On the Beach Ch. 09

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The family, minus Mark, and Jim continue to deal with the fallout of their actions.

Mark turns to Muriel for help in understanding what is happening to him and his family.

Again, the primary action is incest but there is MM sex. You’ve been warned.

Thanks, as always, to LarryInSeattle.


Jill and mom hurry after Mark. I notice a string of my cum detach itself from my sister’s pussy. It lands on top of my left thigh. I had never hated fucking girls, even though I have no real desire to do so. Why, I wonder had I loved fucking Jill. That is totally fucked up. I’m gay. I’ve known that since I was sixteen. I’ve had sex with women but the truth is I had only been jerking off using their bodies. This had been different. I’m a gay man who loves fucking only one woman, his sister. Jesus, no wonder Mark wants to get away from me.

Jim stands there, cock hanging above my head, for a moment before turning to sit on the end of the bed. I inch toward the head of the bed. My head is no longer hanging off the end of the bed. I unconsciously swipe at a bit of cum on my cheek and lick my finger clean. My father turns to sit and I scoot over, bumping into Jim.

I let my arm lie across Jim’s lap. I casually brush my fingers over his side. He doesn’t resist. I hesitate, wondering if it is a good idea, then wrap my other arm around my father’s back.

“Did you tell mom?” I ask when the silence becomes too much too bear.


“All of it?”

He nods. Jill and mom have returned and are standing in the doorway. He continues, outwardly at least unconcerned by the presence of his daughter and her boyfriend.

“Yes, all of it. I told her I was bisexual, that I always had been. I told her about the one time with my friend. I told her how, until today, I had done nothing more than watch and fantasize. I told her that changed today, that today I had done something I haven’t done for twenty years, sucked a cock. And,” he goes on after pausing, “I told her it was yours.”

Jim jumps a little at that and turns to look at my father. Dad sits, not moving, looking at his hands. When he speaks, he raises his head to look at me.

“I explained you had no idea it was me but that afterwards you asked me to fuck you and I did.”

Beside me, I heard Jim whistle softly threw his teeth in astonishment.

“What did she do?”

“Slapped me. Split my lip.” He turns to show me, turning his lip out with both hands. “Told me I was sick, disgusting, a liar, a pervert and that she hated me and wanted me to get the fuck out of her sight, her house, and her life.”

“What did you do?” Jim asks.

My father shrugs.

“What could I do? I told her I agreed with every word she had said, that I understood and I’d pack up, head back to Norfolk and find a hotel. I told her she should stay here, maybe with Muriel, to give me time to get my stuff out.”

“What happened then?” I prod when he remained silent.

“I started wailing,” mom says as he came over to sit by my father.

I move my arm and Jill sits on Jim’s lap. He leans back on his hands. I drape my arm across my sister’s lap.

“I wanted him away from me,” mom continues. “I didn’t want to see him or touch him or hear him but as soon as he said he’d go, the reality of not having him with me hit.

“I don’t understand any of this, none of it. Not what happened yesterday, not what happened today, not just what your father has done but what I’ve done as well. What has he done that is so much worse than what I’ve done? If he’s a monster, so am I, maybe we are, both of us. I don’t know. But it hit me if he needed to leave, well, then so did I.

“He pulled me up onto the bed and we cuddled up and cried and rocked and whispered to each other how much we loved each other. He told me he was the one to blame and I said no, it was me. Then we realized there was no point, not then, of talking about it. We cried ourselves out and then came to find you all. To tell you what we’d been doing was bad, was wrong and ask you if you wanted your father and me to leave.”

“We found you,” she said with a rueful snort. “Conveniently, all in one place.” She shrugs. “The rest you know. Except Mark ran over to Muriel’s. We started to follow but she gave us a glare and a wave and disappeared inside with him.” She turned to look past our dad, at Jill. “I swear, Jill. If I hadn’t seen you come wiggling out between my legs with my own eyes, I’d swear you were Muriel’s kid. You could have been dug out of her ass with a spoon.”

Jill looks at her calmly. “I love Muriel. I take that as a compliment.”

“I love her too,” mom replies. “And you certainly may take it as a compliment.” She holds Jill’s eyes. “Did you know your father and I are Muriel’s lovers?”

Jill nods. “I knew you were. Don’t you remember last night? Muriel offered to teach me to eat pussy like she had taught you. I wasn’t sure about daddy though. I found it hard to imagine you’d tuzla eve gelen escort cheat on him.”

