In the Bluebell Wood

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3D Porn

I had left school in the June and was waiting to go to college after the summer break. All my mates had gone straight into jobs, so I had the prospect of spending the hot summer days on my own.

Two days into the holiday period I was bored stiff, so I volunteered to mow the front law. Stripped down to a little pair of white shorts and my trainers, I let the lawn mower loose on the unruly grass.

Hearing voices, I looked up and saw Jimmy Pearce and Billy White, both members of the local rugby team. Although they were both eighteen, the same age as me, they were bigger, stronger and more adult than I was.

Jim asked me if I was enjoying myself and when I shook my head he made a suggestion. “Bill and I are going to the bluebell woods tomorrow, if you would like to come with us. We’ll take some sandwiches and drink cans, kick a ball about, and have a good time.”

I could not say yes quickly enough, the thought of spending the day with these two guys was much better than being bored on my own. Next morning we set off, walking along the road, then the lane, until finally reaching the start of the woods. At first we kept to the pathways but then ventured deeper into the wood until we reached a small clearing.

We all took our tops off and ran round kicking the ball about and having a great time. Then we sat down and eat our lunch whilst the hot sun shone down on our young bodies. Billy took off his jeans, briefs and trainers and showed off his slim, taut body with a large uncut cock. Jimmy then did the same, leaving me as the only one who still had clothes on.

The boys gave me a funny look and I realized that they expected me to get naked as well. So without giving it much thought, I removed my little shorts, underpants and footwear, leaving me as naked as they were. Billy just lay on his back, letting the sun’s rays get to his bare body, whilst he started to gently handle his cock. As Etiler Escort we lay there, my new friends started tickling me all over. Then the tickling turned to stroking, Billy from my knees up, Jimmy from my chest down, until their hands met up.

I didn’t know what to do, so I let my hand engulf my cock and started to play with it.

Both guys then started to kiss me and gently stroke every part of my body, I was getting very, very horny. Jimmy massaged my half erect organ whilst Billy’s fingers explored the inner cheeks of my virgin ass. .

Suddenly he was down on his knees in front of me, his tongue flicking against my cock head.

What could I do? Part of me wasn’t very happy about this turn of events but part of me was excited beyond belief. Billy stood behind me kissing the back of my neck and fondling my bum cheeks as his friend took my cock deep into his mouth. He stroked my balls with the fingers of one hand, whilst the fingers of the other held my length deep inside his educated mouth. I could not survive this sort of treatment for long, and after only a few minutes I felt my balls tighten as I filled his mouth with red hot cum.

After that my new found friends told me, in no uncertain terms that it was my turn to milk their cocks, I got down on my knees as they stood in front of me, their hard dicks pointing towards my mouth. I stared in awe at their hard cocks, which were both longer and fatter than mine, and then taking hold of both of them, I commenced to give Jimmy’s one a good licking. Jimmy held me by the back of my head, forcing me to take the rampant organ into my mouth. I sucked on the cock, using my tongue to stimulate the leaking cock head, whilst I wrapped my fingers round the shaft and jerked it, my other hand being employed in keeping Billy aroused.

After a time I changed cocks, this time using my mouth on Billy’s uncut monster. I kept changing Escort Etiler cocks until Jimmy gasped and filled my mouth with spurt after spurt of hot cum.

I could then concentrate on bringing his mate off, only Billy pulled out of my mouth and emptied his cock on my face and in my hair.

After that we just lay there letting the sun’s rays work on our bodies. This gave me the chance to study my new friends. Because they were nineteen, a year older than me, and were deep into sport their bodies were leaner, harder than mine, which still had a touch of puppy fat about it. Their faces were different as well, more like men rather than boyish like mine.

After a time the guys started to get hard again, they started looking at me in a predatory way, which made me feel a bit worried. Suddenly, they both moved together, forcing me onto my hands and knees. I had an idea what they had in mind and begged them to let me go, but they laughed and while Billy held me in a headlock, Jimmy forced my knees far apart. They were going to fuck me and there was nothing that I could do about it.

I felt Jimmy fingers start to enter my virgin ass, they were covered in Vaseline from a tube that he had taken from his bag, it had all been planned from the beginning. After a few minutes the fingers were withdrawn and Jim’s helmet pushed between my bum cheeks. At first he was content to slide his cockhead up and down my ass crack, then he shouted to Billy, “OK let’s go,” Bill grabbed me by the shoulders and thrust me back on the waiting cock, causing me to cry out in pain. I could feel Jimmy’s pubic hair against my bottom and realized that he impaled me up to the hilt.

He told me that it would only hurt for a minute and that I would get used to having a hot dick up my ass. When he started to move inside me I was so frightened that my poor bottom would be split, but as I got used to the anal invasion Etiler Escort Bayan the less it hurt, until it actually became pleasurable.

There was I on my hands an knees with Jimmy holding my waist as he hammered into me, whilst Billy pushed my shoulders back in time with the ever more powerful thrusts.

I don’t how long I knelt there taking his rampant cock, but after what seemed to be forever, he gave a huge thrust and gasped as he unloaded deep inside me. It was only after he had pulled his now deflated tool from my sore and stretched asshole did my school friends realize that I had got an hard on from all the fucking that I had received.

I knew that Billy would now take his turn at taking my cherry, as his cock was not only hard but had turned an angry shade of red. I didn’t resist as they turned me on my back, pulling my ankles up and apart, so that they were nearly up to my ears. As his dick pushed through my rosebud, there was little pain mixed with a lot of pleasure, Jimmy had been right, I was getting used to taking a hot cock between my ass cheeks.

Billy was obviously very exited and in order to stop himself cumming too quickly, he took pauses in his assault while he controlled himself. The third time that he restarted his attack on my bottom I was so turned on that I felt my felt my balls tighten and spurted jet after jet of hot juice over my stomach and chest. This provoked my new pals to say that a guy that cums purely as a result of taking it up the ass, is a guy who is born to be shagged. Shortly after this Bill lost his control, and for the second time that afternoon my youthful bottom was flooded with jism.

That was the end of the day’s adventures, we got dressed, and walked back home, every step reminding me that I was not the same as I had been that morning. I could still taste the salty cum that had filled my mouth, whilst my bottom felt very, very sore. My mother asked me if I had had a good day, “Brilliant day”, I replied.

“Will you be going out with those two nice boys again,” mum then asked.

“You bet Mum,” I replied,” I learned so much about the woods, and they have promised to take me there every day.”

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