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The trip we were taking was a typical business trip. My wife and I and two other partners own a major import export business, and therefore often she travels with me all over the world. This time it was nothing exotic, we were visiting old friends in Northern Indiana. We found ourselves bored on a Friday night and she found a local club in the warehouse district in Fort Wayne.

The temptation for her was always there. She had a great appreciation for men and women just as I did. The shock had worn off years ago, for her. She understood that I loved to watch her fuck me, or any man or woman she felt like fucking.

As our relationship developed, we confessed more and more about our need for meaningless but fun and healthy sex. As a man, I separate – rather easily – sex from making love. I only make love to my wife, and to the mother of my children. Making love is gentle, and builds the other person into his or her safe zone and combined both eventually orgasm together.

Sex is about orgasm only. Sex is about doing things for the sake of adventure and play. Sex is the natural habitat of the natural child ego, that allows us all to go exploring and find pleasure in all the wonderful places. We found, Annelore and I, that we had always used sex as a mental and physical recreation. Part of my penchant, my kink in the common vernacular, is to watch men and women have sex for fun.

My voyeur nature is supported by their exhibitionist nature. I so enjoy watching my wife – someone I love so deeply – fuck someone else. It is energizing! It tears me apart! It mends me, and makes me stronger; and I take that new energy and make love and fuck her.

To be clear, I’m not your typical cuckold. I don’t enjoy humiliation or degradation. I’ve enjoyed allowing other men to feel that way, as I played the Bull, but mostly I leave it up to the wife to humiliate and degrade her husband the way he enjoys it most. I only participate if it is clear that he needs that extra kick to maximize his pleasure.

My wife and I understand that to maximize my voyeuristic pleasure, feeling the connection to the person getting fucked is important to our version of this kink. The fact I enjoy sucking cock as much as she does, is just an added boner – I mean bonus.

Looking at her getting ready in her little white dress, and perfectly coiffured hair for the night’s pleasure, I rubbed my hardon through my pants. Her eyes twinkled with delight as she caught me checking out her perfect curves, as she put on her lipstick.

“Having a problem, Mr.?” she asked coyly.

“Your ass is so perfectly round, your legs so deliciously long, and your waist so tiny, that I have to admit, I do have a huge problem.” I smiled at her, my eyes showing lust and hunger for the parts of her body I mentioned.

“Ha!” she laughed, “You’re just glad the business part of the trip is over, and you’re not seeing me on the three-piece dress suits I wear to work.” The corner of her lip started to turn upward into a smile, but she forced it to stay put as the lipstick applied a smooth coat of red gloss over he sensual lips.

I walked up behind her, pushing my hardon into that perfect round ass of hers, and cupped her breasts to pull her back to me. I placed several soft kisses coming up her shoulder onto her neck and finally nibbling the lobe of her ear.

“Babe.” I whispered, “I’ve been waiting for three months for a night like tonight. I hope you are as ready as I am to let our hair down, forget all about work, forget all about the kids and all other responsibilities and truly enjoy ourselves. If anyone deserves a night of down time, it is you and I” I affirmed.

Her ass moved from side to side, and a bit of up and down, pushing against my cock. My fingers responded to her encouragement and I cupped her breasts harder and found her nipples poking through my fingers so I squeezed tightly. She hissed with pleasure, and arched her back, leaning harder against me.

The motion reminded me of our first day together. We had fucked, in the back seat of her car, no more than one hour into our first date. To be precise my cock was in her mouth before our first kiss. In fact, the first taste of her mouth was right after it had my cum in it, and she thought I was going to gross out because she kissed my lips and invited my tongue into her mouth with my cum still in it.

Annelore was a very confident woman, she knew what she liked, decided things quickly, was seldom wrong, and found her sexuality only a natural extension of herself. I was a bit more reserved, but when it came to sex I had few reservations.

“You like my ass, don’t you?” she said into the mirror, her mouth showing a maximum of lustful hunger, and her eyes smoldering into mine.

“I love your ass, your legs that lead to your ass, and your waist that so nicely flares out and around your ass.” I smiled lustingly back at her reflection on the mirror. I felt her push back, and up, into me.

I did not need a second suggestion – I pulled up her white dress and to my pleasure all she had on was kadıköy escort the garter belt, no panties.