Mom smiles. “I don’t remember Muriel saying that now. Jesus, what a character that woman is. It would be easy to get the wrong impression of Muriel. Most people would label her as a ‘bad’ person but she’s far from it. She’s smarter than most imagine, with a good head on her shoulders, a big heart, and if there’s a mean bone in her body I’ve never seen it. That’s why I didn’t raise a fuss when she, more or less, asked permission – no that’s not right, she more or less told us, she was planning to seduce Mark.”

“Did she really?” Jill squeaks. “That’s wonderful. He’s been a mess since that fucking idiot cunt dumped him.”

“You mean…”

Jill cut her off. “Do not say that bitch’s name in my presence. No, it was not mutual. Do not ever, ever, tell Mark I told you this but he bought her a ring and asked her to marry him. Why do you think he’s flat broke, despite working his ass off besides going to school?”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” I wonder aloud.

“Did you ask?” Jill demands. “I finally did, not that I’m claiming to be any better a sister than you are a brother. I was thinking that today, when Mark walked in on us in the bathroom, what a shitty sister I’ve been to him. I was also so wrapped up in adoring you.” She pointed a finger at me. “And then in trying to get my ‘brawny Moor’, if I may quote Mr. Nightlinger, into the sack I was a total self-centered little cunt.”

“I don’t like that word,” my mother snaps.

“Who the fuck you calling a Moor and who the fuck is Mr. Nightlinger? Jesus Christ,” Jim rants. “And I was afraid you crazy mother-fuckers would have a problem with Jill dating a black man? Jesus Christ on a jumped up pony, you people are mother-fucking whacked out of your minds.”

Jill begins to giggle. Even mom smiles. My father, however, is dead serious.

“Hush, Jill. It isn’t funny, not in the least. How many friends you think we’d have left if they knew what had happened here in the past, what, barely twenty-four hours, if that?” He fixed his eyes on Jim. “You need to decide if what you’ve seen of us ‘crazy mother-fuckers’ is too much to handle.” He shifted his eyes to Jill, who was quiet. “And you need to decide if it is too much for Jim. Can you handle cutting us off to be with him. There’s nothing in any of that worth chuckling about.”

“Mr. Casey.”

My ears prick up at Jim’s choice of words.

“I love your daughter,” he continues. I feel Jill stiffen under my arm. “I should have told her that alone first, she deserves that, but seems like we need to get that out in the open. I don’t know shit about how white people behave, except where it pertains to me personally. I’ve knowed more than one dude fucking his sister, or daddy diddling his daughter. All them situations was ugly. I ain’t witnessed nothing here, nothing between any of y’all that’s ugly. Crazy? Sure but not ugly. If I can let Jill’s ugly ass brother suck my crank, well, I can put up with anything.”

This time I join Jill’s giggles.

Jim ignores us.

“I intend to make the girl mine, I won’t lie about that, but I’d never ask her to forsake her own kin. She wouldn’t do it and I’d be unhappy, or if she did she’d be unhappy.”

Jill swivels in his lap. I grimace for him. Women don’t know what it feels like to have someone twist around while they’re sitting on your dick. Jim doesn’t seem to mind. Jill kisses him, a noisy smack of a kiss.

“I can’t believe you’ve never seen ‘The Cowboys’. It’s the only John Wayne movie worth seeing.” She leans forward to look at our father. “Save it, daddy, you aren’t gonna convince me of the merits of the great Duke. Sorry.”

“Jill?” Jim asks in a soft voice.


“You’re a little bit of a thing but your butt is bony. You mind hopping off? My legs are going to sleep.”

Even dad manages a smile at the look on Jill’s face. Jim simply holds her eyes until she hops off. She holds out a hand to help him up, so I assume she’s forgiven him. As they were leaving, Jill hops onto Jim’s back. He wasn’t expecting it and they both nearly fall. Their giggles trail away.

The three of us sit, not speaking, alone with the smell of sex and cum.

Mom starts to speak, pauses and then closes her mouth. She moves back to sit with her back against the wall at the head of the bed.

“I was going to ask why you wanted your father to do that but I realized it was a silly question,” she informs me, wiggling away from the saggy edge of the bed. I move my feet to give her room. She lets her hand rest on my leg.

“I really needed someone to want me, anyone, at that moment. I think it’s as simple as that. I’ve never done that before, not with a real person. I knew it would be safe. I knew dad wouldn’t hurt me. Besides, I could see he was ready to explode.” I raise up on my elbows to look at her. “He’s been horny, in a way, for twenty tuzla otele gelen escort years. I know you satisfy him but you’re a woman, not a man. I know how that feels. I thought, I don’t know, it would be less hard for you, if it was me and not some stranger.”

