Shakti: Wallflower

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Sarkopheros Says:

I’m pretty pleased with how this came out. I don’t want to say too much, but it became a pretty fun story!

Expect hyper dicks, cum inflation, lactation, milk-drinking, curve-growth, and also Shakti grows a dick. And interracial, except no one seems to know what the hell Shakti is.


THUMP-THUMP-THUMP! The wall vibrated. All around her, the crowd was packed into the rickety house like sardines. That god-awful song was up so loud she had no idea how anyone was talking. “Watch me nae nae!” First of all, who still played this song, and second of all, did anyone enjoy it un-ironically?

And where the hell is Lisa? Rina was feeling pretty abandoned right about now. She didn’t know a single person here. There was too much going on and it was assaulting her senses. Letting out a sigh, she crossed her arms, leaned on the wall, and looked down at her jeans.

Some popped-collar white frat boy wobbled by with a red cup in his hand. He turned to scream at his friend and spilled beer on her. When he realized what he’d done, he leaned in far too close and nearly fell on her. She smelled the liquor on his breath.

“H-heeey!” he slurred. “I’m … sorry … I got you wet!” he cackled. His equally inebriated friend started laughing. He continued. “Can you help me … I mean, can I help you … and change your laundry? I mean, your shirt? In … the laundry?”

“I’m … uh … I need to call my … cat,” Rina said, far less eloquently than she intended. Granted, the guy was probably too drunk to even notice, but she still felt like a moron. It wasn’t like on the internet where she could carefully word her retorts.

Regardless, she was outta here. Rina’s plain sneakers squeaked as she turned and walked through the crowd. People were screeching like idiots, drinks were being thrown, ping-pong balls were being tossed. No matter which room she went to, people were everywhere. It was dizzying. She thought about retreating to one of the bedrooms, but thought better of it when she heard moaning from the other side of the door.

It was dizzying. If only I could be a drunk moron, too. Then maybe I’d be okay with this. She sighed. I think I’ll go outside. Yeah. Get some air.

Rina made her way to the back door. She opened it, stepped down the wooden—

Squish. An acrid smell jabbed at her nose. She looked down. Her foot was in a charming puddle of chunky orange vomit.

“Motherfucker!” she screamed. “That’s it!”

Rina walked around the side of the house and found a garden hose. She used it to rinse her sole off. “Fuck this, fuck that, fuck Lisa, I’m fucking out,” she grumbled. I’ll text Lisa so she knows I’m leaving. But fuck this noise. Literally! This music! It’s worth the ten bucks and creepy drivers for a ride to go home!

Then she heard a dark, sweet voice behind her. Like fingertips brushing her shoulders. “You should probably scrub that with baking soda and water as soon as you can, sugar.”

She turned around. There was a short girl behind her.

Wait. “Girl” didn’t justify that figure. She had one of the most extreme pear figures Rina had ever seen! She completely forgot what she was doing and stood there, hose spewing water onto the ground. The woman had a generous bust, but holy shit, those thighs were bigger than her waist! Each of those ass cheeks was easily bigger than her head! The hips seemed to be two feet in breadth! Rina gulped.

The dark-skinned beauty’s eyes were a brilliant green that seemed to shimmer even in the darkness. Her hips rocked as she approached Rina. She came up to Rina’s nose, and yet, Rina felt as if she was far smaller than this woman.

“Uh, hi! Yeah, baking soda, huh?” Rina gulped and looked into the woman’s cleavage. Rina was abruptly aware of her own lack of booty or bust. Why am I even thinking about that?! But holy shit is she curvy!

“That’s right, dear. Got any old toothbrushes?”

“Yeah, I should.”

The shorter girl smiled up at her. Such full lips. Her lipstick was weird … black and green stripes. It looked cute on her. How had she done it? The full lips parted as Rina examined them. “Sounds like you’ve had enough of this party.” The woman’s canines seemed unusually prominent..

Rina sighed. “Yeah, just about. The only person I knew decided to disappear.”

The woman nodded. “You get dragged here, sugar?”

Sugar? Rina shrugged and tried to explain with as little awkwardness as possible. “Yeah. Sort of. I don’t know. I thought it might be fun. She thought I should get out.” She kept getting distracted by the stranger’s beauty. Plus, she looked so confident—her body language made her seem a lot bigger than she was. “What about you?”

“Oh, I just thought I might meet someone interesting around here. I think I have.” She grinned.

“M-me?” she asked.

A deep little chuckle. “Haven’t met anyone else around here suadiye escort that held my interest, sugar. I’m Shakti.”

“Nice to meet you? I’m Rina.” Should I shake her hand or something?

