Matmos Mud

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Copyright Oggbashan April 2019

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


The growing craze for sexual adventures was Matmos Mud. It was expensive and imported from a distant planet. The usual package was just enough to be formed into a penis or a vagina or even a pair of lips and a mouth. Once activated, either by a partner or bought ready programmed, it could be used as a sex toy with a reactive life of its own.

It was addictive because it responded to the desires of the user. The more it was used, the more it learned about the particular stimuli that produced erotic pleasure. Eventually it knew so much about the user that it became the perfect sexual partner, giving an experience that couldn’t be equalled by any human interaction with another.

That was part of the danger of Matmos Mud. It made any other sexual encounter less attractive. An addicted user could spend much of the night and often daytime too in a state if ecstasy produced by the Matmos Mud and lose any desire or will to do anything else. It could be more addictive than the most dangerous drug, leaving addicts to forget to eat or drink leading to death from starvation or dehydration.

Each pack should come with severe warnings about overuse. The recommendation was once a week at most but because it was so expensive users tended to ignore the warnings and use it nightly.

What the warnings didn’t say was that more than small packs of Matmos Mud had other dangers. The cost was so high that the suppliers didn’t expect people to use it to create life size bodies. If they had known, the warnings might have been very severe indeed.

The usual excuse for using Matmos Mud was the temporary absence of a sexual partner. If a man was going to be away from a woman for some time she might buy a pack of Matmos Mud before shaping it like plasticine in the form of her vagina, then activating it by inserting her fingers into the mud inside her and stimulating herself to orgasm. If she then gave the Matmos Mud to the man, it would react to him as if he was penetrating her. Whenever he wanted to, he could have sex with what seemed, if his eyes were shut, to be his partner at her most aroused and seductive. The intention was to keep him faithful to her, avoiding other women while he was away. The reverse was true for the woman, with the man replicating his penis with the Matmos Mud.

Giving and using Matmos Mud was seen as an expression of love and confidence in the partnership.

If used during a temporary absence, then it was effective. However if the period of absence was extended beyond say a couple of weeks, the Matmos Mud had learned and reacted to the user, producing personalised stimulation designed to heighten the sexual pleasure beyond what could be achieved with the real human partner. Matmos Mud could destroy partnerships by providing ideal sex that could not be replicated between partners.

There were several factors that came together to make Matmos Mud nearly disastrous for me.

Angela and I had been married for about six months. We were very much in love and frequent and enthusiastic sexual partners but we were broke. Buying our first home was financial pain, and would be for the next few years. But I was offered a six month secondment for a project about 150 miles away. The financial inducement was very attractive. We could reduce our mortgage to a much more reasonable and affordable level.

I would have to stay in a hotel at my employer’s expense from Sunday night to Thursday, coming back home after work on Friday. Friday and Saturday night I would be with Angela. We didn’t want to be parted but the benefits were obvious.

The second factor was that Angela worked for a local distributor of Matmos Mud. As an employee, she could get it, in trade packs, at a discount. There were conditions. Employees could only buy two packs a week and couldn’t resell them. They had to be for personal use or given away to friends as gifts. Matmos Mud was a nuisance on the planet, encroaching on arable land. As it could withstand space without protection it could be exported in vast quantities at low cost. The monopoly supplier packaged and sold it expensively but the real cost to them was only transport, a few dollars per ton. Employees could buy it by the kilo wrapped in cling film. Customers paid a fantastic amount for the packaged product.

She bought a small standard pack for each of us. Before I went away she used her pack to create a copy of her vagina. I used mine to make a penis. While I was away, Matmos Mud would give the illusion that we were together in bed at night – every night if we wanted that. At the weekends we could make love to the real person.

Angela was much better at animating the Mud than I was. She had used a dildo frequently and had a battery isveçbahis operated version that she used with the Mud. The result was incredible for me, so much so that when away I only used it on the first Tuesday night because I couldn’t take more of her without affecting me at work. Even so, on Wednesday I was tired until after lunchtime.