She cocks her head at me. “You imagined it would be easier to hear my husband had butt fucked his son over hearing he’d butt fucked a stranger? Really?”

I shrug, a difficult maneuver in the position I’m in. “When you put it like that it sounds pretty dumb. But at the time, you know how hard it is to think when all you want to do is fuck, I know you do. You’d never had let dad nail you in front of us last night, or watch Jill fucking Jim, if you were in your usually, every day, this-is-how-it’s-suppose-to-be frame of mind.”

“How did you know about watching Jill?”

“I was listening at the door. When they finally calmed down, I could hear the two of you going at it.”

Everyone is quiet for a time.

“Did you enjoy it?” mom asks.

“What? Watching you guys in the pool? Watching Jill suck off Jim? Watching Mark and Muriel? Listening to Jim fuck Jill? Listening to dad fuck you? Getting my dick sucked by my father? Or having him ‘butt fuck’ me, as you put it?” Her face paled at my words but I didn’t stop. “It all sorta runs together. You realize it hasn’t even been a full day – won’t be until this evening, that you and dad fucked and sucked each other in the pool?”

I let my head fall back onto the bed.

“I enjoyed it. All of it. Even surrendering Jim to my sister. Holy shit, I forgot a couple things. I fucked Jill and let Jim cock fuck my mouth, oh, and I Frenched Mark before all that.” I’m quiet for a minute. “I enjoyed that to. I hope he’s okay.”

“So do I,” mom whispers.

Dad scoots her over and sits down beside her. She leans over onto his chest and his arm goes around her shoulder. I roll onto my side, facing their legs. No one speaks or moves; we are thinking about Mark.


“You really love me?”

“I really love you.”

“Thanks, that makes me happy,” I whisper as we snuggle in Jim’s tiny double bed. “You don’t think I’m, we’re, too young? I know mom worries we’re not old enough to know what love is.”

“Why? She seems to have figured it out at your age, didn’t she?”

“Uh-huh,” I agree. “It’s always different though when it’s someone else’s story. I think that the only thing that makes someone ‘too young’ is if they still have this idea that loves is all goo-goo eyes and kissy face and everyone farting fairy dust. I know it’s not like that. I’ve seen my parents go at each other. They both have awful tempers but they’re never hateful to each other.” I tilted my head to look at Jim. “That’s all I ask, you can get mad at me, you can yell at me but don’t be hateful, in word or deed. I’d have a problem putting up with that.”

“Back at ya, you little white she-devil.”

“If you can call me that, why can’t I call you a brawny Moor?”

“You can call me whatever you want, baby.”


All I meant to do was give her a quick kiss on the pussy. It seems like we’d been fucking non-stop since last night. I was just going to give her a quick little peck atop her little girly clit. But things got out of hand.

First off, she’s still wet. I know, no point to lying, she’s mostly wet with her brother’s spunk. Now, if you’d have asked me, would I ever get turned on by the idea of some other dude’s spunk in my woman’s pussy, I’d probably have kicked your ass. But then, face to face as it is, with the situation, I find my tongue darting forward, and not toward her clit either.

I push my tongue between those pink glistening pussy lips and into Jill’s cunt. She spreads her legs wide and both hands push against the back of my head. I take that as a positive sign.

I eat my best friend’s spunk out of his sister’s cunt and the whole time I’m doing it, I’m seeing my cock spurting into his mouth and over his chest. I think I have her pretty much cleaned out, leastways all I’m tasting is her pussy, but when she cums, my mouth fills with a taste I now recognize as Bill’s, my best friend.

Jill pulls me up beside her. Her mouth is all over mine.

“God,” she pants when she’s done. “I wish there was some way to eat your cum out of my own cunt. I’d fucking love that.”

I don’t say nothing.

“Did you like that?”

I grunt. “It was okay,” I finally admit.

“Uh, could you, you know, taste…”

“Yes, baby. I could taste Bill inside your pussy.”

“I could too, on your face and mouth I mean, when we kissed.” She pulls my face down and pecks me on the lips.

“You don’t have to,” she starts to say and I interrupt her.

“Everybody says that before they tell you something you already know, for a fact, you’re going to have to do or suffer the consequences. Let’s just get that out there before you finish.”

She hits me tuzla sınırsız escort in the chest.

“Asshole,” she whispers. “Okay, whatever. What I was imagining while you were eating my pussy, was a daisy chain.”

“A what?”

