Sensualist Ch. 10a

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Spanking Alice – Tutoring in Anal

Graduation came and went with Alice still avoiding me. That caused me to be gloomy enough that I decided not to party with my classmates, instead I paid my respects to several of my closest friends and went home with Ashley and my mother.

My mother sensed my gloominess and proposed that I invite a friend-a male friend, of course-to join me on a week’s stay at our summer place at Hilton Head.

I was mulling the offer over the following afternoon, while looking out my window at the rain when Alice called.

“You didn’t feel like partying either, huh?”

“No, Alice, I didn’t.” Then thinking better of being nasty about how things had gone between us, I quickly added, “Not without you.”

“Me too,” Alice said, her voice sounding forlorn. “I’m sorry, Donnie,” she said, softly. “I’ve been such a bitch about things.”

“No, no. I-I didn’t explain myself. I shouldn’t have done the things I did. Not without you understanding where it was headed.”

Ignoring my words, she meekly inquired, “Do you hate me, Donnie?”

“Of course not, Alice, I could never hate you,” I answered quickly, wondering where this conversation was going.

I’m sorry, Donnie,” Alice said, softly. “I didn’t mean throw a hissy fit like that.”

“It’s all right,” I told her, “It happens. It’s fine.” I rambled, happy to hear her voice again. Not yet understanding what was going on.

“You mean that? Really, really mean that?”

“Yes, of course I mean it.” But that was the moment it occurred to me that Alice might have another reason for calling me. But what would that be?

Then Alice solidified that notion by getting a little gushy, perhaps too gushy, saying: “Ohhh, you’re so tolerant and so understanding …”

I didn’t interrupt her.

“It wasn’t you, Donnie,” she said for the fourth or fifth time, by this point I’d stopped counting. “But-but-but,” she stammered, “I was shocked when you started spanking me.”

Alice kept talking: “I had an attack of revulsion; I couldn’t believe what I was letting you do.”

I envisioned her shaking her head then, as if to clear it of such thoughts. It made me smile and I put the smile into my voice as I apologized again and again for having overstepped myself with her. Then I stopped talking and waited patiently for Alice to pick up her end of the conversation.

“Donnie? Donnie?”


“For a second I thought you’d hung up on me.”

“No chance of that happening, Alice.”

“I need you with me, Donnie. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad at you.”

“Well, I guess I gave you good reason.”

“Yes-no, I mean-I don’t know what I mean.”

“Do you trust me?”

A few more well chosen words and she agreed to meet me at the motel. For some reason (probably her parents, or more likely, her mother) she wouldn’t let me pick her up. She insisted on taking a taxi there. I gave her plenty of time and made sure I got there well ahead of her, registered and was waiting when she arrived.

She tried the motel door, found it unlocked and pushed her way in from the rain. Her hair was a mess and her coat tucked around her jaw and lips. I stood inside, about four feet from her, my hand still extended toward the door I’d meant to open.

I drank in her beauty, even with the rain dripping down her face and hair Alice was stunningly beautiful. I was still staring at her as she undid the three loose buttons on her raincoat and let it fall to the floor. She wore a simple black dress.

“I-I had so many conflicting thoughts about what you wanted to do, Donnie,” she said resuming the phone conversation we’d had earlier.

“It’s like I said, I failed you, Alice. I should have told you what to expect. At least then you could have had a voice in the decision. You could have refused to participate.”

She took a step into the room; bringing her closer to me and for the first time I could smell her perfume. Her eyes were bright and intense, perhaps seeing something of my own desire for her. When she leaned as she sat down on the bed I could see down her scooped top to her sweaty breasts underneath.

Why were her breasts sweaty? That wasn’t the Alice I knew.

Were you running before you got in the taxi?” I asked.

“No, why?”

“It looks like you’ve worked up a sweat. I could be wrong, but…”

“I just left Phil and Lillian,” she said somberly.

“Had a little sit-down with them, huh?” I held my surprise in check.

“It was more than a sit-down,” she replied dully.

So she’d left a threesome for a fuck-fest with me. That explained the sweaty tits, but why come to me after participating in a threesome?

“Can I ask why?”

Alice shook her head to get the wet hair away from her eyes. “Do it,” she said in my ear.

“Do what?” I asked but I knew.

“I’ve been a very bad girl,” she whispered, “You should punish me.”

“Why?” I asked, for I was admittedly confused by her actions.