I had never used any toy for masturbation, just my hand. Using a hand around the moulded Matmos Mud was difficult for me and not particularly satisfying, for me at the time, and for Angela when I was away. She was disappointed with the result and didn’t appreciate that my experience of the artificial Angela was so shattering and draining.

The next weekend, Angela had bought two more packs of Matmos Mud.

“Paul,” Angela said on the Friday night, “you need help with animating the Mud. I’ll show you.”

Angela moulded the new Mud around my penis. The touch of her hands was so arousing that I nearly came before she had finished. She positioned herself on the bed so that I could penetrate her even with my tool sheathed in mud. We made love, slowly at first, and then as she writhed under me with passion and complete abandonment. Later on that night we repeated the coupling using the original pack of Mud.

Angela had accessed the company’s computer and the feedback from customers who had used Matmos Mud and posted ideas to make the experience better.

On Saturday night she filled her mouth with her new pack of Mud before giving me a shattering blow-job.

Back at my hotel I could either penetrate an artificial Angela or experience her giving me a blow job. Both were mind-blowing experiences that left me drained.

If it hadn’t been for the Matmos Mud I would have been attracted to the chambermaid that cleaned my hotel room every day. Marion was a very pleasant woman who had made it clear that she was looking for male company, and Paul might be a temporary solution. On the second Wednesday morning I had overslept slightly and was still in bed when Marion entered the room. I had forgotten to put the ‘do not disturb’ notice outside my door. We startled each other before Marion apologised and retreated. I was slightly regretful that she had. I liked her but the Matmos Mud left me too sexually replete to consider anyone else.

Next weekend Angela had two more packs. She used both to create a replica of her breasts, animating them by breast-smothering me. During the week she had used one Mud penis in her vagina and one in her mouth. She had found that far more satisfying than my original animation.

Next Wednesday morning I had either forgotten or deliberately but unconsciously omitted to put the ‘do not disturb’ notice outside my hotel room’s door. It was embarrassing for me but could have been much worse. I had penetrated the replica of Angela’s vagina and been breast-smothered by her new breasts. The Matmos Mud moulded itself over my face, just giving me enough space to breathe but kept me in an aroused state all night. I was apparently surrounded by Angela and unable to appreciate where I was and the passage of time. If I had known I might have been to extricate myself from between Angela’s breasts. I didn’t know and could have stayed like that for hours or days.

Marion came in the room an hour after I should have left it to have breakfast. She saw that I was being smothered by the Matmos Mud and gently peeled it off my face. I woke up with an insistent erection still plugged into Angela’s replica vagina and shuddered into ejaculation in it as Marion watched with a concerned expression on her face.

“Are you all right, Paul?” Marion asked. “And what was that I took off your face?”

I couldn’t answer at first. I was shattered. Marion made me a cup of coffee before propping me up in bed with her arm around my shoulders. I was very aware of being held against a soft breast. Eventually I explained about the Matmos Mud and Angela’s animation of it. Marion had heard of it but had never seen any, or known anyone who had some. It was far too expensive for her or any of her friends.

I had to telephone work to have a sick day, my first ever. They were sympathetic about my upset stomach, knowing it couldn’t have been a hangover since I rarely drank alcohol.

Marion was wonderful. She ordered breakfast to my room and helped me to eat it before she resumed her cleaning rounds. She came back later to make coffee, and then ordered lunch. She was very interested in the possibilities of Matmos Mud and slightly sad that she’d never be able to afford any. She checked on me again before ending her shift. She asked me not to use the Matmos Mud again unless she was available to rescue me. I was willing to agree to that because the experience had frightened me.

At the weekend I told Angela what had happened and that I owed Marion a lot for saving me from my misadventure. Angela had been very pleased with her use of the new or reprogrammed Mud this week. Although she had brought two more packs we decided not to experiment this week isveçbahis giriş but to give a pack to Marion to say thank you for looking after me. I took the spare pack to possibly experiment with to arouse Angela.

On Sunday evening Marion was off duty. I had arranged to meet her for a meal at a restaurant not connected with the hotel. The meal was intended as an expression of my thanks, but the package of Matmos Mud was worth a dozen meals for two at the retail price. I didn’t take the Mud but suggested that Marion could collect it on Wednesday morning when she came to check that I wasn’t incapacitated by my use of the Mud the night before.