“You need a ride, Rina? You don’t have to tip me,” she offered.

Rina looked away from those intense eyes for a long moment. Shakti was a stranger. She could be a psycho in disguise! Then again, what psycho would wear such a strange jacket? It had to be custom-made. It was too gaudy. Underneath it, she wore a tight green tube dress. Cut short to show off her thick thighs. She was a woman, not some creepy dude, and she seemed to be sweet. “You mind if I text my friend to let her know?” asked Rina.

“Go ahead.” Shakti began walking.

Rina followed, tapping at her phone. At least until someone got in her way. “Heeeyy!” he yelled.

Rina looked up. The same drunk guy from earlier. She sighed.

“Are you … uh … still wet?” he asked. Then he noticed Shakti. “Oh, wow, daaaaamn, sistah! Mmmuh-loook at all that chocolate badonkadonk!”

Shakti put her hands on her hips. “You can’t handle this ‘chocolate badonkadonk,’ sugar. You need to drink some water and take a break.”

Rina crossed her arms over her chest. Why doesn’t this moron just get lost?

But he didn’t. “Come on, sistah, let me show you how my brothers do it!” The guy wobbled and reached out as if he was going to grab her ass.

Shakti’s gaze turned to him. The drunk guy stopped mid-motion and stared at her. The look of gleeful idiocy and lust iced over. Then his face went slack. He turned and wandered away. Rina couldn’t see Shakti’s face. Must have been one hell of a death glare.

Shakti sighed and look toward her. “Alright, then. I’m parked just over here, dear.”

Rina followed that big, wobbly butt to the street. There was a … Rina wasn’t sure what it was. It was a fast-looking coupe. A Porsche, maybe? There wasn’t any branding on it. It was painted the same green as everything else Shakti owned. She held up a key fob. The locks clicked open. “You can slip inside,” purred the car’s owner.

Rina got in. Plumf. The leather caressed her rear. “Wow, this is fancy.” Yes, the car was quite luxurious, but what stood out to her was the aroma. The car smelled strange. There were, of course, the expected notes of leather and car, but there was something else. Fragrant, exotic. Sort of like a foreign bazaar? Spiced and inviting. Sort of like how Shakti smelled, she realized.

“Thanks. You’ll have to give me directions, dear,” said Shakti.

“Oh, yeah! Go down to that stop sign and make a left.”

The car rumbled to life and they were off. Its bright headlights lit up the road and some of the detritus deposited by the party. A red cup rolled by.

“Okay. Weird question. Are you even black?” asked Rina.

Shakti gave a dark little chuckle. What a wonderful sound. “No.”

“What are you?”

Another chuckle. “Shakti.”

Rina wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to probe into this. Nothing in the car gave her a hint. “I was just curious.”

“I know, dear. It’s alright. Now what?”

“Oh, right. Get onto 4th here.” Rina slumped into her seat and sighed. They accelerated onto a bigger road. Only about half the stores they passed were still lit up. “What a moron,” she muttered. “What did you do, though?”

A smile graced Shakti’s heart-shaped face. “I just gave him a look. He got the message..”

Rina shook her head. “I wish I was badass enough to do that. What if he attacks you later?”

Those gorgeous green eyes turned to her. “He won’t. But if he did, then I’d get mean. And he won’t be very happy if he gets on Shakti’s bad side.”

“How can I be more like you?” laughed Rina. It was a joke … mostly.

“I might be able to help with that,” chuckled Shakti. “Those are cute jeans, by the way.”

Rina looked down at Shakti’s thighs. Did they feel as warm as they looked? “Thanks. I can’t fill them as well as you, though!”

“Do you want to be curvy like me?” asked Shakti. “You look pretty sexy as you are. The svelte type is always in, sugar. Trust me on that.”

Rina shrugged. “I uh … heh. Heheh,” she chuckled. “I’m kinda jealous,” she admitted. Rina looked at Shakti’s strangely-styled, jet-black hair. So thick and lustrous. Her hair was … frumpy. Wavy, yet sorta flat.

“It’s a combination of natural curviness and the right kind of gym time,” explained Shakti. “I can probably help you with it, if you like.”

Rina bit her lip as she looked at Shakti’s thick legs. What did that ass feel like? Touching it, or having it? Soft, but there was muscle under there. Even her tummy looked soft, yet so inviting! Heat crept into Rina’s belly.

That was how Shakti’s body nearly caused them to miss the turn. “Fuck! Shit, turn right here!”

The car squealed around the corner. Rina gasped sharply. yakacık escort After the car stabilized she said, “Sorry! I was….” Ogling that curvy body? “…I was looking at something out the window!”

