Switching It Up

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Kellan figured it was about thirty percent because he had gay days, because he’d already known he was curious. It was maybe twenty percent because of that stupid ‘Bend Over Boyfriend’ video he’d downloaded one night when he was really plastered. But it was at least fifty percent because he was far from dumb, and he could figure out what got Nika off, and he was absolutely certain they’d both get off on this.

The box looked… very, very normal on the outside. Plain cardboard, not a hint to the contents within. Kellan left it on Nika’s side of the bed after writing OPEN ME on it in thick black marker, and then he left the apartment for a few hours. He fed the swans in the Commons, spent a while in a bookstore, then had a few drinks before he came back.

Nika was sitting on the bed when Kellan peeked around the corner. She looked calm, for a change, calm and almost happy. She’d bound down, brushed her hair down boyish and neat, was clearly doing the boy thing and that made Kellan’s stomach pitch and roll for a second before settling, not in a bad way. Long legs stretched out in front of her in tight denim, shoulders set back but bare under her wifebeater, she sprawled at the edge of the bed like she was expecting head, and as hot as she looked Kellan wasn’t about to say no- and then he saw it.

What it was, he knew, was the most girl-powered double dildo on the market. He’d bought it, he knew what it looked like; he knew the dimensions, the weight, the cost. What he didn’t know was what it would do to him, to see Nika with a cock jutting out of her jeans, looking at him with eyes so dark he couldn’t even begin to guess what was in them. What Kellan had no way to know was that he would leave the apartment with a gift for his girlfriend left behind, and he would come back with his girlfriend more than ready to play boyfriend to him already.

Nika looked up at him from where she was sitting on the bed, and if her expression was part wonder and part expectation, then when Kellan fell to his knees between her legs and kissed the tip of her silicone cock, it was for a second one hundred percent astonishment. He didn’t say anything, just wrapped his lips around it, and she could feel the vibration of his quiet little whimper go right through it into where the other half was seated securely in her. “Kellan…” When he didn’t pull away, just looked up at her with his mouth open around it, she groaned and petted his hair. “Kellan, sugar, you know what I want to do to you?”

There was little way to make it more obvious, erotik film izle he thought, that he wanted her to do it to him; the box hadn’t just held the dildo, but two kinds of lube, the actual Bend Over Boyfriend DVD, and his name on the receipt. “I know,” he finally said, surprised at how husky his voice sounded, “I know, Nika, I want you to.” She grinned and helped him to his feet, squeezing him excitedly.

“You’re an absolute peach. Mm.” She kissed like it kept her alive, biting and sucking at his mouth hungrily, and she had his pants around his knees before he even realized it, her hands quick and restless on his hips. “Need me to take it slow?” He shook his head, and Nika purred and nipped at his earlobe. “Okay. Let me know if you change your mind,” she said as she tugged his shirt over his head; he kicked out of his pants and stood naked and only a little nervous in front of her. The silicone cock poked him in the lower belly when she pulled him close to kiss again, and he giggled, and she just looked at him and smiled.

“Sorry. Never done this before…” Like he needed to say that. She laughed throatily, wrapping her arms around him and slowly turning him around.

“I know, I know.” She kissed the back of his neck, scratched his hip lightly with her nails, and he knew that she was just trying to get him comfortable and relaxed but he really didn’t need to be eased into the idea, he was all for the concept, really. He wriggled a little, pushed his head back against her shoulder and his butt back against her thighs, and he sighed when the dildo slid between his cheeks, her hand easing the way by kneading his ass lightly. “Okay?”

“It feels weird,” Kellan said, not complainingly; Nika kissed his ear and hooked her chin over his shoulder, one hand rubbing down from his chest to curl around his half-hard cock.

“Good weird? Bad weird? Talk to me.” He didn’t really have much to say, though, happy to just moan at her touch, and when she eased him down onto the bed he leaned his head against her still-clothed side and panted a little.

“You don’t even- it’s good, don’t worry, it’s good…” She laughed a little when he flopped back, the pale sprawl of his body on the blue sheets far from innocent, dramatically beautiful. “Just, you can go a little faster. You know.” When he stretched and turned over, tucking one knee under himself, Nika felt her breath catch in her throat.

“Oh, Kellan.” Both hands ran down his back, over his hips, and she nuzzled the middle of his back lovingly. “You’re beautiful, film izle babe, so beautiful.” She would have delayed, would have stretched it out, but she really needed this, and he didn’t just seem like he was going along with it, he seemed like he was eager for it. No reason to hesitate. Trailing a line of kisses up and down his back, she reached for a bottle of lube and was surprised when he pushed it into her hand.