“No panties! Nice!”

“Easier for men to get to the goodies between my legs. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Hell no,” I said.

I reached down, lowered the zipper on my fly and fished my cock out from behind my own black briefs, and I held it in my hand as I dipped it in her offered pussy lips for a moment, and then I took the wetted cockhead and pushed the mushroom head into her sexy asshole. The tight pucker pushed out, parting itself to accept my cock in it; finally feeling that sexy little pop, as the sphincter relaxes and lets the thickest part of the cockhead, pop into her ass.

My hands cupped her breast to give Annelore a purchase from which to push her ass back when she was ready to take my cockhead all the way in. She knew I loved marking her before sending her into the arms of other men to fuck and have their ways with her. She instantly pushed back, swallowing my cock into the tight warm asshole, recently flushed clean by her double enema she had taken to make sure she was perfectly clean.

I met her rearward thrust with my own forward push to make absolutely sure there was no space between my body and hers. I pushed the pillows of her ass cheeks till I was thoroughly immersed in her ass. I pulled back and let my cockhead slip out of her ass, she squeezed her sphincter to provoke her own masochistic need to feel the most pain in a moment of pleasure. I shoved back inside her

“Oh, baby – that is so hot” I looked into her eyes in the mirror.

“fuck me,” she started to say, as my cock pushed back into her, she shuddered, and added “mark me”.

I started to pound into her asshole and my fingers squeezed her nipples harder and harder. Her face reddened with the new excitement and she pushed back harder and harder every time. I could feel her body quiver each time she forcedly impaled herself onto my cock.

Our rhythm found her body’s harmonic frequency and she rose higher and higher, quivering and undulating till her body froze for a moment. It was amazing to watch her face contort with pleasure in the mirror.

“Cum for me!” I commanded.

“I am! Oh God, Anthony, I am cumming so hard.” Annelore’s hand reached between her legs as she squeezed her sphincter and assaulted her clitoris for the first time this evening. She brought herself over the top.

Her unrestrained moan of pleasure filled the room and filled my balls full of cum. Suddenly, I erupted into her asshole. It literally felt as if it ripped from deep within my body. I let rope after rope of orgasmic pleasure bathe the depths of her asshole. Her own spasms serving to milk my cock; draining the cum from it; greedily.

“Oh. God. Anne.” Words came out in a staccato rhythm. Each word accentuated by the pleasure ripping through my body.

She smiled at me in the mirror. “Give me all your cum, Anth, please give me all your cum, so I can enjoy the warmth of you inside my ass.” Words designed to drive me into the final throws of orgasmic pleasure; her teasing voice perfectly timed with her squeezing and pulling out, relaxing and shoving back, only to squeeze one more time and milk the last drops of cum from my body, and into hers.

“You are such a gorgeous cum rag.” I told her with a smile rising all the way into my eyes.

“I am, aren’t I?” she laughed a moment thinking of something, then she added “…everyone’s hot little cum rag, aren’t I?”

My cock twitched in her tight little amazing asshole: I smiled brightly knowing that this was just the start of the night.

« « § » »

I drove out of Fort Wayne, heading east towards New Heaven. I looked over and the soft light of the street lights passing by, highlighting her little white dress in shadows that lengthened and then receded as we approached the next lamp post. Her beauty competing with my memory of her sweet ass as I fucked her earlier.

I followed the directions towards the old Harvester plant. It brought back memories of my younger days, when the plant was still a vibrant part of the city I grew up in. It had been my hope to be one of their engineers that designed the better mousetraps for their rigs.

A subtle movement out of the corner of my eye caught my attention, and I watched her adjust how the corset held up her round, and oh so firm, breasts. She put a hand down the demi cup, and pulled up her breast, one at a time, letting her nipples come out from behind. She had kept them covered as we walked out of the hotel. Now that we were getting closer, she was ready for the night’s fun.

I went back a moment later to my own thoughts, and realized that by the time I graduated from Purdue, I had a complete different outlook on what I wanted to do. Trucks, and Harvester were completely gone, and I wanted to travel the world, meet interesting people, show them what we made in our family business, sell to them, and in return buy üsküdar escort their products, bring them home and sell them. I wanted to run an export and import business.

