She Admits She Wants It Ch. 03

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Slightly tamer than the first two, this is the third installment in my new favorite series. I love to write about good, hard, fucking and pounded pink puckers, but it doesn’t always work for continuity. I try to make each story as able to stand up on its own as it contributes to the other parts. Comments and feedback are welcome, even constructive criticism.


Chris still hadn’t made it home. Joe usually kept him as long as he could because Chris was the only person he could count on to keep up with him and get all his waylaid projects finished. His brother liked to show up on the pretense of helping, then sit and get drunk while Joe worked. In a way, she was glad because it gave her more time to gather her thoughts and try to find the best way to explain herself. Not that it helped her much, it really only delayed the inevitable. Imagining the conversation between her and Chris didn’t really help.

“Gee, honey, I didn’t know you wanted me to fuck you in the ass. What brought that on?”

“Well, I saw some chick in an alleyway get her ass fucked and darnitall, I just wanted you to shove your dick in my butthole.”

“That’s awesome! Let’s go fuck! I’ll put it in your ass again!”

Shit. Well, that really was the gist of it if she thought about it, but for one, she didn’t want to be that crude. Talking dirty in bed was one thing, but she tried to comport herself respectfully and decently otherwise. For two, she knew he’d want details. He loved details. If she had a two minute conversation with someone about something in which he was interested, he’d pore over the conversation until he’d gotten every nuance, every tidbit, out of it. There was no way that he was going to be satisfied with just ‘some chick got fucked in the ass in an alley’. What was she wearing, what did she look like? How did her ass look with some dude’s dick in it? Did she say anything? The questions would be endless.

Trying to fill her time, trying to figure things out, she did some cleaning, threw on some laundry, made a sandwich. It was coming up on mid afternoon, and she knew she’d still have a good bit of time. He never came back from Joe’s until late evening. She took leftover lasagna from the freezer to thaw. There was no way she’d be able to put a whole meal together, and it was always better leftover anyway. Puttering around, she finally decided that maybe a hot shower and a bath would do her good. She ran the tub and the shower, letting the tub fill while the shower tempered. Got her robe and towels together. Decided that maybe a drink would calm her nerves. Just some Tito’s and Diet Coke, nothing fancy and nothing that needed the blender.

By the time she gathered everything, the bath was full and the shower was just right. Giving herself a quick scrub, washing her hair and face, she jumped from the shower to the tub. Relaxing against the sloped back, erotik film izle she turned on the jets, letting the bubbling water wash over her. She turned on her little battery powered CD player on the windowsill put her drink where she could reach it, and closed her eyes, putting on a spa mask.

The water felt so good. Kept at the perfect temperature with the heater, she could stay in the tub for hours until she looked like a raisin. Her spa mask over her eyes, sipping her drink and having music in her head with her thoughts made it easier to gather them into a coherent pattern. Maybe it would be best to not say anything before they were in bed. Maybe she would just act like nothing happened until they were in bed together and she could approach the situation on the field in which that particular game would be played. She immediately felt better about the whole thing. Either way, she would be fine. If he didn’t bring it up, then she could on her terms. If he did, she would just tell him to wait until bedtime and she would have something special for him.

The latter option was the more likely one. She would just wait until they were in bed and make it happen again, giving him a running dialogue of what she saw while he did those same things to her. The images of Claire and Marco were in her head now. The warm water, bubbling, making her breasts bounce, the flow coming from under her, getting caught in the curves of her body and rising up around her and in between her legs made her tingle. She opened her legs wider, letting the bubbles flow up her crack, tickling her asshole and her bare slit. Reaching down, she rubbed her smooth skin, feeling her hard clit get harder. Even in the water, she was wet. Lower still, she inserted two fingers in her pussy, swirling them in time with the water flow. It was so easy to picture the alley again. She could feel the rough, old bricks as she leaned against them. Smell the exhaust from traffic as well as the scent of baking goodies wafting from the bakery. Her own excitement was a sharp tang in her nose. The singing birds oblivious to the goings on of three people and Marco, oblivious to everything except the woman in front of him.

The bubbles made her pucker tingle; such a different sensation. No real rhythm to the way they hit her flesh, just the surety that they would. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to work a finger into her ass because of the water washing away her natural lube, she satisfied herself with moving her body closer to the nearest jet so she could get more of the sensation. Turning slightly also aimed one of the jets right at a nipple. How fortunate!

So, there, in the quiet house, in the middle of the afternoon, she lay in her tub with her mask on. Bubbles blowing against her ass, one hand and one jet on her nipples, the other hand buried in her pussy, with the fleshy pad pressed against her clit, film izle Marco and Claire joined her. Moaning Chris’ name, begging him to fuck her, she came. When her orgasm started, she shifted, letting the bubbles blow around her again. All the sensation was in her clit, and she rubbed it rough and furiously, not stopping even when the second wave of her climax swept over her. She continued, bucking her hips upward out of the water, forcing her self to endure the oversensitivity of her clit, knowing it would be that way for the rest of the afternoon.

