm I want you so much.”

Alex felt almost like he wasn’t there in person. Like he was watching porn or romantic TV. Tom ravaged her splendid body and found a myriad of entry points. By the time she came with his hand on her chest she was wanting more. “Fuck me, Tommy, god just fuck my pussy.”

Alex was transfixed on Tom’s hips rising and plunging back into Dani. “Harder, daddy! Harder, I’m cumming again.”

His cock buried deep in her over and over and he twisted her nipples to the point of pain until she cried out, “Fuuuuccckkk, fuuuuccckkk, fuuuuccckkk, fuuuuccckkk!!!!” and her juices exploded and she gasped for air, her body filled with pleasure.

Alex had never seen her so overwhelmed and, forgetting himself, the cum from his orgasm launched from his cock, landing wherever in Tom’s bedroom.

Sounding like an animal in heat, Tom grabbed the sides of her face, picked up the intensity and filled her hole with his white jizz. He fell into her arms and the two held each other before finally falling to sleep with a satisfying peace.

When it was done, Alex, feeling uneasy and electrified with their coupling, had some ambivalence about leaving Dani in Tom’s arms but, he was right, she was just on the other side of the wall.


In the morning, Dani and Tom awoke to the same passion they had put to bed the night before. Her pussy was on fire and she wanted to repeat the massive orgasms.

Without a word he swept her up off the bed and carried her to the basement, securing her, face down, on the apparatus, arms and legs spread and vulnerable to his wants.

He came to the side of her and held up the whip near her cheek. “I’m going to whip your beautiful backside, my sweetness. I’ll whip you until I fuck you.”

The first few lashes were relatively mild and then every once in awhile he’d snap off one that truly stung and she would yell. When that happened he pushed the giant vibrator up against her cunt and her body shook at the painful pleasure.

Again and again he repeated the sequence until tears ran down her face and then he pulled away the vibrator and fucked her forcefully. She was surprised the whipping had set off an orgasm but indeed his brutal chemistry had caused her to cum twice in quick succession.

“Oh my fucking…awwwww…shit, fuck me, daadddddyyyy!!!!!!”

“Are you my bitch?” he shouted at her.

“Yes, yes, don’t stop fucking me!!!”

“Does my bitch like the whip?” he asked, still pummeling her.

“Yes!!!!!! Oh fuck, yes,” and as she said it an immense orgasm welled up in her and even though she opened her mouth to scream, nothing came out. The apparatus shook and shuddered and feeling her cumming like that caused him to release in turn and he filled her.

He laid against her, both of them trying to catch their breath.

“Tom,” she said, still breathing heavily, “that was amazing. How does my back look?”

“A little red but not bad.”

“Tom, I keep worrying that I’m falling in love with you…”

“I know, I’m struggling with that too, but I think we have to separate love from the sex high we’re on. We’re lucky we have the sex, thanks to Alex, but realistically, there’s no future with me. You’re young and have a whole life ahead of you. And if you really got to know me, would there still be anything there?”

“I don’t know. I love Alex. We’ve been great allies and he’s a good lover but when I have sex with you I just want to get lost in it.”

“Like I say, maybe we should just be grateful Alex shares you. You get the best of both and I have a sex life with you in it.”

They kissed hard once more and she went home.

He did indeed make a video of their BDSM sex in the basement and he sent a note with it to Alex: ‘Deep thanks for Dani and hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.’


That night before going to bed Alex mentioned that he’d gotten the basement video from Tom but wasn’t sure, after seeing the red streaks down her back, whether he could watch it.

“C’mon, baby,” she urged him, “let’s watch it. I bet it’s hot as hell and you cum like crazy when you see your wifey (softly in his ear) get whipped and fucked like a slut….”

“Oh, babe, that’s hot. Damn!”

“So we get naked and watch it?”

“Fuck, ya!”


That night Tom went to bed alone, the only sound was the muffled banging of the headboard against the other side of the wall.

He slept well.

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