Shakti smirked at her. Rina could see the disbelief. But what Shakti ended up saying was, “So you want to be sexier? Attract more boys?”

Rina sighed after she caught her breath. What an odd conversation this is. Yet she felt comfortable having it with Shakti. “Well, I don’t know. Not so much. I just … it’s me. I don’t feel … I want to be curvier, but to feel better. You know?”

“You want it for you. Not them?”

Rina smiled. “Yeah, that sounds right.”

Shakti smiled. “What about attracting girls?”

“I … uh … one thing at a time,” she stammered. “Oh, that’s it up here.”

Shakti pulled into the apartment complex and parked. When they got out, they were lit in orange.

Rina looked at Shakti and asked, “Uh, so. You … gonna take off now?” I hope not.

Shakti chuckled. “Are you inviting me up, dear?”

Oh god, what am I doing? “Uh … well … I … yes?”

Shakti closed her door and locked the car. “Why don’t you take the lead, darling? Show Shakti just where to go.”

Rina nodded and waved Shakti forward. She walked up the steps ahead of her, apologizing the whole way. “I wasn’t expecting … it might be kinda messy.”

“Don’t worry. Things get messy wherever Shakti goes,” purred that deliciously sultry voice.

Rina paused by her door. “What does that mean?”

She made a little growling noise. It was like fingers on Rina’s neck. “You might find out tonight if you’re lucky, darling.”

“Oh … um….” Rina felt heat in her cheeks. She was, for once, glad that this breezeway was dimly lit. She turned around and unlocked the door before leading Shakti in. The apartment was only vaguely organized. There was a bin of laundry on the coffee table, and a balled-up set of sheets on one of the plastic chairs. The dishes in the sink were still dripping. There was a vacuum in the corner. “Uh, sorry about the mess,” she apologized once more. “She asked me to come when I was in the middle of cleaning up, and … yeah, this.”

“Sounds like you would rather have stayed in to do chores,” observed Shakti.

Rina rolled her eyes. “Pfft. No kidding! At least then I’d have a clean apartment! Heh heh!” The chuckle was too loud. “But uh. Do you want … coffee? Tea? I really don’t have much in the way of liquor, just … half a bottle of this nasty-ass Pine-Sol-tasting vodka….”

Shakti grinned. “I’m not the one drinking tonight. Besides, you already have just what Shakti needs.”

“Um. I do?”

She nodded and moved closer to Rina. Rina backed up against the counter. Once more, she was acutely aware of just how heavy the weight of Shakti’s obvious sexuality was. It was intimidating. Even with her weird jacket and weird boots. The strange clothing just made her seem that much more exotic. And that eyeliner! Rina gripped the edge of the counter.

Shakti smiled. “I’m not the thirsty one, dear.”

She could feel the curvy minx’s breath. “Uh … no?”

“You thought I missed those glances at my thighs?” purred Shakti. “Practically groping me with your eyes! What a naughty little girl you are.” Her full lips found their way next to Rina’s ear somehow, despite the height difference. “Would you like a closer look, dear?” The voice became a sultry whisper. “All you have to do is say yes. I’ll make sure you have more fun than you ever would have at that silly party.” That voice was like a tongue on her neck, caressing her skin. Rina shuddered. Heat prickled at her inner thighs. She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and nodded.

Shakti’s breasts smushed into her body. The shorter girl took her hands and put them on her enormous ass. If only they were bigger! Rina let out a slow breath, daring again to look into Shakti’s brilliant jade eyes. They were hungry, inviting. The subtle curl of her lips. Without words, she told Rina how much she wanted her. A gaze like claws on her spine.

And Rina could hardly believe that this … gorgeous woman was giving her a look like that! It was unreal! Her breath came deeper and more ragged. But it wasn’t just her arousal—there were a thousand thoughts careening through her head. No one will believe me! Who is she? Why is she here? Oh God, this is happening! What if I’m too hairy? What if I smell funny? Did I put deodorant on? What if someone comes by? What am I doing?! I have no idea what to do! She closed her eyes, chest heaving. Her hands remained stationary on Shakti’s rump.

She asked, “Are you okay?” When Rina opened her eyes, Shakti’s face had softened. A tender hand caressed her cheek. “Do you need a minute, sugar?”

“Y-yeah … no, I’m okay now,” said Rina. “It’s just … very. You know, intense.”

“Sshh.” Shakti straightened şerifali escort Rina’s hair with her fingertips and patted both of her cheeks. She pulled her closer and gave her an unexpectedly adorable kiss on the nose. “It’s okay, dear. I’m here for you. Whatever you’re thinking could go wrong? Shakti’s seen it before.”