After her bath, after the lotions and potions, she took her unfinished drink into the living room to wait for Chris. Clit throbbing but her mind made up, she was able to partially concentrate on a book she had been reading. The lasagna out of the oven and in the warming drawer, a fresh pitcher of iced tea made, feeling renewed and clean, she was looking forward to his arrival. He made it back just beforee dark, and spent about an hour regaling her with tales of Joe. They did this, they did that, he ate some dry brownies that Joe’s kitchen-challenged wife made. His brother showed up and did the usual, drinking Joe’s beer and helping with a whole lot of nothing. They talked for a while longer, ate the lasagna and he headed for the shower.

Her confidence that she would be able to handle the situation started to evaporate while he was showering. Trying to think if he looked at he any differently, if he was acting odd or if anything he said was off was taking its toll on her. Did he say anything about Joe’s wife that was directed at her instead? Was there anything attributed to Joe that was actually Chris’ thoughts about her? Hearing the shower turn off, she only had a few minutes while he dried off, brushed his teeth and shaved. All her uncertainties were crowding back into her head.

When he passed her in the living room on his way to the kitchen (probably for another canned drink), he brushed his fingers across her shoulders and blew her a kiss. “Coming to bed soon?” he asked.

“In a few, just finishing this chapter.” In reality, the book was open in her hand, all but forgotten. She hadn’t looked at the page for quite a while now. At least she’d bought herself a few more minutes. Scanning the pages for a bit, she finally got up and went to brush her teeth and put on her nightshirt. Face and hands washed, bladder empty, hair brushed, moisturizer on, she went to face her doom.

“So, how’s your book? You’ve been reading that one for quite a while, it must be good.”

“It’s pretty good, I hadn’t read it for a while so I had to skim a bit to bring myself back up to speed.” Apparently, he wasn’t going to bring the subject up. Her head was nestled in the crook of his arm, her front against his side. She traced the outline of the hair on his chest with her finger, still considering her options.

Taking seks filmi izle her hand in his, he put her finger in his mouth and gently sucked. “I thought about fucking you all day, you know.” Rolling his tongue around her finger the way he would roll it around her pussy, he moved on to her palm, kissing it. “I thought about having you naked under me, your legs wrapped around my waist, your pussy wrapped around my cock.” He moved away from her, letting her hand go. “Your tits bouncing around with your nipples hard.” And with that, he got halfway over her and lifted her nightshirt over her head. Her nipples were already hard just listening to him and thinking about what he said.

For more than a few minutes after, the only thing she could think about was him eating her out. He pushed her up into the corner of the bed so that the diagonal length could accommodate both their bodies and buried his tongue inside her. Her fingers twined in his hair, pulling his face closer into her. She braced her feet on the bed and swung her hips up and back, fucking his face, directing his tongue up and down her slit. Alternating between her clitoris and her cunt, he licked her until she came, reaching up while she was to pinch her nipples. Not releasing her immediately, he continued until she pushed him away from her now over- overly sensitive clit.

Moving up her body, her legs splayed open from his tonguing, he buried his dick in her. “Wrap your legs around my waist.” He fucked her hard and fast, bringing her to another quick climax. When she finished, he moved around her body, kissing and nipping her flesh, catching her with his teeth. Back down her body, he gave a fast, hard suck to her clit before moving lower, ending with kissing her toes.

Resting for a bit, letting her do the same, he was ready for his own release. Coaxing up onto her knees, she was sure he would aim for her ass. Instead, he thrust into her wetness, reaching under to bring her to another climax. While she pulsed around him, he came, shooting his load, mixing it with her own juices. Collapsing on the bed, he waited until she fell next to him, then he dropped both shoes at the same time.

“I haven’t forgotten about what happened.”

“Chris, I-“

“No, we’re not going to talk about it right now, but we are going to. You’re not getting out of that one so easily.”

“If you’ll let me explain, I can-“

“Oh, Heathe, you’re going to explain, you have a lot of explaining to do, but I know how you feel about certain things. Tonight was my way of assuring you that I still love you, that I still love your pussy, that I can still make you cum by fucking you, and that your hot, tight –oh, my cock is getting hard thinking about it– asshole is not going to be the only hole I fill for the rest of our lives.”

“So you don’t think I’m so terrible?”

“Why would I? Because you let me do something we both wanted?”

“I don’t know, it’s just so… dirty.”

“Oh, it’s dirty, all right. I love dirty. You’re my dirty girl. My dirty girl whose pussy and ass are going to get fucked again. And again.”

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