Hawaiian Paradise

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It was another beautiful day in Hawaii. A deep blue ocean could be seen from our hotel room balcony, which seemed to extend forever into the picturesque horizon. A warm breeze could be felt from the north side of the island, causing the palm trees to sway back and forth in an enticing manner. As we held hands together, we looked at each other, Heather gazing at me with those penetrating greenish-blue eyes that can make you feel transparent, as though she could read your every thought.

We had just returned from a hike along the southern coast of the island; sand in our shoes and a hard-earned sweat from a day of fun in the sun. As we sat on our lounge chairs sipping our Mai-Tai’s, Heather excused herself for a moment, telling me that she would return shortly. Usually shy, Heather was never very direct when it came to sex, choosing instead to send me those little signals that only a woman can. Experimentation and newfound pleasures were not something common in our relationship, particularly with a Midwest upbringing where guiltless pleasure is the exception and not the norm. Perhaps it was the warm Pacific breeze or the euphoria of the day, but that was soon to change.

As I lay on the lounge chair, Heather suddenly appeared through the sliding glass door, wearing lingerie that quickly brought my attention away from the swaying trees to her beautiful figure. This was certainly not the type of gown that I was used to seeing her in! A black see-through teddy adorned her body, hugging her long, tanned legs and extending upwardly to expose a portion escort kartal of her large round breasts, which could only be described as breathtaking.

As I lay stunned in amazement, she quickly seized the moment and bent down to place her breasts in my mouth before I could say a word. With her straddling my torso, I began to suck her breasts, lightly biting down on her now erect nipples. As I caressed her supple breasts in a circular motion with my tongue, I glanced upwardly to see her eyes flutter in response to the stimulus. After caressing her pink nipples for some time, I turned my attention to her neck, lightly kissing her ears as she positioned herself on my now growing cock which was busting from my shorts. Running my tongue down the side of her neck, I wrapped my hands around her sultry hips, pulling her even closer to my body.

She continued to move up and down on me with precision as I watched her breasts calling me from above. Satisfied now that I would eventually explode with the tension of her warm body riding me from above, she stood up and told me that she wanted me to watch as she performed a striptease that was sure to get me off. Shocked at the forwardness of her statement, I sat there in awe wondering what would her next move would be.

With her sultry brunette hair providing a backdrop to her gorgeous silhouette, she began running her hands up one of her legs, stopping to undo one of the garter belts that clung to her voluptuous frame. Moving her hands further towards the neckline of her lingerie, she slowly uğur mumcu escort unlaced several ties one by one in succession, fully exposing her size 40D breasts. While gazing into my eyes to witness the satisfaction on my face, she wrapped her fingers around one of her nipples while messaging her entire breast with her hand, driving me absolutely wild.

No longer able to control myself as I watched her caress her breasts, I succumbed to the pressure and pulled down my shorts, exposing my fully erect penis. Now free, I grabbed my shaft and ran my hand up and down as I watched my brunette goddess pleasure herself in front of me. Taking my lead, she pulled up her teddy to expose her now wet lips that had only moments earlier straddled my cock in pleasure. As she moved her hands downward towards her crotch, I could hardly contain myself as I continued to stroke my swelling cock, now at a much greater speed. Quickly glancing at my hand move up and down in response, she lifted one of her legs up onto my chair next to me, spreading her pussy right in front of my face. Obviously moved by the look of ecstasy I had on my face at this move, she slowly inserted one of her fingers into her pussy while at the same time glaring into my eyes, as if telling me that she too had succumbed to the moment.

No longer content with just self-gratification, I pulled her midriff towards my face so that I could also pleasure her with my tongue as she continued to message the outer folds of her lips with her fingers. My action was quickly met çavuşoğlu escort with appreciation, causing her to grip my head with her other hand, pulling my tongue closer inside her. Arching her back in delight as I moved my tongue deeper inside, I ran my hands up and down along the small of her back, causing her body to shutter in sheer pleasure.

Sensing that reciprocity was in order, she knelt down beside me and proceeded to caress the tip of my shaft with her tongue, periodically bobbing up on down on me as she inserted my long erection inside of her mouth. With each successive motion, she wrapped her mouth more tightly around me, bringing me even closer to orgasm. How I wanted this moment to last forever!

Deciding that no good deed should go unrewarded, I rolled my honey over onto her back and thrust myself inside of her, causing her to gasp in excitement. As I slowly angled myself deep inside her warmth, she wrapped her hands around my butt and pulled me closer so that she could feel every inch of me. At that moment, I could tell from the fire in her eyes that she wanted me more than ever. Her hands gripping me tighter with each thrust, she suddenly pulled my entire body down onto hers as I felt her achieve orgasm. The strong pulsations of her climax cradling me as she gazed directly into my eyes in utter delight caused me soon follow, releasing the tension that had been building up from those first few moments when she appeared at the balcony.

As I continued to lay on top of her gazing into her heartfelt eyes, I softly ran my fingers through her hair and whispered to her how amazing she was. Enjoying the moment, we continued to embrace each other for the remainder of the day, periodically taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of the island that surrounded us. We were truly in paradise!

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