Going Dutch Ch. 07

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The three of us sat in the hot tub finishing our beers and recovering from our excitement. Britt, a former student and Lara, her mother, were on either side of me, cuddled in closely. They had just put on a powerfully erotic lesbian show for me and then together they had brought me to a shattering orgasm with their combined oral skills. The beer was a little warm but still tasted great, and the combination of hot water, massaging jets, and soft female skin was helping me come back to Earth.

For several minutes, I just sat back and enjoyed the situation. I tried to stay in the moment like a good mindful person, but stray thoughts just kept flitting through my brain. I was definitely going to be having sex with both of these women! Britt was my student just a few years back and now she’s naked in my hot tub! These two are mother and daughter! I want to see them going down on each other! I am SO going to enjoy the next part even more! God, Lara looks beautiful when she smiles just a little!

All those thoughts kept a slight grin on my face, but I also tuned in enough to chat idly with both of them. I have no idea what that conversation was about, though, because of the intrusive thoughts I kept having. That became obvious when Lara cut into my reverie.

“So…I think we are all finished and maybe some are thinking about going inside already?”

I smiled and nodded somewhat guiltily. “It’s a very tempting subject!” I explained.

Britt’s contribution was prefaced by her hand wrapping around my semi-erect cock.

“Ja, Mam-I think he’s ready, and I know I am!”

“Patience is important sometimes, young lady. We came here perhaps impulsively, but that is no reason to rush through the night! One should enjoy the imagination of what will come.”

Britt started to retort, but I cut her off. Holding her head with one hand, I pulled her to me and kissed her firmly, waiting for her lips to relax so I could slip my tongue past them. When she started to respond, I pulled away.

“Lara is right, Britt-anticipation makes things better.”

“Damn you!” Britt exclaimed in frustration. “You’re just as bad as she is!”

“I hope so!” I said with a smile to take away the sting. Then I turned to Lara, who was smiling at me approvingly. “She’s a very wise lady,” I said gallantly.

It almost worked. Lara tossed her head with a snort and a smile and muttered “vleitaal” under her breath, which Britt helpfully translated.

“She says that’s a bunch of crap!”

“That is NOT what I said, schat-I said it was flattering nonsense!”

“Same thing!” Britt told her.

“I meant every word,” I assured her. “You are a wise and beautiful and very sexy lady, and I want to take you BOTH inside and have my way with you!”

“That’s better,” conceded Lara. “Anticipation is good, but action is also good. Maybe you will bring robes for us?”

“Of course!”

I disentangled myself from their embrace, and with the agility of long practice, sat up on the lip of the tub and pivoted my feet to the patio surface. A few quick steps and I had the towels in hand. Once they began drying themselves, I did the same and then put a robe next to each one. The waffle weave of the cotton clung to their bodies once they tied them on. Is there anything sexier than a woman just out of the bath? Damp hair, flushed skin, and a form-fitting robe did wonders for my arousal. To keep that from being so obvious, I knotted my towel around my waist. Then I took a minute to cover the tub and shut down the jets before I turned back toward the two women.

“Shall we?” I said with a smile and a broad gesture toward the sliders.

“C’mon!” said Britt eagerly, grabbing her mother’s hand.

“Yes, schat, come…I will show you the way.”

I pulled the door open, let them through, and closed it behind us. By the time I finished reflexively flipping the lock down, I was alone. Smiling, I made my way through the dark house. The clock on the stove said 11:05 as I left the kitchen and headed down the hall.

As eager as Britt was, Lara was clearly in control of the situation when I got to the bedroom. Both towels were hung neatly on the back of the bathroom door and she and Britt were pulling back the covers on the king-sized bed. They both smiled when I came in.

“So Britt has asked me an interesting question,” Lara said. Britt looked down, blushing.

“Oh?” I responded intelligently.

“It seems she has never shared a man before tonight, and she wants to know who goes first.”

“You were JUST here, Mam!” Britt broke in.

“Yes, darling, but this is not a case of taking turns. I’m sure Mr. Robertson will tell you that all three must be involved. He is very…cautious and polite about what he says, but I am sure he will agree that no one should be left out. Maybe he has some experience to share?”

Her deep blue eyes turned my way, twinkling with mischief.

I thought back to a threesome with my college girlfriend and her roommate, all of us crammed into a single loft bed one night. I’m sure I was grinning when I replied.

“I would have to agree, Britt. All three must be involved, even Betturkey if two are actually ‘involved’ in the way you’re thinking of. Don’t worry, though…we’ll figure it out!”

“I’m not worried,” she assured me, “I’m just horny!”

I laughed and her mother “tsk-ed” under her breath.

“I’ll tell you what,” I said persuasively. “Since you’re so ready to go, why don’t we start with you in the middle?” I raised my eyebrows at Lara and she nodded back, a gleam in her eye.

