One Look Ch. 03

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Just after 8:30 a.m., Jamie made her way into her office, not too sure if her co-worker Roxanne had managed to poison the well yet.

Who would have thought that having an inappropriate and strictly forbidden sexual relationship with a prospective client would not be the biggest problem she had on her plate — especially when she had a back-stabbing bitch like Roxanne itching to destroy her career.

Thankfully, her boss Danny Chang smiled as she passed his office, casually calling out, “Morning, Jamie,” so she figured the hag hadn’t had time to get to him yet. Then she frowned. Or she could be just biding her time to be sure she had enough evidence to hang her with.

The moment she got in her office, Clark, the cause of all it, who also happened to be the man she’d come to realize she couldn’t live without, texted her and asked, ‘You okay?’

Heaving a breath, Jamie texted back, ‘Yeah, just saw Danny, and he seemed fine.’

‘Glad to hear it. So, I’ll see you tonight?’

Now she was counting on it. She needed him, even though she’d never felt like she’d needed anyone before, she did need him. And although she hadn’t planned it, somehow he’d become her rock. And the only person in the world she knew she could count on.

About to text him back, she looked up, when the devil herself, Roxanne, popped her head in the doorway and seeing Jamie’s fingers poised over her phone, she murmured coyly, “Tell him I said hi, okay?” Before she gave her a little wink and sauntered on down the hallway.

“Bitch,” Jamie muttered under her breath. Why were some women like that, so eager to tear another woman apart? When, with her looks, she could probably get anyone she wanted. Well, except for maybe Clark, then Jamie would definitely have to go for her throat.

Finally, sure she was gone, Jamie texted back, ‘The bitch just walked in and said to say hi.’ Then she added, ‘But I will see you tonight. And now I can hardly wait.’

“Me, too. See you then,” he texted back.

Just her second day at her new job, Jamie fired up her computer and started checking the stock markets. Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange was already reporting, as were Australia’s, and Tokyo’s, so at least she could get a feeling where the markets were heading. After all, this was what she was hired to do, to take care of her client’s investments, and not to go to war with the office witch over the affair she was having with a prospective client. Who of course she didn’t know was a possible client when they started it. But that probably wouldn’t matter if she got caught.

As she was going over the numbers, her new boss Danny strode in. Looking worried, he said to her, “I emailed Mr. Philips who we met with yesterday, but he hasn’t gotten back to me yet. So I was thinking, since you two seemed to get along nicely at dim sum, perhaps you could offer to have lunch with him again today, just to try and feel him out.”

Jamie’s eyebrows nearly shot to her hairline when he said that — since she’d pretty much done nothing but feel him up, since she’d met him when they’d first landed in Hong Kong. But if her boss was telling her to go have lunch with him, then who was she to argue?

So, she got out her phone again and actually phoned Clark while Danny sat and waited. Just to be on the safe side, she made sure to turn down the volume so he couldn’t make out what Clark was saying, which turned out to be a very good idea, considering the naughty stuff he came out with. Smiling at Danny, once Clark answered, doing her best to keep a straight face, Jamie said into the phone, “Oh, hello, Mr. Philips. This is Jamie Lockhart. We met yesterday at the bank.”

When he laughed and said, “Yeah, I think I remember you. You’re the one that tastes like warm honey on my tongue, like you did this morning, when I was between your legs, right?”

Trying to keep a straight face, and not squirm in her seat, thinking back to how insanely good that felt, she said, “Um, yes, glad you remember. But I was just calling to ask if you’d like to have lunch again today. And maybe we can discuss any questions or concerns you might have about your investments.”

“Actually now that you ask, I do have one question. Do think we’ll have time for a quickie, because damn, having a nooner with you would really make my day.”

Nodding and smiling at Danny who was obliviously sitting expectantly and waiting, she said, “Of course, anything is possible, Mr. Philips, depending on your timing of course.”

“Oh, for you I’ll have all the time in the world. But I take it your boss is sitting right there?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” she said, smiling again to reassure Danny, although she was doing her damndest not to laugh.