Annelore was born just outside of Amsterdam, in a small resort town called Katwijck aan Zee. Her family of dock workers both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam had managed over several generations to build a nice fortune by buying old warehousing businesses poorly managed; turned around and made profitable. Her family consisted of very open minded men and women that through generations understood that life had to be lived to the fullest. Work was simply something you enjoyed doing, but it was the part of the day that allowed you to have the fun you wanted the rest of the day.

I had a meeting with a group of potential buyers in Roosendaal, and Annelore was there representing her own company. She had a vast network of suppliers in India that provided amazingly beautiful fabrics. We were bidding on a large contract, and all I could see was the outline of her corseted hourglass figure.

Just like tonight. She was dressed, that day, to get the attention of the buyers. My mind went to the laces that held that corset together. The soft bones that held the shape. I wondered if it was silky white and shiny or if it was a matted color like it appeared coming through her gauze thin blouse she wore.

“Are you almost there?” she asked in a playful tone, reminding both of us about the dozens of times the kids would have asked that same question this week as we traveled the Midwest getting more business.

“Only a few more blocks. Excited to get started?”

“A little, yes.” She smiled up at me. “You look deep in thought; everything OK?”

She knew me so well. How do I tell her that she’s reminding me of the first time I met her? How do I tell her, my wife of over eighteen years, that the reasons she got that first bit of business from me, is still the same reason she has me so hard now? I took a deep breath; my old fears being pushed away by the years of trust and desire we had together.

“To be honest, I was thinking of how hot you looked the first time I saw you in a corset, the first time I saw your nipples poke out through your translucent blouse, and how you blew me on the way, kissed me with a mouth still tasting of my cum, and fucked my brains out in the hotel that very afternoon.”

She smiled at me; but said nothing. She loved letting me expose my inner thoughts; so, I continued.

“You were on a mission for your family to get the business and when you noticed that you had the right effect on me; you pulled me in, and let me explore your body till business was such a distant memory.”

She barked out a laugh, “Yeah: right!” She laughed again, “But who ended up with the contract?”

“Well, I did, but your body made it almost impossible to concentrate.” I added recalling how I could still taste your body when I met the buyer for drinks; later that night.

“You cheated, how was I supposed to know that hot hunk of a man, with all those sailing stories, was more into you, than he was into me? And worse, that you led him on and provided what he needed?” she complained

“I did my homework, you did not. You thought that just because you were hotter than the midday sun, you would get his attention – and to be fair you did. He and I talked of how you had fucked my brains out all afternoon, and how it was your taste on my cock.”

I stopped at a red light, the street totally deserted at that time of night on a weekend. I remembered how Ditmer and his wife Femke enjoyed the story of that afternoon. Femke was a tall, thin, Dutch angel, with smallish breasts, and relatively small hips. They had just found out she was pregnant with her first child.

Ditmer was in his early thirties, some four or five years Femke’s senior. He offered Femke to go first. She looked down at my groin area. Her sweet Dutch accented English turned me on as much as her body.

“No, Ditmer, you know my fantasy,” she said in that beautiful accent, “I want to see you and Anthony together first. You suck his cock: please?” she slowly unzipped my pants. Her warm fingers reached inside my pants, moved my shorts out of the way, and pulled out my hardening cock.

The light finally turned green, but I did not notice. I was too much into my own thoughts. “Are you going to go, or should I just take your cock in my mouth, since whatever you are thinking about has you hard as hell?” Annelore asked with a distinct smirk in her tone.

“I was thinking of Femke, feeding my cock to Ditmer that first night after you and I fucked all afternoon.”

“That was so, so, so unfair!” she pointed out.

“Femke’s fantasy was always to see her husband suck cock from the other side of the same cock, as she looked into his eyes and participated.” I added, releasing the clutch, pressing the gas pedal and moving off the light. Quickly shifting to second gear and then absentmindedly shifting and getting the car to city street speeds.

“He tuzla escort sucked my cock slowly at first, but then he saw the smile on his wife’s face, how it lit her eyes with lust, and he relaxed and sucked with gusto.” My cock stiffened at the memory, and I felt my wife’s hand reach across the stick shift and grab my cock through the fabric of my pants.

“You liked it immediately didn’t you – you bastard!!”