The notion that Shakti was incredibly—no surprise—experienced at this sort of thing gave Rina an odd amount of comfort. She nodded.

Shakti continued. “Weird stuff happens to you, you can’t control it all. Let’s start off with something easy.” Her fingernails slipped through Rina’s hair and she pulled her in. Soft lips met. It was awkward, and she realized that she was kissing too intensely when she made a SCHPLRRRTH sound. Rina’s lips engulfed Shakti’s.

When they parted, Shakti grinned at her. “It’s not a wrestling match. It’s a dance. Just move with me. Try that again.”

Rina nodded. They moved closer. Lips met once more. Soft and wet, hot and inviting. Rina went slower this time, allowing Shakti to lead. She followed, and soon, they found a rhythm that sort of worked! The two girls moaned into each others’ mouths. Rina rubbed Shakti’s enormous ass in slow circles. Those big brown cheeks were so soft under her palms. She squeezed handfuls of the flesh. The juicy thighs felt bigger than her waist, practically engulfing her own. Their hot breath caressed each others’ skin. So close, Rina swore she could feel Shakti’s heartbeat. They stayed together for a long moment, tongues intertwined, eyes closed, fingertips caressing skin.

When they broke, Shakti smiled at her. “Much better. Why don’t you show me the bedroom?”

“Ah, right this way….” Rina lead Shakti into her bedroom and turned the light on. The bed was rumpled and a book was on the little tray table near it.

Shakti sat in the worn hand-me-down armchair. Rina stopped mid-stride. She assumed Shakti would go for the bed. The voluptuous woman pointed down. “Help me with these boots, dear.”

“Oh … yeah.” Rina nodded and approached her. She knelt. A pang of heat rolled through her belly. Why is this getting me hot? The boots were as strange as Shakti’s jacket, and a perfect match. Where the hell does this woman shop? Rina stared at the boots, not sure how to get them off.

Shakti must have noticed. “Undo the buckles, then unzip along the side.”

Rina nodded and began to undo the buckles. She could feel Shakti’s body heat through the leather … or whatever this material was. Down came the zipper. Zzzzpp! She put her hand on the heel and looked up at Shakti’s smiling face as she slipped the boot away. Shakti nodded. Rina undid the other boot and slid it away, revealing Shakti’s knee-high black-and-green socks. Is everything she owns color-coordinated? She also wasn’t sure how the socks were staying up.

Rina bit her lip and began pulling those socks off. She looked up for approval. A nod granted it. The socks slipped away. Rina cupped Shakti’s heel. Her toenails were the same jade green as everything else …. no surprise there. What did surprise Rina was the texture. Shakti’s skin was so smooth! It was like she never grew hair in the first place!

She ran her tongue up that calf, closing her eyes halfway, warm skin slipping under her tongue. She let out a needy noise.

“Don’t be afraid to go further up,” purred Shakti. She spread her thighs a little, exposing some of the green-covered mound between. It looked tantalizing and invitingly puffy.

Rina shuffled forward and ran her tongue along the inside of Shakti’s thighs. A long slick trail on the caramel-brown. Skin shouldn’t have such a taste, yet Shakti was delicious! “Mmmhh….” And as she neared the crux of her thighs, Rina could feel the warmth coming off Shakti’s sex.

She moved to the other thigh, planting little kisses on it, because she was fairly sure that was a good foreplay move. Her hair brushed over Shakti’s glorious leg. Rina put both hands on it, fingers slipping along as her tongue explored the dark skin. So pliable, so wonderful.

Fingernails crept across her scalp. Shakti let out a little sigh of pleasure. It was the verbal equivalent of honey. Rina moaned. Long moments passed. Her hot tongue slipped over the softness, making sure it was all glistening. She kissed the thigh, sucking at a mouthful of flesh. Shakti spread them more. Her fingertips guided Rina’s head further in, until her lips and nose pressed against Shakti’s heat.

It was soft and so inviting. It smelled delicious! Feminine musk. A spiced, inviting fragrance. She kissed the mound, earning an appreciative coo. “You smell delicious,” Rina sighed.

Shakti grinned. “Mmh. Lie on the floor.”

“…What?” Why not. “At least I got the vacuuming done before I left…,” she muttered. She did as Shakti instructed, lying on her back, looking up. Shakti stood above her, putting a foot on either side of her head. Rina got a good look up her skirt. The place those thick thighs joined together. The fleshy mound. The bottom halves of those enormous cheeks. Rina couldn’t help but bite her lower lip, doing a pretty good “dat ass” face. “Dang,” she whispered.

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