Notes from an Island Ch. 01

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The day Chase figured out the code, he was a mess. He was stumbling all over the house, forgetting things his parents had told him just minutes earlier, and nervous they knew what he was planning. This wasn’t just any code, this was the code that would allow him to access the forbidden files on the island intranet. Not only would he be able to see the files he wasn’t supposed to see until he had bonded his family to another family, but his parent’s level of access would give him access to every beach picture, every publicly filmed bonding ceremony, and any other images the island surveillance system picked up.

Chase was nearly 19 but still living at home per the customs of the island. He had graduated from the local school and had spent time bouncing between mainland universities but, to reinforce the importance of family and the bonds of their pod mates, young adults lived with their family until they bonded with a partner of their own. His parents’ place in the islands’ governance, a body of administrators who served rolling terms, meant their home terminal granted them tremendous access to the islands’ data assets.

The plan was simple. His father was spending the weekend inspecting crops on Osisi, the island in their archipelago where most of the farming took place. That just left his mother, who was spending the night out with her friends. That meant he’d have at least a few hours to log on to the family terminal and access the videos and pictures collected from various family bonding and pod orgy sessions that people of his mother and father’s stature could access.

“You aren’t going to the beach with your friends, tonight?” Chase’s mother asked in her sing-songy voice as she checked herself out in the full length mirror next to the door and then used it to look directly at Chase. She brushed her wavy thick brown hair away from her shoulders. In her reflection, he could see the neckline of her purple dress plunging into a v to separate the fabric holding back her thick round breasts. The silver sash tied at the waist of the dress signaled her high status on the island and cinched her waistline, creating an hourglass form. The dress was loose at the bottom, flowing off her round buttocks before stopping just below her knees.

Chase couldn’t help but feel a certain attraction to his mother’s body. While rules of the island strictly prohibited incest between family members, due to the fear of polluting the island gene pool, the liberated culture of the island meant he’d grown up accustomed to being naked in the presence of his family. Young members of the island were taught that no one should be ashamed of their body shape or size. Family members were allowed to or even encouraged to admire the bodies of their relatives as a point of pride. Chase had watched his mother’s forty four year old body fill out in his eighteen years, but time had just made her more attractive in his eyes.

“I’m not feeling very well,” Chase lied. “You look beautiful, though, have fun.”

As soon as the door closed behind her, Chase lept off the couch in the living room at the back of the section of their villa his family called home and ran to the front room, closing the shade and then typing in his father’s username to the terminal. Everyone’s usernames followed a common pattern and he’d figured out his father’s common access password years ago but it was the higher level administrative password that had eluded him. His hands shook as he carefully typed in the common access password. A prompt on the screen greeted him by his father’s name, Spiro.

He then entered a hotkey combination that would open the command password prompt, giving him access to exclusive files that he had only dreamed existed. Slowly, he pecked out every character of the secret passphrase. The code had been written for years under the desk that supported the family terminal. It wasn’t until today that he’d finally pieced it together.

“Bingo!” Chase threw a fist in the air as a whole new level of folders and subfolders unlocked for him. He started in the first directory he saw and was disappointed when it was just pictures of some of the older adults naked in the forbidden section of the beach. He could see naked people in the open adult section, where non-bonded adults like him were allowed to carouse in a clothing optional area with bonded adults. What he wanted to see what the thing that had alluded him – the bonded adults at play.

He started navigating through the files, and he finally got the hang of some of the shorthand that annotated different folder contents. The system automatically indexed pictures and videos as it received them. Individual pods only saw their own files or files of pods that were sharing files for the purposes of forming new bonds between them. What his father’s level of access gave him was access to everything. Every bonding ceremony that had been filmed. Every beach fuck caught on security camera. Every selfie taken by all of tuzla eve gelen escort his former classmates who were now scattered around the archipelago at various positions. These files were not intended for Chase.