“Well, then I’d love to have lunch with you, Miss Lockhart. And don’t bother with panties, because they’ll be coming off the moment I see you. Oh, and tell Danny boy, that you may be a while, since I’m thinking we’ll have lots of things to istanbul escort discuss. For instance, if you like it better when I’m on top, or you are.”

Grinning, because her pussy was almost dripping from everything he was saying, she said, “I’ll be sure to tell him that. But to answer your question, I’d say it’s both, either works for me.”

He chuckled. “Good to know. And I’ll be waiting out in front of your building at noon, and I now I can hardly wait. And remember, Miss Lockhart — no panties.”

“Yes, sir,” she said, before she hung up. Biting down on her lip, to keep down the giddy laugh bubbling up inside her, she said, to Danny, “Well, he’s agreed to have lunch with me, but says he’s got lots to discuss, so we may be a while.”

Danny threw up his hands, with a big smile. “Well in that case, just take the rest of the day off. If you can land his account it will be well worth you taking a few hours off, don’t you think?”

Yeah, and it would be well worth it for her, too, since she needed the stress relief after the morning she’d already had, after being confronted about Clark by Roxanne.

But just to be on the safe side, since she wasn’t even sure before if she’d be working with him — once she realized who he was — after her boss Danny left, she took her first close look at Clark’s investments and was surprised to discover he’d been seriously underserviced by his previous investment firm, if not outright swindled. The results he was seeing were hardly stellar, and the fees they’d been charging him were exorbitant. But like Clark had said, since inheriting the family firm from his father, he was shaking things up and making some changes. And just as well too, since his money wasn’t doing much for him where it had been sitting, stagnant enough to be practically growing moss.

Thankfully, Jamie didn’t have to put up with seeing Roxanne again before she skipped out of the office at noon and into Clark’s waiting car. And for the first time, she noticed that he had the privacy screen up, separating them from the front seat and undoubtedly the prying eyes of his driver, Tommy.

The moment she got in, in addition to wearing a crazy sexy grin, she also noticed he was holding his hand out expectantly. Not exactly sure what he wanted, at first she handed him his financial files — that she fully intended to discuss with him at some point during the day — but when he just rolled his eyes and set them on the floor, before putting his hand back out again, she grinned, as it dawned on her what he was waiting for. And then going into her brief case, she extracted the still warm, tiny lacy white thong she’d just slipped out of, and deposited it in his hand. And when his grin widened and he teasingly wiggled his eyebrows at her, tucking the scrap of lace in his pocket, she held up a finger and then also handed him her matching white lace bra, too. Surprised, his eyes went big before they narrowed on her breasts, already hard and beading against her patterned silk dress. Then he murmured, “Nothing? Are you telling me you’re wearing nothing under that little scrap of a dress?”

Grinning slyly, she smiled into his eyes and confirmed, “Not a thing.”

“Oh, fuck me,” he said, letting his head drop back in the seat, just thinking about taking her naked in the back of his car. And seeing as his windows were tinted about as dark as they could be to keep the blazing sun out, he knew he could get away with it, too. And Tommy driving up in front wouldn’t have a clue what they were up to.

Laughing, she said, “Thought you’d never ask,” before slipping the shimmery aqua patterned dress over her head, exposing herself to him completely.

Clark swallowed hard as he looked over at the wonder of her slender body, then grabbing her around the waist, and pulling her into his lap, he said against her mouth, “I know one thing. This is one lunch I’m never likely to forget.”

Immediately Jamie was busy trying to unzip his fly, Clark smiling at the concentration evident in her face as she struggled to get it down with her sitting so close to him in his lap, her little pink tongue even sticking out of the corner of her mouth, as she did her best to wiggle it down between them. “Need some help?” he finally asked, chuckling at her efforts.

“Yes,” she said, with a huff. “I do. I’m not going to be the only one sitting here buck ass naked.”

Pressing his lips to her neck and licking a path up to her ear, as he ran his hands over the silky softness of her delightfully bare ass and squeezed, he whispered teasingly in her ear, “Even if you look adorably sexy, buck ass naked?”

Reaching for his cock, the moment he’d freed it, circling him in her hand, she said with a little moan as she stroked him, “I bet you’d look pretty damn hot out of that suit, too.” But then she smiled down at his very impressive erection, happy for what she could avcılar escort have.

