The Hike

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I pull my car into the trailhead parking lot. Great, not another car here, I think, as I pull to a shady spot and turn off the ignition. This is a popular spot on the weekends because it is a perfect two day hike into the pools and creek area that the locals call the ‘shut-in’. I have a week off and decided to take a couple of days to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. It has been a mild winter, but it always felt good to get out for the first hike of the spring. I get out of the car and pop the trunk open. I reach down and lift out my backpack. The temperature is such that I won’t need the light jacket I am wearing, so I take it off and stuffed it in my pack. The pack isn’t very heavy, since this was just a two day hike. I slip the pack onto my shoulders, make sure the car is locked, and slip the keys into my pocket.

I turn and head down the trail. It is a gorgeous day. I listen to the chirp of birds, and watch for wildlife, as I stroll down the trail. The trees appear a light fluffy green, as they do in the spring, and I notice the contrast to the dark green of the cedars common to this area. It takes me about three hours to get to where I am going, but I finally descend a steep hill, and brake into a small clearing. I try to make this trip every spring, but I am always amazed at the beauty of the area. A small creek runs through a narrow meadow, and the creek is full of small shoots, or falls, and pools that are ideal for cooling off when the weather gets warm enough. I slip off my pack and lean it against a tree. I open it to take out the tongs and towel I brought with me.

I like to be nude whenever I can so I quickly shed my clothes and fold them to stack on my boots near my pack. I walk out into the meadow and feel the gentle breeze drying some of the perspiration I generated on my hike in. It always feels so good to experience the freedom of being nude. Usually it isn’t a problem in national forest areas like this. I keep the towel handy to lay on and to wrap around me quickly, in case someone shows up. As the breeze blows across my nakedness I glance down at my body. Not too bad, I think, for a 52 year old man. I tend to watch my weight, and keep in reasonably good shape by walking several miles each week. I brush my penis and pubic area to loosen it from the remaining constrictions the clothing had placed on my genitals, and feel the cooling air. This action causes my penis to become a little erect and I toy with it briefly. It is about 6″ fully erect and about 2″ in diameter. I figured that is pretty average from other men I had seen. The exception would be the men that play in the X-rated movies the wife and I watch occasionally, but I figure they look for those guys just for the movies. My wife always says it is just right for a mouthful.

After slipping the tongs onto my feet I stroll down to a flat slab of rock that extends down into the water and move down to kneel near the water. I touch it tentatively, testing it’s temperature. A little cool I think, but that is to be expected this time of year. The water is rushing over the rock, cool and crystal clear. I reach down and get enough on my hands to splash on my face and wipe away the sweat that had dried on my face. I run my hands through my short brown hair and stand. I slip off the tongs and slowly step into the water. I edge out into the water to the point were it is just about to cover my large scrotum and my semi-erect cock and slow down. I know it will be really cold on my genitals, so I stoop quickly to get them use to the temp. My penis shrivels up quickly with the coldness to it normal 2″ length. I am always amazed Onwin at the effect of cold on my penis. Why does cold cause the penis to contract but it make nipples protrude? Oh, the mysteries of the human body, I think.

Finally I get enough of my skinny dipping and I stroll up the slab a ways and toss out my towel. I lay down in the sunshine to sun and begin getting my all over tan for the summer season. I must have dosed off, and I awaken, slightly startled, to see someone on the slab with me. It is a young woman. She smiles at me as I scramble to wrap my towel around me, slightly embarrassed. “Oh, don’t bother with the towel,” she says, “if you don’t mind I’ll just join you”.