Chase figured out the files were organized by pod and location where they were captured but there were years worth of files in the island’s private network. He flipped through folders until he found one of photos from what looked like a slightly older bonding ceremony. There was a young adult couple lost in the ecstacy of a doggy-style fuck. Chase thought he recognized Itzak and Celementina, a couple who were now in their early 30’s with children of their own. Celementiana was on her hands and knees, red curls pulled back by Itzak’s hand while he kneeled behind her, and used his other hand to grip her small apple shaped breast. In the background, their parents were seated around them, smiling warmly as they enjoyed their children’s bonding ceremony.

The bonding ceremony joined pods together by way of bonding one family in a pod to another. After the ceremony, members of the pods were free to intermingle working together toward common goals and, in most cases engaging in free swinging sexual relationships, just so long as incestual acts weren’t involved.

“Incest is a threat,” Chase quoted the slogan that had been drummed into island residents’ heads as he looked at one nude family portrait after another. Since the sexual relations with minors was the greatest of banishable sins on the island, he knew he at least wasn’t at risk of running into any of the wrong kinds of pictures. Otherwise, the island governance rotated families in and out of the island as they could – no family who wanted to leave was ever given any trouble so long as they followed the confidentiality agreement – but this was a delicate eco-system and rule breakers could be punished harshly.

Chase had fantasized about his own bonding ceremony for years, and he had a feeling a match was close since he and his parents had been socializing frequently with specific families on the island. For now, a few pictures from Itzak and Celementiana’s ceremony would have to substitute. He soon grew bored of this history lesson, though.

Chase had always fancied his friend, Jean Paul’s mother and he wondered how he could search for her files. Using Claire’s initials didn’t seem to get him much closer. There were a lot of people with the initials “CH” through the years. Suddenly, he remembered they’d just celebrated her birthday about two months earlier. It was the second Saturday of the month. He quickly pulled up the calendar on the terminal and then tried using the month and day of her birthday to augment the search. And he hit paydirt.

The first few pictures were just her on the beach and looked to be sometime within the last several months. In the first one, she was standing on the beach with her husband, Jacques, on one side and Jean Paul on the other. The men were in their trunks and Claire wore a black bikini bottom but no top. Her straight black hair fell down past her shoulders and onto her chest on the left side. It seemed to tease at the top of her breasts. Her breasts were small but filled out enough at the bottom to make them look like you could palm them. Her dark nipples and aerolas were similar in color and pointed just slightly out to the sides. She smiled, looking happy to be with her family on that sunny day.

In the next photo, she was reclining in a chair under the shade of an umbrella, her thin body was slumped a little into the chair. She was smiling up at the camera again and the way her thin angular face could nail that smile every time almost excited Chase by itself. This time, her hands were in her lap and he followed the line of her thin muscular arms all the way down to her perfectly trimmed nails and then lower to the thin line of a landing strip above the top of her thin labia.

Maybe he’d seen Claire naked before, but he’d never had the chance to gaze on her thin pear shaped body like this, so he reached his hand down to his shorts, pulled the bow on the tie string free and pushed them to the ground so he could have access to his awaiting erection. He flipped farther through the files and, sure enough, he eventually came to pictures of Claire on her knees on the floor of some unknown room of some unknown villa on the island. One hand was up on the abdomen of an unseen man while the other one was at the base of his cock. Her eyes were closed and her mouth formed a perfect seal with the head of his penis.

Chase studied everything about the photo as he began to slide his hand up and down the shaft o his penis. The angle of her thin kneeling legs. The way her breasts shifted slightly forward due to the angle of her body. And that look on her face like the rest of the world didn’t exist and she knew she was giving this man exactly what he wanted.

Chase discovered there tuzla otele gelen escort weren’t just photos here. The next file he stopped on was a video of Claire fucking a man whose face he couldn’t see from this angle. There was some kind of party going on, as Chase could hear voices in the background and music playing. The man was lying on a mattress with white linens that looked to be staged on the floor inside one of the multipurpose areas. Claire’s was on top and her small breasts bounced violently up and down as she thrust herself up and down on the man. The video made chase start hammering his own cock even harder, only letting up after a few minutes so he didn’t let himself cum, yet.