“Take me, use me, I don’t care but just punish me somehow,” Alice sobbed, throwing erotik film izle her hands up in the air and waving them around.

“Did you look up De Sade before getting together with them?”

She licked her upper lip before answering. “Yes.”


She put her hand on my thigh and stared into my eyes. “That’s what you crave, isn’t it? Punishing women and having them like it?”

I laughed and rested my hand on hers. “You’re right. I do have issues; but then so do you. Why else would you have sex with Phil and Lillian and then call me to make-up for the other night?”

The change in her demeanor was startling. “You were a bastard the other night.”

“Was I? Was I really a bastard?”

“You beat me!” Alice snarled. Her eyes were suddenly those of a wild animal. For the first time I became wary of how I should conduct myself with her. In later years I would have recognized that I was dealing with a woman who’d lost her mental equilibrium. But I was only eighteen as was Alice. Neither of us knew what we were dealing with at the time.

I tried to justify my actions, saying: “It was a spanking. I gave you a safe word. You used it as I recall. I stopped as soon as you used it.”

Alice laughed a bit unconvincingly. “What else did you have in mind? Other than the spanking, I mean, I like having sex with you. Really I do. But I’m not one of those sad women that need to be punished for having fun.”

“How do you know you aren’t?” I was being defensive in this comment.

And when s made no response to it, I answered her other question. “I had nothing else in mind just then, Alice. I swear I didn’t.”

“You do now, though, don’t you?”

“I have had time to think about certain things, yes.”

On hearing my response she took hold of my left hand and clenched it tight. “Like what?” she asked in a hoarse tone. There was no denying her excitement.

“First tell me why you used Phil and Lillian.”

Her eyes welled up with tears, and she opened up to me.

“I-I kept thinking about the other night-us, you know? And-and how you made me cum so many times without even putting it in me. I-I had to masturbate. Jesus, I must have rubbed myself raw, and I still needed more. And-and Lillian called me, you know, just girl talk. One thing led to another and we were discussing how good it was, you know, the night of the prom with Phil and you.”

“Yes,” I said to keep her talking.

“Anyway, Lillian admitted that all the talking had made her horny and she was rubbing one off while we talked. Well that got me going too, not that it took all that much, you know?

“So after we both get off, she asked if I wanted to join her and Phil. I asked if he was there, and she said, “No! But he’s only a phone call away. I can tell him we’re waiting on him. He’ll be here in five minutes tops.”

“I asked if she was alone in her house. She was. I told her I was on my way-to call Phil in ten minutes.”

“Did you fuck him?”

“Not really. I mean he was all over me, you know? But what we did was-do I have to tell you what we did?”

“Yes,” I said as firmly as possible.

“We both took him in our mouths, you know? Then he decided to fuck Lillian up the ass. So I positioned myself under Lillian and ate her out while he fucked her ass. He came in her, and Phil-Phil’s a one and done type guy. Not like you. Not at all; so I finished Lillian off and she returned the favor.”

My recollection of Phil didn’t quite match hers, but I put that aside for the moment and asked, “Exactly how did you finish Lillian off?”

“You know…”

“I don’t know, but I want to know, so quit fucking around and tell me.”

“You’ve never been this pushy, before Donnie,” she whined.

“Well I am now, so get on with it. What happened? Be specific. Remember, I’ll be asking Lillian and Phil later.”

“You wouldn’t do that, would you?”

“I would, and I will.”

“Alright! Alright! What I did was disgusting, Donnie. I really don’t want to tell you.”

You think I’ll see you in a different light?”


“Tell me or get the fuck out of here!”

“Okay! No reason to be so mean to me!”

And then she told me just how disgusting she’d been.

“Umm, after Phil dumped his load in Lillian’s ass …I-I sucked it out, swallowed and went back down on her.”

“How?” I asked although my stomach began to churn at the thought of kissing her after she’d sucked the cum out of his ass.

“Umm, I ate her pussy to another cum, and then I worked on her ass until she came again.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Now, was that so hard for you to get out?” I refrained from calling her ‘double ass-breath.’

“Yes, if you want the truth.”

“Now you can try to make me as happy as you made Lillian.”

“I can try, baby. I can try,” she said sinking to her knees with a little nervous smile and slowly opened my fly and took out my cock.

Looking up at me through those lovely blue eyes, Alice let a long string of saliva loose that landed square on film izle the head of my erection. How many times had she practiced that particular move? I wondered. And with who? Certainly not me.