True to form, Britt grinned and bounced up on her toes excitedly. Then she threw off her robe and jumped into the middle of the bed, ending up flat on her back with her arms out wide and her long, slender legs stretched out together. I wish I could express how beautiful she looked at that moment-innocent and sexy, young and healthy, and smiling blissfully with her eyes closed. My eyes traced her body from her delicate feet on up, following the smooth curve of her calves, her thighs, her hips, the thrust of her clean-shaven mound, and then her belly, her sides, and her chest. Her breasts stood up proudly, the nipples already tight with excitement. Above them, the toned muscles of her shoulders and arms completed the picture of eager, sensual youth. Her face with its delicate Dutch lines was composed, but I could see a smile lurking there and her lips twitched with eagerness.

Lara, too, was admiring her daughter’s form as it lay spread out before us. She smiled indulgently at Britt’s display and then pursed her lips at me speculatively, her eyebrows raised in a silent question.

To answer her, I unknotted my towel and let it fall to the floor. Lara unbelted her robe and let it slip down as well. Then I set one knee on the bed, picked up Britt’s hand, and kissed it softly. Lara did the same on the other side. As we both moved toward the middle, we held onto our respective hands and kissed our way down her arms. When I was leaning down to kiss the firmness of her shoulder, I lifted her arm up out of my way and laid myself alongside her. Lara matched my movements and Britt’s arms settled on our shoulders peacefully.

Leaning on one elbow still, I set one hand on Britt’s knee and slowly slid it up her body. When I got to her breast, I pushed the firm globe higher and squeezed just a bit. My lips descended on her nipple and I flicked the flattened lip as I sucked gently. Britt stirred and groaned as we both lavished her breasts with attention. When I bit down gently, I heard her gasp and her hand moved onto my neck, pulling me into her, wanting more. I went back to sucking and licking while my hand returned to her knee and started stroking her thigh.

Glancing down, I saw that Lara was ahead of me. Her fingers were tracing Britt’s inner thigh with a lingering touch, traveling up the crease where leg meets hip and then back down, avoiding her pussy but leaving no doubt where she was headed. In just a few moments, Britt’s body responded to her mother’s stimulation. Her legs parted, the knees flexing to allow her thighs to fall open against the two of us. Above me, her breathing quickened.

“Kiss her now, please,” Lara whispered to me. “I will get her ready for you!”

I smiled in response and shifted my weight to move a little higher on the bed. I took a peek and saw Lara begin to stroke her daughter’s labia with two fingers. Britt shuddered and her stomach muscles tightened-I had no doubt she was in good hands. Turning back to face her, I saw her eyes half-closed in pleasure and her lower lip caught between her even white teeth. Gently at first, I kissed her soft lips. When she turned her head to me, her tongue flicked out to meet mine and she wrapped both arms around my head, pulling me in closer and sharing her breath with me as her body continued to shudder.

For a timeless moment, I was lost in that kiss. For a woman so young, she put her all into what she did, and her passion was contagious. Suddenly, however, I felt the bed move as Lara shifted around. I pulled away from Britt to see what was going on, and the sight was one I never imagined. Lara had pivoted to kneel beside Britt, her head aligned down the bed. Ever so slowly, she kissed her way from Britt’s belly-button down to her mound and then bowed her head between her daughter’s parted thighs.

Abruptly, Britt moaned aloud and her back arched. I smiled, knowing then that Lara had found her clitoris. I turned to face her again and she kissed me wildly, gasping every now and then as that knowing tongue hit her most sensitive spots.

“Oh, God Mam!” she gasped, “I’m going to cum!”

To help her along, I kept kissing her but reached down to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples tightly. She was moaning almost constantly, and I felt her body tighten rhythmically as her hips pushed up against her mother’s tongue. Finally, her head arched back onto the pillow. Since I couldn’t maintain my lip-lock on her anymore, I leaned out of the way and admiringly watched Lara work. Her mouth was tight against Britt’s pussy and I could see her jaw working as her tongue lashed the tender folds beneath it. Her hands ran up and down the spread thighs on either side Betturkey Giriş of her head, and she breathed deeply through her nose.

Although Britt was the center of attention, I couldn’t help but take some time to appreciate the older woman who was working so hard on my behalf. Her dark blonde hair was neatly tucked behind her ear and the sharp line of her jaw was still elegant as she pleasured her daughter. Her breasts swayed enticingly next to Britt’s hips, and the long muscles of her back arched beautifully down to the firm curves of her hips and ass. God, I could have looked at her all day! Fortunately, I would have a chance to do more than look, but Britt was first.

Returning my attention to the young woman beneath me, I watched in awe as her orgasm took over her body. Her breath came in ragged gasps. A flush crept up from between her breasts to color her whole chest, and her hips lifted off the bed eagerly to meet her mother’s tongue. When she could take no more, Britt froze in a tremendous arch, feet flat and her ass raised high to force herself against the nexus of pleasure. Her entire frame quivered and as she came, I saw Lara lapping gently at her lips, savoring the freshness of her daughter’s juices.

Slowly, Britt’s hips began to sink toward the comforter. Lara disengaged and looked up at her face, a pleased smile on her lips as she saw the pleasure she had created. Then she looked at me and smiled in a different way.