“I’ll tell you if I need slower, okay?” He obviously didn’t yet, arching back into her touch like a cat, folding both his legs under him and stretching forward like a yoga pose, like he would find inner peace there on the bed under her. She just made a little sound in her mouth, flicking open the bottle and drizzling the lube onto her fingers, rubbing them together to warm it up a little before slipping them between his buttocks, kneading the slickness into his skin. He shivered a little, head falling against the bed.

“You’re okay,” Nika murmured, meaninglessly. Of course he was okay, and he’d obviously at least done this much to himself before; one finger dipped into him easy, spreading the lube into him and feeling the heat and shivery little tightening around her. “Kellan?”

“I’m okay,” he echoed breathily, thighs tensing a little, pushing himself back against her hand. “Keep going. Don’t stop, Nika, please don’t stop.” It was almost equal parts nervousness and lust pushing him on; he was half-afraid that if she waited too long, this incredible shivery feeling would slip away. She kissed him again, dotting his back with her lips gently as she pushed another finger in, searching out and brushing over that spot inside that made him gasp and arch. “Oh… oh god. Please…” His voice was soft, his body restless, and Nika rubbed his hip softly while she stretched him carefully.

Kellan whimpered when she went to three fingers, a quiet sound like he hurt, except when she stilled in concern he pleaded for more again. “You’re insatiable,” Nika purred, almost proudly; she licked the small of his back, tasting sweat and sexual heat on his skin. “You’re wonderful.” Dripping lube into her hand, she slicked up the strap-on and shifted behind him. “Ready, babe?”

“Y-yeah…” Kellan’s voice quivered at the feeling of a thicker nudge than Nika’s girlishly slim fingers, a blunt and unyielding press that eased in by fractions of inches, splitting him open slowly while she made sweet breathy sounds behind his ear, watching the black silicone disappear into her beautiful little boyfriend. “Wait, wait-“

Immediately seks filmi izle Nika paused, going to pull out a little. “Kellan? What’s wrong? Too fast?” He’d turned his head on the bed, and she could see his profile drawn in- not pain-

“N-nn. It’s just-” He breathed out, hard, and reached back to pull her hand around his waist to brush his cock. She’d never felt him so absolutely hard, hot and throbbing with every beat of his racing heart. “Too close. Wait.” She curled her hand around him and didn’t move, nuzzling the back of his neck softly, breathing cooler than his flushed skin, and he panted desperately, trying to claw back from the edge, wanting to enjoy this without coming barely as it began.

“You’re so pretty like this, Kel. All ravished and breathless.” Nika’s voice was softly seductive, made his heart skip a beat. “All mine…”

“Yeah,” he agreed, pushing himself up below her, pressing back suddenly and shocking her with the friction rubbing against both of them. “Nika- god!” Something there had gone very right; she started moving again, pressing until the length of the dildo was lost in Kellan’s tiny ass, then pulling back until he gasped and begged to be filled again. When she got into a rhythm, plunging deep into Kellan and then teasing him by nearly pulling out, she appreciated Kellan’s willingness to try anything.

Kellan cried out wordlessly when she smacked his ass, a lovingly hard slap that left his skin pink in her hand’s wake; when he pushed back against her and moaned, she did it again, not so hard, letting that hand trail around to pump him in the same deep, measured rhythm she fucked him with and laughing against his skin when he gasped and writhed under her. “Come on, baby. C’mon.” Every thrust into him rocked the part of the dildo inside her; every little grind into his ass rubbed right over her clit perfectly. When Kellan shook and whimpered, shooting off against her fingers, Nika growled and kept thrusting, riding him over the edge of his climax and into her own.

Her wifebeater and his skin were soaked in sweat when she pulled out, carefully, hands stroking gentle but sticky over his pink-skinned rear. “Nika, my god,” Kellan murmured, rolling over exhaustedly and watching her stretch, arching her back, eyes half-lidded in satisfaction. She leaned to kiss his forehead and rolled out of bed, stripping off her jeans and putting aside the dildo.

“That was good. Real good. You thought so too?” It was an unnecessary question; Kellan nodded fervently as he pulled her back into bed, tucking his wholly naked body around her half-dressed one and breathing in her sweat-damp hair.

“Oh yeah. I think so.” He laughed a little, kissing her ear lightly. “It’s not fair. You top better than I do.”

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