“A daisy chain. We’d all be on our sides. I’d be sucking your dick. Bill would be eating my pussy, and,” she paused, “you’d be sucking Bill’s dick.”

“I would huh?” She nods sheepishly. “And what makes you think your gay brother wants to eat your pussy?”

Jill’s eyes light up. “He wouldn’t have to. I could lay on my back like he did and let you fuck my mouth with that big old cock of yours, while you sucked him.” She shook her head. “But I wouldn’t be able to watch.” She sat up and looked at me. “I know. Mark. He was a media/communications major. He could video us and I could watch it later.”

I just stare at her. This girl is liable to fuck me to death. It’s a good thing I’ve never said I want to live forever.

“Is that so? How you think he’d feel about making a video of me fucking your momma and then you eating my spunk out of her pussy? You said you wanted to eat my cum out of a pussy.”

“I said out of my pussy.” She looks sharp at me. “Have you been imagining fucking my mom?”

“Guilty as charged, baby. Your momma is hot, girl. That’s part of why I love you. I know you aren’t going to turn into some fat old jowly white bitch. I would totally nail your momma’s ass to the sheets if I weren’t afraid either you, or Ben, or Bill or Mark, or the whole damn lot of you, would shoot my ass.”

“Hmm, that so?” she whispers.

We snuggle down into the bed. She falls asleep on my chest. I fall asleep with her breath tickling the hair on my chest and the smell of her pussy on my face and her face, and mingled down low, is the smell of my best friend.

We must have slept. When I awoke, I had roll toward the wall. Mom and dad have their arms around each other. Mom is on his chest. Dad is on his back. Mom’s hand rests loosely around his half-hard cock. I don’t give myself time to think about it. I roll over onto my other side, rest on one arm and, leaning over mom’s legs, take dad’s cock into my mouth. He’s in good shape but I can’t imagine, at his age, that he has much left in the tank. He fucked my mom last night, after a blow-job, fucked her this morning, and fucked me this afternoon. I mean come on. He must be running on fumes by now.

Whatever he might have left in the tank, his dick gets hard quick enough. I wonder for a moment if he’d washed. After he’d fucked me, had he washed his cock? It tastes like cock, and only cock, so I decide it doesn’t matter. The motion of my body wakes mom. I feel her shift beneath me. Her hand moves. She’s holding dad’s cock up so I can suck it easier. He stirs.

I get off the bed and walk around to the side. The two of them shift, mom now against the wall, dad in the middle, me on the outside. Mom still holds dad’s cock. I lick one side and she licks the other. When our lips brush over the head, she doesn’t appear to mind. She points the cock at my mouth and I suck him a few times. She pulls it away and sucks it herself a few times. I move his leg and mull his balls while mom sucks him. When she moves away from his cock, I wet a finger. As I take my father’s cock back into my mouth, I push my hand under his balls and ass. My wet finger caresses his asshole.

He raises his ass, giving me room.

I slip my finger into his ass. I hold my mouth over the head of his cock. Mom strokes his cock until he cums in my mouth. There isn’t much, but I don’t care. I happily share what there is with mom.

I’d been playing with my cock, getting it hard with my hand. It’s a younger cock than my father’s but it had seen a lot of use as well. It takes some time but as I lick the last of dad’s cum off mom’s lips, I’m hard again.

“There’s still that one little thing,” I whisper to my father. He nods and rolls onto his belly. He positions mom in the corner, puts his shoulders under her knees and goes after her pussy with his mouth. She uses both hands to play and pull at her nipples.

I pull dad’s hips up with my hands, move them to his ass cheeks and spread them wide. This is something else I have only dreamed of doing, and even in my dreams I never envisioned it happening with this man, my father.

I press my face into his ass crack and lick his asshole. It’s rough and hairy but tastes like his cock and balls. It isn’t until I work my tongue into his ass that I notice a sharper, bitter taste. It isn’t the taste that makes me stop; it’s my hunger.

I straighten and walk on my knees up to dad’s upturned ass. Mom glues her eyes on dad’s ass. I know she can’t see the head of my cock pressing against his asshole, not from her angle, but I can tell from the heat in them she wishes that she could. Dad pushes against me as I hold my cock hard up against his asshole.

With a sudden little pop, the head is in. After that it is simply a matter of slow pressure and my cock slowly disappears inside his ass. I pull out slowly, let a long line of spit drop into the crack of his ass and onto my cock, and push back in.

I start to fuck him. When I need to, I’d stop and add more spit. I wish we had lube. I could fuck him so much harder with lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32