“Well, just in case we get stopped, I think it’s best if one of us has some clothes on,” he told her. Then he looked down at his cock, sitting proud and stiff between them and asked, “Now, how would you like to hop on board?”

She grinned, getting up on her knees. “Actually nothing would make me happier, Mr. Philips.”

With her smooth bare legs straddling his hips, she took hold of the base of his cock and poised it at the opening of her pussy, covering his mouth with hers, she sank her tongue into his mouth and kissed him long and slow, mating with his mouth as she sank her pussy down onto his rigid cock. Moaning as he pushed up his hips and filled her, stretching her pussy to the max, she carefully lowered her hips to welcome him inside. And oh, god, did it ever feel like heaven.

His cock buried in her nice and tight, Clark couldn’t recall anything ever feeling better, or hotter than holding her naked in his lap as she fucked him in his car, right in the middle of the crowded city.

In his wildest fantasies, he’d never imagined doing something like this while stuck in lunch hour traffic in Central. His balls hard and getting harder by the second as she began to ride him, he knew it wouldn’t take much for him to lose it, maybe even just hitting a pothole and he’d be done. So, clasping her slender hips, with her long, silky blonde hair tickling his hands, he thrust up and filled her as far as he could go, loving how gorgeous she looked naked with her eyes closed, fingers tangling in his dark hair, a look of utter bliss on her face, as she wildly pumped up and down on his cock, with those perfect breasts jiggling right in his face. God, just the sight of her had him ready to come. So intoxicatingly beautiful and so utterly uninhibited. And the added bonus was that she was incredibly smart, too –which was just another thing he loved about her, and he was beginning to realize there were just so many things about her to love.

Reaching between them, he found her clit, working a circle around it as he pulled a hard pink nipple between his lips and sucked. Talk about an erotic fantasy come true. If the cops were to pull him over now, he’d pay the guy anything he asked to just fuck off and leave them alone till they were done, because with her riding him like this — damn was he ever going to come hard. And he was so glad now he had leather seats.

Although she didn’t know it, he’d had to cancel two important meetings to join her for this illicit little tryst, but holy fuck was it ever worth it. No amount of money in the world would be worth sacrificing a nut-clenching ride like this. And he could tell she was just as into it, too. Pounding her tight little pussy down on him so damn hard, slapping her sweet little ass cheeks on his thighs, he wondered if he’d actually died and gone to heaven, because holy fucking shit, it had to be the hottest thing he’d ever lived through in his entire freaking life. And he’d had quite the life until now, too.

But nothing could compare to this — to having his sweet Jamie riding his cock in traffic in the back of his car, looking so insanely sexy, naked and panting as she eagerly thrust up and down on him, edging them closer and closer to finding a mind-numbing release.

Suddenly he felt her tensing, her body beginning to quiver in his arms. He knew she was ready to come. Working her clit harder with his thumb, he pushed the tip of his finger into her tight little pussy right alongside his cock, and that seemed to be all it took, and then she was gasping and moaning as she came apart, still pumping up and down on him, deliriously groaning with her head thrown back. Feeling his balls ready to blow, he took her mouth in a deep penetrating kiss as he shot his load and filled her little pussy with every last thing he had. Mercilessly clutching her ass in his hands, finally he pulled back and looked in her eyes and muttered, “Damn, Jamie.”

Her chest still heaving, she grinned. “Yeah, now aren’t you glad you agreed to have lunch?”

Chuckling, he hugged her to his chest and pressed his lips to hers. “I sure as hell am. And if you ever want to meet me again, don’t hesitate to call, okay?”

Laughing right along with him, she nodded as she cupped his face in hands and asked breathlessly, “So, where are we headed now?”

Still trying to think straight, never mind breathe again after a ride like that, he said, “I was thinking Repulse Bay. There are some pretty nice restaurants out there, and we could enjoy some lunch, and maybe get a room in the hotel, and then enjoy the hell out of each other for the rest of the day.”

She looked at him closely. “You don’t have any other meetings today?”

He shook his head, running his thumb along the fullness of her bottom lip. Shit, he’d have cancelled major surgery today for a ride like şirinevler escort that. “No,” he said, “I’m all yours.”