When I told Marion that I had some Matmos Mud for her she was initially excited but then her face fell and she looked sad. I asked why.

“Paul, the Matmos Mud would be wonderful but I have no one to animate it for me. Without that, it will be useless. Unless… No. I can’t.”

“You can’t what, Marion?”

Eventually she admitted that she wanted to ask me to animate it for her. But she knew I was happily married to Angela and using my Mud to make love to a replica of Angela every Tuesday night. Although she was attracted to me, and aware that I was attracted to her, she felt that asking me to animate the Mud for her was going too far. I told Marion that I would talk to Angela on Monday night and discuss it with her.

When I did, it was obvious that Marion and Angela had already discussed the problem between them. Angela told me that not only had I her permission to activate the Matmos Mud for Marion but that they had agreed how it should be done. I would be sharing my room with Marion on Tuesday night because Angela wasn’t convinced I could program the Mud properly without assistance. I should do what Marion told me to do with Angela’s agreement. I was surprised but I accepted the situation.

Marion came into my hotel room late on Tuesday evening carrying a small suitcase. She told me to get undressed and into bed on my back.

“Paul? I’m going to blindfold you while I get you ready.”

Marion produced a large silk scarf and covered my head completely. She tied it loosely around my head. I couldn’t see anything and couldn’t dislodge it but it wasn’t impeding my breathing except that every breath took in Marion’s perfume. She attached soft cuffs to my wrists before fastening them to the bed head rails.

I felt her gradually mould the Matmos Mud around my penis. I wasn’t erect. I was too worried that Marion wasn’t Angela, and even though Angela had agreed and plotted this with Marion, I shouldn’t be Marion’s victim.

Marion straddled me. She moved up my body brushing her erect nipples against my skin. That had an effect. When she dropped her breasts across my face and pulled my silk-hooded head into her cleavage my penis, despite myself, began to become erect.

“Now, Paul, Angela is going to help me.”

I wondered how.

Marion untied and removed the scarf hooding me. Her breasts were poised inches in front of my face before they dropped on me. She squeezed her breasts around my head. I was unable to breathe, breast smothered very effectively. When Marion lifted herself away she replaced her breasts with the Mud version of Angela’s breasts that smothered me nearly as much as Marion had done. Angela’s breasts brought my Mud covered penis to a full erection that Marion slid deep inside her.

Marion’s frantic pounding and Angela’s smothering breasts soon took me beyond the state of no return. I came into the Matmos Mud, bucking my hips against Marion as I tried to drive deep inside her. I relaxed afterwards still smothered by Angela’s breasts as Marion gently peeled the Mud from my exhausted penis. Within a short time Angela’s breasts had aroused me again. That arousal was claimed by Marion for a slow and sensuous coupling.

In the morning I woke in Marion’s embrace. Angela’s breasts had gone but Marion’s breast was pressed against me.

“Time to get up, Paul,” Marion said. “You have to have breakfast. I’m on duty in an hour.”

She made coffee for the both of us while I shaved and showered.

“I’ll let you know tomorrow morning if the animation was successful, Paul.”

She left me after a lingering kiss. I wondered. Had I made love to Marion last night, or was I her victim with Angela’s consent and smothering breasts? I didn’t know but I felt better than I had done with Matmos Mud on its own. I wasn’t as tired as I had expected to be and very aware that two women loved me.

That evening Angela startled me by announcing that she had invited Marion to spend the weekend with us. I could take her in my car on Friday after work and bring her back on Sunday afternoon. Were the two of them plotting against me? I didn’t know. What also worried me was that Angela would need my help to unload some Matmos Mud from her car when I arrived. Matmos Mud is normally a shade of flesh pink but the staff had been offered very cheaply a quantity that is muddy brown. It works just as effectively but didn’t isveçbahis yeni giriş look so attractive. It could have been coloured artificially but the importers had so much that they couldn’t be bothered.

How much had Angela bought that she needed my help to unload it? Previously she had bought packs of one kilo. She could lift one kilo, ten kilos, twenty kilos or even more, so how much had she bought this time?

