Good Morning

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I meet you at your place. I might have been a little early, because when you answer the door, you look a bit rumpled and sleepy – but very yummi in the boxers and t-shirt you’re wearing. As for myself, I’m wearing shorts with an elastic band, a t-shirt, a halter bra, and no undies.

You let me in, excuse yourself, and disappear into the bathroom. By this time, I’ve been to your place a couple of times, and you’ve been to mine, so I don’t feel at all shy about wandering about. I decide that what we (i.e. you) need is some freshly brewed coffee. I’ve just approached the sink to get the water when I hear your footsteps from behind. I turn to smile at you, and then find myself debating over which is more important – coffee, or kissing you. I turn back to the sink, fully determined to try and not act like some lust-driven, sex-crazed animal, but you obviously have other intentions, which you quickly make clear by slipping your arms about me from behind (an approach I find highly erotic) and pulling my hips back against your crotch. You press up against me, and I can feel your cock hardening against my butt – flesh separated by just two thin layers of fabric. I’m already wet, and this just makes it worse.

You lean forward and start nuzzling along the side of my neck, tracing little circles on my skin with the tip of your tongue. Your mouth is so hot against my flesh, and the minute you move away, the air cools the path you’ve traced from my shoulder to my earlobe, and makes me shiver. Your hand moves up to push my hair to one side, exposing my sensitive neck – I tilt my head to one side, eyes closed, surrendering myself to whatever may come next. Your hands have started exploring, gripping and squeezing my shoulders before moving on to the front of me. You reach under my t-shirt and push the halter bra up over my breasts, and then cup them in your hands for one brief moment, squeezing them gently, the fingertips brushing ever so slightly against the nipples, fixbet with only enough force to make me moan and press forward, but you’ve already moved on. Your hands continue their exploration of my body, down my tummy and along my waist, and then move to my hips, gripping them firmly as you once again rub your cock into my bottom, causing a fresh spurt of wetness.

Your mouth has kissed a trail along the back of my neck and to the other side. Your hands reach back up under my shirt, the fingertips barely brushing back and forth across both nipples, making them erect and aching for a firmer touch. You continue to tease them, enjoying the fact that I’m squirming in your arms. One hand stays under my shirt, and the other slips down into my shorts, the fingertips tracing little designs on my navel, before slowly moving down. I spread my legs slightly and try to raise myself up on my tiptoes, anxious to feel your fingers on me, in me, but you laugh softly and with your hips press me forward against the counter so that I don’t really have much room to move. Your fingers continue their torture, tracing lower and lower – past my clit (you laugh again when I moan with disappointment) and to the skin along the inside of my leg. As your fingers stroke back and forth on my tingling flesh, I again begin struggling to maneuver my body so that I can get your hand to touch the part of me that is absolutely aching for your caress. Slowly, your hand comes back up along my thigh – higher, higher – and then your thumb brushes against my clit, eliciting a low moan from me, and a further spreading of my legs. Your fingers trace the outer lips of my slit, which is now dripping juice.

This obvious evidence of how badly I want you arouses you more – your hips push forward and I can feel your cock twitch against my butt. I push back into your crotch, hoping to drive you past your limit and make you put an end to this torturous love play. It’s a futile attempt fixbet giriş – you seem to have an almost inhuman control over yourself. One finger dips into my slit…down to the bottom, pushing in just barely past the opening of my vagina, and then moves up to tease my clit. Each time your finger reaches my vagina, you push it in just a little further, working it in and out with quick, short movements, before moving out and up – your wet fingers trace slow circles around my clit, each circle concluding in a soft flick of your thumb against the sensitive nub. The more you play, the wetter I get, until I know that your fingers must be dripping from my juice. Meanwhile, the hand under my shirt is now fondling my breasts, kneading them, playing with the nipples – squeezing them, tugging on them, arousing them to the point where they are so hard with desire that it’s actually painful.

I’m bent over the sink, my arms resting along either side, utterly mindless with lust – the only thing keeping me standing is your hips pressing me into the counter. You insert two fingers into me, and again began moving them in and out, and every so often, without warning, your thumb flicks against my clit. Your hips mimic the rhythm of your fingers – with every in and out motion of your fingers, your hips push up and against my ass…I’m pushing back into you, rubbing my butt against your cock, and then push back forward, pressing my dripping cunt into your hand. I am reaching the point where I know I’m going to cum – in that instant just before climax, your fingers slip out of me, and your hips pull back just slightly. Your hand stays away from my throbbing clit, concentrating instead on my thighs, my stomach, and my waist – intent on soothing my raging hormones. After a moment or two, my heart rate has calmed somewhat, and you begin the torture all over again – slowly pushing me to the brink, and then quickly bringing me back, over and over, again and again, until I’m actually weeping with my need to find release. You pull away from me, and I feel you push my shorts over my hips, and down my legs. I can barely move myself to step out of them, and you use that opportunity to rid yourself of boxers. Both garments are kicked out of the way, and your hands are touching me once more, caressing my ass, my hips…my legs are spread wide and I can feel the juices coursing down along the insides of my thighs, but there is no shame, no embarrassment at all over this exposure – all that matters is having you inside me, thrusting, driving me to the edge and over.

I try to turn around, mad with my desire to taste you, to feel your mouth on mine. I’m in an absolute frenzy now, but you’re still in control, and before I can turn, you push me forward, my stomach once again pressing into the counter. I can feel your hard cock pulsating against my ass, before moving forward and between my spread legs, pushing against my vagina. You grab hold of my hips, and thrust into me – my knees actually buckle, the pleasure is so greatly intense. I’m surprised that I don’t cum from that first thrust alone. One hand slips back down my waist and to my clit, strumming it, stroking it, and I find myself once again pushing forward against your hand, and then back to meet your thrusts. I can feel your control finally starting to slip – your thrusts get harder, faster – you’re actually slamming into me. I grind my clit against your hand, squeezing your cock as it moves in and out – the pressure is increasing; the tension building. I can hear your breathing, heavy and harsh in my ear. I feel myself slowly slipping over the edge, and then it happens, every muscle clenching as my climax washes over me. You’re still thrusting; hard, quick strokes, and I can feel the pressure building up again inside of me. You tense up, grab my hips with both hands and thrust one last time, hard and deep, and cum hard, shooting your hot load deep inside, and the feel of your seed pouring into me pushes me over the edge again… _________________________________________________

I welcome any thoughts or comments regarding my story! Hope you enjoyed it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32