“Not at all”, I say, as she proceeds to take off her clothes. I can’t help but watch as she slowly strips, apparently completely comfortable with my awe inspired glances. I can’t believe my eyes. She is about 5’2″ tall with long auburn hair and a beautiful face. I watch as she bends down and unties her boots, slips them off and pulls off her socks. Her feet are long and thin with beautifully shaped toes that standout due to the bright red nail polish adorning each toe. She undoes the button on the shorts at her waist and unzips them. She slips them down her shapely long legs to the rock and steps out of them. She has on a pair of cotton bikini panties and she puts her thumbs in the waist band and pushes them over her hips and down to the rock also. As she reaches for the bottom of her cotton tee that she is wearing and pulls it over her head I glance at the dark pubic area between her legs and notice a slight pinkness hiding within the hair. She slips the tee over her head and reaches behind her back to unsnap the bra she is wearing, and slips it off, with a shrug of her shoulders, and a cupping of her breasts. As she removes it and stoops to fold her clothing, I glance at her breasts. They are just slightly rounded, a very light mounding of flesh, but they are topped with dark nipples that resemble the nipples found on baby bottles. I can’t help but think that I would love to feel them pressed against my chest.

She folds her clothes and stacks them on her boots, and carries them over to her pack. I notice the firmness of her buttocks and a slight dimple in each one as she strolls over to the pack. I can feel my penis beginning to stiffen with excitement, so I roll over onto my stomach. She packs her clothes away and pulls out a towel and brings it over to lay it out not more than three feet from mine. “Since we’re neighbors, we might as well get acquainted,” she says thrusting out her hand to shake, “my name is Julie.”

” Hi, I’m Larry,” I say, awkwardly, reaching out to shake and trying to keep my erection hidden. “I didn’t expect to see anyone here during the week,” I said.

“I know, it’s usually deserted when I come down here also,” she says. “I’m kind of glad to see someone though. I just finished finals and have been cooped up studying and not socializing during the last week.”

We quickly fall into a comfortable conversation, and as I begin to get use to having her here, my erection dissipates so I could roll over and sit up. We talked and splashed in the water and shared some snacks for lunch, as we get use to our nakedness. I was doing great until Julie went over to her pack and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion. She brought it over and handed it to me. “The sun is getting a little strong, would you mind applying some of this for me?” she says laying on her stomach beside me.

“Not at all,” I say, feeling a little sheepish. I can begin to see where I hope this will Onwin Giriş end up. I squirt a little lotion into my right hand and apply it tentatively to her back. I rub her shoulders, the center of her back, along her arms and down into the small of her back. Should I apply it to her buttocks I think, and figure what the heck. I squirt some lotion on her buttocks and receive no objection from Julie. My hand slides onto her smooth, round, fleshy buttocks, and I massage them gently, running my hand down between the cheeks, and then down onto her long firm legs.

My erection is in full blossom again and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I finish her legs and she rolls over and lays her arms out and spreads her legs slightly, obviously ready for me to apply it to her front. I squirt lotion onto her chest and stomach. I rub it onto her shoulders and up and down each arm. I then run my hand up and down her stomach and over her breasts and nipples. I could feel the protruding puffy nipples as my hand slides over them. They glisten from the lotion and I can see a slight rise in them from my motions. I run my hand on down over her stomach and into her pubic bush. I felt the soft roughness of her pubic hair as I slide over her pubic mound and down between her legs. I lightly brushed over the rise on each side of her vaginal lips, and moved on to her legs. I applied lotion down her strong shapely legs and onto her feet as well.

When I finished she said, “Okay, my turn”, taking the lotion bottle from my hand. I lay down willingly and roll onto my stomach, still trying to hide my throbbing erection. I feel the cool lotion as she squirted it onto my back. Her hand gently but firmly rubs lotion over my shoulders and down my arms. I feel her progress to my lower back and then feel more lotion applied to my buttocks. She rubs them, sliding her hand down between my cheeks as I had done to her. She then applies more lotion to the backs of my legs. “Hmm, you do have a lot of muscle in those legs, Okay, roll over,” she says as she finishes my calves.

Okay I thought this is it. There was nothing I could do. I rolled over and my erection popped up into prominent sight. I look at her and see her smile. “Oh my,” she says, “what do we have here?” Much to my surprise and delight she bends over and closes her mouth over my throbbing erection. My hopes and prayers are answered. I suggest we move up into the leaves where it was softer and more comfortable. She pulls off of my cock and smilingly agrees.