“I did, I had business to acquire and you were too hot to not find a way to cheat and beat you out of the business.” I added sanguinely.

I remembered how after a while I was afraid of blowing my load into his mouth so quickly, that I helped him undress his wife, and then we took off our clothes. He was a workout obsessed man. He had a six pack, shaved groin, and an uncircumcised cock on smaller male hips that accentuated the perfect male “V” shape; broad shoulders and bright blue eyes under a full head of blonde hair.

I’m no slouch myself, especially nineteen years ago; but, this man was a model for the ancient statues that Michael Angelo liberated from within Italian stone.

“When we got her naked,” I continued “she was dripping wet. So, I settled under her and let her wet pussy settle on my mouth as she and Ditmer took turns on my cock. It was still too much: I did not want to blow my load so quickly.” I stopped talking for a moment as I concentrated on the street names to make sure I did not pass the address.

“And…” she asked, I felt her hand gripping my cock tightly, also noticing that her dress was hiked up and her pussy exposed to her fingers, as they caressed her clit in rhythm with my cock.

I drove slower.

“And…” I continued, “I had Ditmer come around behind her, and right above my head to fuck her from behind. I sucked his cock to get him well lubricated, as she sucked mine all the way down her throat.’

I laughed for a moment, “I had to finally come clean and tell her to stop for a moment, or I was going to fill her mouth full of my cum. To which she responded: What’s wrong with that?”

“Why did you worry so much about cumming so early? You cum in me two or three times a night?” she asked.

“Because,” I answered “men are part of fucking a woman to me. I’m not attracted to a man by himself. So, if I blow my load too quickly, then I get a bit put off by the man in the threesome. I have to cum last, or the gig is up for me.”

“My, my, my how you’ve changed, my husband!”

“Well, things get better with age,” I said, and took her fingers from her cunt, and licked each clean, to make my point; then making sure I replaced them where they did the most good.

“So, as I sucked his cock and guided it into her cunt, things got rolling and after a while cum was everywhere. He came inside her, I came in her mouth, I sucked the cum from her cunt and then fed it to her and she fed it back to him, and we were into a huge grope session.”

I heard Annelore’s breathing catch, and then explode into a loud orgasm. “Yes!” she shouted into the car and three fingers slid deep in her cunt and coaxed out yet another orgasmic wave and she grunted with extreme pleasure.

I pulled the car into the parking lot, found a spot as far from the entrance as I could and parked the car. Annelore finished her convulsions and looked at me satisfied, “No wonder that, bastard Ditmer, gave you the contract. You gave him and his wife the sexual thrill of their lives. All I brought to them was just my pussy, and they wanted cock and a wanton mouth – they got both with you.” She put her wet fingers under my nose so I could get the scent of cum and I licked them clean.

“Now,” she said, “let’s go in there and get laid all night!” she stepped out of the car, her dress still over her ass and hips, and as the men and women streaming to the entrance watched, she slowly – sensually – pulled her dress down. I followed her quickly, offered her my arm which she took, and pressed herself to me.

« « § » »

I opened the door for Annelore and she stepped in with feline grace. She exuded sensual energy, and the people mingling around the entry parlor returned it tenfold.

“I’ll go pay.” I told her, “go ahead and get acquainted and I’ll catch up to you.” I said, took my hand from her lower back where I always kept it, as I guided her in crowds like this. Yes, it’s a possessive thing to do, I know that, but I just love feeling her body sway sexually like that.

She turned, leaned in pressing her soft tits into my chest, and kissed me deeply. “Hurry up. Okay?” she said, turned and walked into the maelstrom of masculine and feminine sensual energy. I watched her disappear as friendly, but unknown, hands caressed her back, her ass, a few more daring ones cupped her breasts as she walked into the crowd inviting the attention.

After I paid, I walked to the bar and ordered our favorite drinks. A Cuba Libre (rum and coke) for her, and a very dry Absolute martini for me, dirty – extra dirty, I told the girl behind the bar. She made the Cuba Libre first, and then as she was making the extra dirty martini she dumped the two olives in, but reached beneath her tiny skirt, showed me her panties, pulled them aside, slid a finger deep inside herself and pumped several times – her eyes rolling back into her head for a moment – then she slowly removed glistening fingers that she applied expertly all around the rim of the glass.

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