Alice unperturbed by my somewhat skeptical look, continued preparing me for the blowjob she was about to bestow; using her thumb, she smeared it over the entirety of my knob, and took it into her mouth.

I groaned, and placed a hand on her head.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, then cupped my balls with her other hand. My eyes widened when Alice did something she’d never done before. Extending her tongue and tightening her throat muscles she leaned further down, taking most of my cock down her throat.

“Careful, now,” I said, warning her of the danger taking too much might cause.

“Gluck-gluck,” she gurgled, and then began bobbing up and down, lubricating the shaft with saliva that she’d apparently saved for the purpose. The thing was, she was also taking more of my shaft than I thought she could handle.

And just when I was about to tell her to stop, she bottomed out. I couldn’t wait to ask her how she’d managed it. Miss Ginger hadn’t been able to do it, nor had Denise, and if anyone was to have that capability it would have been Denise.

Slowly Alice eased me out of her mouth. “How was that?” she said, beaming at me.

“It was-very effective. How did you…?”

“Bananas,” she said, “I must have practiced on a dozen large bananas before I could do it without gagging. Once I did it, it was, you know, like riding a bike. Now is it all right if I finish you?”

Two seconds later I was back in the warmth of her mouth, followed quickly by feeling her tongue sweeping back and forth over my shaft while she used her throat muscles as if she intended to swallow me whole.

I was getting close.

Alice wasn’t finished surprising me. I felt her slippery fingers gliding over my ass, down the gluteal cleft, obviously enjoying my hirsuteness.

I got closer when she found my asshole. Had she played with Phil’s? I wondered.

Alice needed air, I knew that. So I wasn’t surprised when she removed my cock from her mouth. But when she brought her fingers to her mouth and thoroughly wet them my apprehension soared.

Alice’s errant fingers traced around my sphincter, and she laughed lewdly when my ass tightened up on them.

Suddenly I was back in her mouth, enjoying the lovely sensation of her remarkable blow job, moaning louder with each fevered suck; each subtle and not so subtle probe of her fingers

I recall my cock bucking wildly in her mouth. How she responded by taking more of me down her gullet, closing her glottis so she wouldn’t choke. And how I came while she greedily sucked at me as I coated the inside of her mouth while she swallowed.

“Lick my ass now,” I told her.

She did so without the slightest protest.

Starting with the cheeks, massaging each one in turn then used her thumbs to spread them apart, thereby exposing my anus to her eyes and mouth.

“You’re very hairy,” she said, and I couldn’t tell whether she liked that or not. Nor could I help but shudder when her tongue grazed over my anus, and she let out a soft moan telling me that she too was enjoying this little exercise.

Did that mean she was now open to other things? Given her stated repentance, should I push the envelope with her? She certainly seemed more pliable now. This was the same person who just told me that she’d sucked a load of jizm from her girlfriend’s asshole after her boyfriend fucked her? What had I wanted her to do? Take it up the ass-well that along with a little spanking; nothing like what she’d already done without any coercion on my part!

I pondered these and other salacious thoughts until her delightful rimming drove them away with thoughts of pure joy.

“Mmmm,” she sighed and gave a deep throaty laugh. “Like it?”

“YES!” I gasped as she dragged her tongue from asshole to my balls. I hadn’t expected that!

“Feel good, baby?”


“Will you do me that way too?”

“YES! But I’m going to fuck that ass of yours too.”

“Oh, baby!” she shrieked, and I wondered if someone had beaten me to it. It didn’t seem possible, but we had been apart for several days.

That set her off, as she really focused on my asshole. I mean she circled that lovely tongue of hers around the little pimples of my anal ring then switched off to flick it against my asshole like a butterfly flaps its wings. The feeling and sensation was mind-boggling, and had me gripping the bed sheets with both hands, wondering how long I could take this treatment before flipping her over and fucking her senseless.

Suddenly she changed tactics on me. After a few more gentle licks, and without any warning whatsoever, she spread my asscheeks wide, stiffened her tongue, and pressed it hard against my totally exposed anus.

I roared with pleasure as she forced me open with her tongue. There was no undue stretching; after all, how big is a tongue? And the warmth of that muscle as it slithered seks filmi izle in created an unbelievable list of ecstatic sensations.

To which I replied: “”Ahhh! Ahhhhhh! Fuck, fuck, fuck…!”