She grinned. “Good, because after the morning I’ve had, I think I could use a little sexual healing.”

And damn was he ever on board for that. Maybe they’d just order some lunch up to the room and graze, because unbelievably, his twitching cock was telling him he already wanted her again.

Watching her pull her silky little dress back over her head, handing her back her panties to use to tidy herself up, Clark hated to see her put away the goods, especially since she had to have the most beautiful body he’d ever seen. Sleek and slender, with the most perfect pair of breasts, the rosiest nipples and what had to be the sweetest ass ever, never mind the heaven of her tight little pussy. And just thinking about getting her back out of that dress was getting him hard as a rock again.

Sated and content, silently holding hands as they drove along the coastline, gazing out at the sun shining on the South China Sea, eventually Tommy let them off at the front of the hotel overlooking Repulse Bay. And after they’d checked in, hugging her to his side, Clark headed straight for the elevators, telling her, “I think we’ll just have lunch in our room.”

Grinning coyly, she quickly nodded, happy to have him all to herself rather than wasting hours in a restaurant full of strangers, especially since the first thing she intended to do was get him out of that suit, and get him into bed.

At least after they’d discussed his investments, since she could hardly go back to work and tell her boss that she’d basically screwed away the afternoon with him and forgot about his account.

Pulling her close in the elevator, with her little backside nestled perfectly against his erection, their expectant smiles reflected in the mirrored car, Clark nuzzled her neck, and said, “You know I can hardly believe how much I want you again.”

Well, she could believe it, since she felt exactly the same way about him. Even though they’d been together for less than a week, lately all she could think of was him, and how good it always felt to be with him. And no big surprise, her pussy seemed to be perpetually wet, just imagining getting together with him again.

But once they got in the room, sanity prevailed, and she held up his files and said, “But first things first, how about you order us some lunch and I’ll lay out my report.” Nodding his head, he had to agree. After all it was why he’d gone to her bank in the first place, looking for a new set of eyes to go over his investments, since the firm his father had been using for decades didn’t seem to be doing much for his company. But since he’d discovered that lovely Jamie would be his financial strategist, he was finding it pretty hard to care much about a bunch of numbers, when he could have her naked and writhing beneath him.

Still, he got on the phone and did as she asked and ordered a bunch of different things they could share, since they both seemed to enjoy that. And when he saw her sitting at the desk in the outer room of the suite, with the paper work all spread out, he pulled up a chair, and listened to what she had to say. And as it turned out, his instincts had been right, and his father’s trusted advisor had been basically robbing him blind for decades, paying back very little in return, so it was just as well he now had her looking into his interests.

And the idea of her working just for him was looking like a better idea all the time, especially since her job at the bank would be in jeopardy if they kept seeing each other. Which of course he had every intention of doing, since he couldn’t imagine himself without her anymore. Crazy as that was, since he’d never even dreamed of getting serious with a woman before her.

Finally, once she’d discussed it all and handed him her report, and told him he might even want to look into getting a forensic accountant to check even further back, he said, “Thanks. But it looks like you’ve already uncovered a lot. And I’ve been thinking — what would you think of coming to work for me? I’d more than match your salary, and at least I know you’d have my best interests at heart.”

Her eyes flew open unable to believe her ears. Seeing as they’d only known each other for a matter of days, it would be a pretty big leap to leave her new job and sign on with him, no matter how close she’d grown to him. And if they ever had a falling out, where would that leave her — in a strange country without a leg to stand on, that’s where.

But then again, heaving a sigh, with a viper like Roxanne threatening to torpedo her career, she wondered if she shouldn’t be looking into other options.

Clark watched the play of emotions cross her face and tipping her chin up, he put her out of her misery by pressing a kiss to her mouth and saying, “Don’t worry, no rush. Just give it some thought, though, okay?”

But at least now she knew she’d have a choice. Worried about losing her job, at least he was providing her with a plan B. And of course, if he was part of the plan, it might be pretty hard to turn him down.

“Anyway,” he said as someone knocked at the door, “why don’t we eat? By the sounds of it, I think our lunch is here.”

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