On the journey on Friday Marion and I talked more than we had before. She admitted that she wasn’t normally a chambermaid. Her family owned the hotel. Her normal role was deputy finance officer, understudying one of her aunts who wanted to retire in a couple of years’ time. Marion was only acting as chambermaid because the hotel was short of staff and was in the process of recruiting more. When the new recruits were trained Marion would resume her position.

I still couldn’t understand why Angela and Marion had got on so well together and why Angela had invited Marion. It was a mystery to me but I was enjoying Marion’s company. She was an intelligent, articulate woman and I was attracted to her. Was Marion a threat to my marriage to Angela? Neither of them acted as if that was likely. Why not? Animating the Matmos Mud for Marion had seemed like a betrayal of Angela for me, yet Angela had arranged it with Marion. I was still worried what would happen when we arrived at the marital home. Would the two women be as friendly in person as they had seemed to be by phone? Would the weekend be a disaster? I didn’t know.

As I parked outside our home I was still apprehensive. As I carried Marion’s suitcase towards the front door, Angela opened it. To my surprise the two women hugged and kissed each other as if they were old friends meeting after a long absence. They turned to face me, both smiling broadly.

“Paul, thank you for bringing Marion,” Angela said. “We haven’t seen each other for years…”

“But we were friends at university,” Marion said. “We’ve kept in contact by email and Skype…”

“I told Marion that you would be staying at her hotel and asked her to look after you,” Angela said. “She has, hasn’t she?”

I nodded, what could I say? Marion had saved me from too much of the Matmos Mud and then smothered me with the replica of Angela’s breasts. What would the two of them be like together? Would I survive?

That evening they decided to use the large quantity of Matmos Mud on me. They would both be with me to make sure I didn’t go too far. Our mistake was that all three of us drank too much good wine during and after our meal. We were all slightly drunk.

Angela spread an old sheet across the double bed and asked me to get on it naked. I was embarrassed that Marion was there too, both with two attractive women, and the effects of the wine, I didn’t need much persuading. Would I have two women as sexual partners tonight?

What I did have was two women covering my body with Matmos Mud. They applied it with plastic spatulas, starting with my arms and legs before moving on to my body. They left my erection waving in the air, and my face was free. The Matmos Mud clung to my skin. It was a pleasant experience, like being hugged by a woman I fancied.

“Ready, Paul?” Angela asked.

“Ready for what?”

“I’m going to place the old Matmos Mud that is moulded as my vagina down there, while Marion puts my breasts across your face. We will watch to see what the effect is. OK?”

“I suppose so.” I said.

I was still awkward about having Marion present but she had already seen the effect of Matmos Mud on me and had rescued me from it.

The impact of covering the final parts of my body was almost immediate. I was apparently thrusting deep into Angela as her breasts smothered me but she was also hugging my whole body with hers, touching every part of me at once. At first the sensation was unbelievably arousing. Every part of me was stimulated by warm female flesh. I was losing myself in Angela, more than I ever could in reality.

Suddenly everything changed. Instead of Angela’s skin pressing all over me I seemed to be actually inside her skin. I was imprisoned in her body. Instead of thrusting into her I was trying, and failing, to push out. Angela’s body had claimed me as a victim. I felt with my mud-covered hands. Instead of my flat chest I had Angela’s breasts that were also pushing against me. My erection had been replaced by an excited and damp cleft that opened for my fingers to access. Yet my erection was inside that cleft that was draining me as I came uncontrollably.

Later Angela and Marion told me that the Matmos Mud over me had suddenly changed to an almost perfect replica of Angela. All the traces of Paul’s masculinity had vanished inside Angela’s body. I was convulsing in the bed, trying vainly to meet the demands of an insatiable woman while apparently being that woman myself.

Angela and Marion were slow to react. It night have been the effect of the wine, or just incredulity that the Matmos Mud could have such an impact on me. Eventually they decided that I was suffering and peeled the Mud off me as fast as they could. Even as they worked to release me, each remaining piece of Matmos Mud was arousing me almost beyond endurance.

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