Alice laughed delightedly at me, and then whispered in my ear, “”I’m gonna slide my tongue so far up your asshole you’re gonna see stars!”

I was ready to cum then and there, but once again Alice switched off and kept me hanging, and I loved it.

She shoveled that tongue into me, pulled it back, rocked it forward again, then back, over and over and over.

I groaned.

She growled.

She slowly withdrew her tongue and the growl turned into a deep, almost maniacal giggle. That was the moment I realized that my Alice was definitely into it; whatever I decided ‘it’ was.

Her tongue was lapping at my asshole again, rimming it, teasing me, making wonderful sensations rattle my brain. The feel and sounds of her face, mouth and tongue sliding and slapping against my ass flesh was as stimulating as it gets.

Alice kept going, teasing my balls and licking my ass, breathing hard and waiting for me to react to her ministrations.

She knew what she was doing and liked it. She knew exactly what kind of girl she was.

“Alice,” I whispered hoarsely.

“Mmmm, what?”

“You’re more than just a bad girl.”

“I am?” she seemed delighted to hear me say this.

“That’s right. You’re my slut. My whore. My cunt. Am I right?”

She looked at me differently then; and after licking her lips nervously, said, “Yes, baby. I’m all of that.”

I felt her body relax as she uttered the words. I’d have bet a fortune she was already wondering what I had in mind for her next.

“You-you haven’t cum?” she said seemingly surprised at my staying power.

“I’m saving it for later,” I told her in a soft voice.

“Okay baby, but I’m your bitch, right?”

I shook my head in a negative way, and said, “You’re my slut. You’re my whore.” I pointed at her genitals. “That’s my cunt and that’s my…” I slapped her buttocks “…asshole!”

“Owchie!” she whined.

“Shut that mouth unless I wave my dick in front of it!” I snarled, and had her cowering in fear of what I would be doing to her.

I grabbed the back of her head and sank my fingers into her short hair. She winced as I pulled her head back, but she melted into my mouth when I kissed her lips. I thought that was exactly what she needed. I had a fleeting thought about what she’d been doing before meeting up with me, and hoped she’d at least stopped to brush her teeth.

That thought remained with me longer than I thought it would. My mood changed swiftly and I snarled so viciously that a shower of spittle went flying into her face as I said: “I should hustle you outside and fuck you in the parking lot where anyone passing by can see you!”

Alice trembled at the forcefulness of my words, but then she gave me a weak smile!

The bitch had the nerve to smile!

What was it De Sade kept saying? Those readily accepting humiliation will travel much further into derogating deeds. Well, maybe not exactly those words, but his philosophy was quite similar.

I began unbuttoning the back of her black dress. There were six buttons all told. Alice let the dress pool around her ankles, stepped out of it and slowly removed her shoes, leaving her in only a black thong.

I recalled how I’d used the glove on her previously and helped her off with the thong, placing it on a pillow when we finished.

I undressed while Alice caressed her breasts, getting her nipples hard for me.

She groaned as I reached out to cup them in my hands. I gave them each a hard squeeze before lifting each in turn and closely inspecting them.

“Who was the last person to suck this tit, Alice?”

The question apparently confused her. Her cheeks blushed as she tried to think of an answer.

“Cat got your tongue, Alice?”

“No-no, I just …”

“Perhaps I can help. Was it Phil?”

“Umm, no-it was Lillian!”

“But Phil had a turn with them too, didn’t he?”

“Yes, but …”

“How does it feel to stand there with your ass and pussy exposed, waiting for me to punish you?”


“I know it feels good, slut. It feels good because you exist to make me happy. Do you understand that?”

“Yes, but…”

“Good girl. Bend over the bed. You may want to grab a pillow; I don’t want your screams to bother the other people using this motel for a quickie.”

“Donnie, what are…?”

“Shut up! Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to spank you 25 times. Each time I spank your ass you are going to call out the number. Do you understand?”

Alice nodded her head then hesitantly leaned over until her breasts and head were flat on the bed and her ass was up in the air. I kicked her legs slightly apart and picked up her black thong.

“Do you know why you are here?” I asked her as she clutched a pillow to her face.

“Yes,” she said the excitement in her voice rising with every word. “It’s because I’m a bitchy slut and I deserve to be punished for hurting you.”

.”True enough,” I said. “Now, open your mouth.”

When she did, I stuffed her thong into her mouth. She knew better than to spit it out.

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