He lost track of time after that, following Claire’s sexual exploit over the last couple years, watching her hair cuts change and her body fill out and then trim back down. Claire’s family’s pod featured a few European descended families and the women were mostly thin with straight dark hair and smaller breasts that seemed to vary from cute mosquito bites to small filled out globes. He watched Claire go down on the rare blonde woman in her pod and later watched her tackle multiple penises, sucking off men who were both circumcised and uncircumcised to completion.

It was the end of the blowbang that gave Chase his next idea. As the camera pulled back, Chase recognized his father as the last man standing. His father’s semen was spilling out of Claire’s mouth and rolling down her chin to join the collection of cum gathering on her chest. In the background, Chase’s mother was sitting in a big comfortable chair in the nude with her arms resting on the arms of the chair. Her legs were covered by black thigh high stockings and were crossed but her open arms gave him a direct view of her thick fleshy breasts.

Chase was surprised to see his parents there at first, as many times as he’d seen them naked, he’d never seen them in the middle of a sexual act. But even more surprising was they seemed to be using some kind of a loophole in the pod codes. This was something that Chase had heard rumors about but his limited access to the free swinging culture of bonded pod members had kept him in the dark until now. Now he had access to all of the upper-level governance documents.

As island bylaws permitted, after completing ten years of bonded life under the mentoring of members of their parents’ pod, his mother and father were each allowed to bond with one member of another family. This meant his family was in a three family pod, like other families on the island. Eventually, after Chase was bonded to another female member of the island community, they would be mentored and mature in their combined family pods before seeking permission to bond with other couples. What they didn’t teach on island schools when they were teaching the honor codes of the pod system was what he was learning from reading his father’s files.

Keeping track who exactly was bonded by each pod was cumbersome. Once upon a time, island residents wore tags or symbols to represent which pods they belonged to, but it led to ostracism between non-pod members. They abandoned that system so now, on occasion, couples just decided to chuck the pods altogether if they really wanted to swap with another couple and, so long as the pods signed an agreement afterward that this was acceptable, it was all good. He also had heard rumors that couples higher up the the governance, were invited to intermix with other pods at times as a way of keeping lines of communication open.

Whatever the reason for his parents’ appearance at this particular party. Chase knew what he wanted to see next. He thought this would be his only chance to really indulge his attraction to his mother’s curves, so his free hand glided across the terminal keyboard and he was able to quickly pull up more files with his mother involved.

He looked at some pictures of her naked on the beach at first. He stared at her large light brown elliptical areolas that combined with her nipples to form a bullseye at the focal points of her magnificent breasts that filled out down near her lower ribs. Her wide hips were cocked out to one side in the photo and her head to the other, as she let her dusty brown hair fall to the side. She was stunning and he continued to steadily pay tribute to her beautiful body with his hand as he stared at her.

Chase flipped until he found an even better cache. Here was a video of his mother tucked away in a rock outcropping in what must have been the forbidden area of the beach, open only to bonded adults. She was kneeling completely naked, her large balloon-like breasts swaying slightly as she held onto a man’s buttocks with her hands and used her mouth to choke down his pale erection. Chase recognized the man as Roger Logan a man in their family pod whom his mother was bonded to. Chase had spent plenty of time with Roger, his wife, Farah, and tuzla sınırsız escort daughter, Talia growing up. In fact, Farah was one of the women his mother was out with tonight. Chase had never seen Roger quite like this. His penis was as large as any man’s he’d seen on the island and a thick vein ran along the right side that was constantly being hidden by Chase’s mother’s hungry mouth.