We move our towels up under a tree and spread them out side by side. Then we both lay down and begin in earnest to enjoy each others company. Julie’s body feels so erotic covered in oil. We get into a sixty nine position and she begins stroking my cock with her mouth as I explored her pussy with my tongue. The smell of coconut from the oil mingles with her pussy juices as her pussy becomes drenched with lubricant and juice from the motions of my tongue. I can feel her lips intermittently move up and down my rigid shaft, as her tongue rolls around the head of my cock and probes at my slit. My tongue deftly explores her pussy, running around the edges and probing as deeply as possible. I flick at the front of her vaginal lips, as I do with my wife, feeling for her clit. I feel a slight protrusion and began to flick it. My placement must be right as she begins to writhe and moan at my flicking. We explore each other with our mouths for what seemed like a half an hour. I can tell she is about to reach orgasm by the strength of her stiffening thrusts and increased moaning.

When I think Onwin Güncel Giriş the time is right I pull away and moved to reposition myself. I move around and placed my body kneeling between her legs in preparation for a normal missionary style position. Before I do anything else though I have to try sucking those nipples. I move down and cup one of her small breasts in my hand and squeezed softly to cause the nipple to protrude more. I move my lips to the nipple and run my tongue around it. I close on it, nipping lightly with my teeth, and then sucking on it. She must have sensitive nipples because this really set her off. I feel her thrust with her hips and push her pubic mound into mine. She spasms and shakes and I know that she is cumming. I continue to suck and nip at her nipples gently as I let her complete her orgasm. I knew she can have several more if she is like my wife.

This orgasm was exceptionally long and strong from what I was use to. After about five minutes, but is actually about two minutes, she begins to relax again. I pull away from her nipple and looked at her beautiful face. I think how lucky I am to have this chance to make love to a girl young enough to be my daughter. Her hair is slightly mussed from her orgasm and her face still shows some strain, but she was absolutely beautiful. Her long auburn hair spreads out behind her, framing her soft girlish features. Her eyelashes and eyebrows match her hair. Her nose is small and delicate. Her lips are full and red, and her cheeks slightly flushed. She is just so beautiful I think as I kneel there between her legs, her body completely exposed and open to me.

Julie looks at me and smiles slightly, still kind of dazed. She realizes I am about to finish the task we had begun earlier. She has enough where-with-all to ask if I am safe. I nod my head reassuring her, assuming she means, have I had a vasectomy. She said, “I thought you probably were when I notice your wedding band,” and smiled again.

I place my ravenous cock between her pussy lips. I push softly into her so my cockhead is surrounded by the warm moistness of her vagina. I can’t hold back any longer though. The demand to satisfy myself is overwhelming. I push my entire cock into her, all the way to the hilt, until both of our pubic mounds press against each other. I begin to stroke in and out of her, feeling her responding with her own urgent needs again. It is a very short time before we both begin to feel the peaking of our orgasms. We are both urgently thrusting into each other. I feel my body shudder and it feels as though my cum begins at my neck and ran all the way down my spine to my penis, that for a moment was the center of the universe. I am so caught up in the moment of orgasm that I fail to notice that Julie is cumming at the same instant.

We are both pressing into each other. My cock throbs and spurts it’s grateful seed into her warm moist accepting pussy. At that moment in time we are both the center of the universe. We press together until the overwhelming need of our orgasms begins to recede and dissipate. As we both come down from the high, I lower myself down on the towels beside her and hold her closely, protectively. My leg lays over hers and my now limp penis still drips a small amount of cum onto her leg. I kiss her face and neck and hold my nose up to her hair and smell her womanhood in her shampoo and slight scent of perspiration.

When she is finally able to speak again she says, “that was the first orgasm I ever had during intercourse. I’ve had them from masturbating before, but that was wonderful. Thank you so much for a lovely memorable hiking trip.”

“No, thank you,” I say “for making this old man feel young again. You have no idea how good you are.” I smiled and said, “just think we still have a whole night ahead of us. We may not get any sleep at this rate.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32