Roger was ripped with muscles, after spending most of his life working in and overseeing maintenance on the islands docks. His skin was shining in the sun, as was Chase’s mother’s skin. It looked like they had recently applied sunscreen before they started going at it with complete abandon. Eventually, Roger’s chest started heaving and he reach down to grab his own erection, stroking it with enthusiasm until he’d coaxed a white shower of cum out of the tip and onto Chase’s mother’s breasts. She smiled up at Roger and mouthed something that was lost in the sound of the surf.

The video was the hottest thing Chase had ever seen, between the sight of his mother giving Roger head, the finishing shot, and just the thought of being able to look in on this intimate moment. He was stroking his cock with greater carelessness now, popping the base of the head with each stroke. He had to give up on it for a moment, in order to navigate the file structure further.

He watched a few more videos of his mother in compromising situations. In one of them, his father fucked her while she put her heels up behind his head while other members of their pod observed. In the end, he found he just wanted to stare on her naked form again, though. He uncovered a grouping of files of her naked with her friends. There was a group shot from the forbidden beach and another one that looked like it was in his parents bedroom…

And then the unthinkable happened…”Well, hello, honey!” Chase couldn’t believe the situation he’d gotten himself into. His shorts were on the floor, his erection was at full attention and the screen in front of him had a photo of his mother in the nude next to at least one of the women who’d slipped in the door behind her. “I forgot my key, so we came in through one of the internal villa doors,” she explained. Where’s the party?” She laughed drunkenly and her friends laughed along with her.

“Oh, what a pretty little penis,” Farah Logan said poking her head out from behind his mother, and staring at his manhood.

“It’s not so little,” laughed Olivia Torres behind them.

Chase didn’t want to see who else had poured in the side door, so he grabbed his shorts off the floor and tore off past the women, not stopping until he was in his room with the door shut and locked. He was originally terrified of what would happen since he was definitely accessing files he shouldn’t have been, but now he was just embarrassed to be caught jacking off by his mom and her friends. At least it seemed like it was just a funny thing to them and not something he’d be severely punished for. After the shame had dissipated some and he could hear the women had just decided to continue drinking and carrying on in another room, Chase nodded off.


“Oh, is he sleeping?” Chase heard a woman say from the other side of his bedroom. As he opened his eyes, he saw his mother standing there next to Farah Logan.

“Hi sleepy,” his mother greeted him. “I’m sorry about earlier, we shouldn’t have snuck in but, you know, no key. Also, you really shouldn’t have been looking at forbidden files,” she added in her slurred speech as almost an afterthought.

“I’m so sorry…” Chase started.

“…that being said, I’m sorry if I shamed you for masturbating. You know your father and I think it’s perfectly healthy and I know you’re limited right now in your sexual options since you only have non-bonded girls your age to fool around with,” she continued. Chase was a little confused but also slightly aroused about these two attractive middle-aged women sneaking into his room in the middle of the night.

“So Farah proposed a compromise I think might help,” she said, and the women turned toward each other kissed each other sweetly on the mouth. “Why don’t we slip this off,” his mother said as she unhooked the large belt along Farah’s waistline. In contrast to Chase’s mother’s deep purple tight fitting dress that held tight to her large breasts, Farah’s was a looser fitting white material with black vertical stripes that let her breasts hang loose under the material. The belt came off and dropped to the floor.

“Why don’t you get rid of those covers, honey,” his mother instructed, “And whatever clothes you’ve got on, we don’t want you to think we’re ashamed of you.”

“That’s right,” Farah said seductively as she slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and then pulled it down over her hips and ass to the floor. In many ways, Farah was built like Chase’s mother. They’d both filled out a little over the years, but were still beautiful vibrant women. Farah’s skin was more naturally tanned, leaving Chase to guess she was descended from Mediterranean stock. Under her dress, Farah wore a black push-up bra that supported her bulbous breasts. Her skinny lacy underwear rose up and over hips that just invited someone to reach out and grab them. Chase pulled his covers to the side slowly.

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