“She will be ready for you in a moment, I think. Are you ready for her?”

I turned to face her and knelt erect beside Britt’s hips. My cock was almost fully hard, and it was leaking precum. Lara reached across and grabbed my shaft firmly, tugging it and spreading my slippery lubrication along its length. As she did this, she leaned forward to kiss me, bracing herself on Britt’s hip with her other hand. The kiss was soft and sensuous, and tasting Britt’s sweetness on her lips was an incredible turn on. I could tell that Lara enjoyed sharing that flavor with me as I kissed and licked all around her mouth. My cock swelled to its full size and she palmed it more carefully, not trying to get me off but simply get me ready.

“It is time now,” she said authoritatively, letting go of me entirely. She leaned back and pulled Britt’s leg toward her, spreading her thighs even more. The other leg widened to mirror the new posture. A quick glance showed that Britt was returning to reality. When I moved across her leg to kneel between her thighs, her eyes opened halfway and a smile crossed her lips. She reached down and grasped herself behind her knees, pulling her legs up high and presenting her pussy to me.

“It is definitely time!” she purred as I moved forward.

“Are you sure?” I asked in teasing tones, rubbing the head of my cock up and down her slippery folds.

“God, will you please fuck me?” she moaned.

Lara smiled indulgently at Britt’s impatience. I aligned my cock with her opening and sank in just enough to keep me there. Then I took a firm grip on her deliciously firm ass cheeks and lifted, pulling her hips up and against me as I pushed forward and filled her pussy with one long thrust. When my pubic bone pushed against her clit, I felt her twitch and her inner muscles clamped down on me. Naturally, I kept doing it, rotating my hips and pulling her up and against me while my cock moved deep inside her. She gasped over and over, eyes closed again and her head thrown back. Her hair was damp with sweat as she writhed below me.

Lara chuckled. “She will cum again, I think, if you do that much longer!” she murmured. She knelt beside her daughter and watched her body carefully, stroking her side and trailing her fingers across Britt’s tight nipples. WIth a smile, she leaned down and kissed the side of her daughter’s neck, one hand staying busy with the ripe breast it held firmly.

“That…” I murmured back, grinning widely and breathing deeply, “is my plan! Then I lifted Britt’s ass even higher and rocked my hips up into her, letting my cock rub on her G-spot as it slid along the top of her pussy. She was so turned on from her previous orgasm that that was all it took. I held her hips tightly as wave after wave flashed through her body, tensing her muscles, forcing her to pant for breath, and-best of all-causing her to clamp down again and again on my cock.

On the pillow, her head thrashed from side to side. When it finally slowed, her mother was there to kiss her softly all over her face, murmuring endearments in two languages. I held my cock still deep inside her, moving just enough to keep myself stimulated. The weight of her lower body rested on my thighs, so holding her up was not a problem. She lay before me sweaty and happily exhausted, and I started to think she might need a break.

With that thought, I reached for Lara’s ass. First, my hand traced the firm curves all around. Lara raised her hips invitingly when she felt my caress. Holding my two middle fingers together, I traced a line from her tailbone down, exploring the cleft of her buttocks, the tender hidden flesh between her legs, and then the soft, downy fur of her labia. Because she was facing away from me, I was able to continue my stroke all the way up over her clit until my hand lay firmly on her mound. My palm rested against the heat of her pussy, and I pressed inward, moving in a slow circle. Lara’s hips twitched in response

In one graceful movement, she rose fully to her hands and knees, her face hovering over Britt’s. She leaned down and kissed her daughter fully on the lips as my hand resumed its travels. She turned to look over her shoulder at me as my fingertips bumped across her clit, parted the glistening lips of her pussy, and continued back to spread her juices along her crack. A groan emerged from deep inside her and she turned back to her daughter.

“Very soon,” she said confidently between kisses, “I think I will be feeling as good as you are feeling now, schat!”

“You can count on it!” I told her with a grin. I pulled my still-hard cock from Britt’s pussy and moved sideways on the bed until I was between Lara’s feet.

“I want to see that!” Britt added with a wicked grin.

Her arm went up and around her mother’s neck, pulling her head down tightly for a kiss. I saw her other hand snake between their bodies, though, and watched with interest as she hefted each of her mother’s breasts in turn, scraping her thumb across each nipple. My hand continued its back-and-forth on Lara’s lower half while Britt did her best to match the sensations on the parts she could reach. My other hand idly stroked my cock to keep it hard and ready for the next phase of our threesome.

Soon Lara’s body was writhing in response to our combined stimulation and I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each pass. I began to push more firmly against her as I stroked her, dipping my fingers into her pussy a little more each time, and adding pressure on the tight ring of her anus as I passed over it as well. Lara’s groans continued to emanate from deep in her throat and she kissed Britt hungrily.

She was clearly ready for more, and her hips pushed back harder to signal her desire. When the thick head of my cock split her labia, she hissed in pleasure.

“Oh, yes, Schat-he is going inside me now!”

“Good, Mam…I hope he fucks you like he fucked me!” Clearly the idea of sharing that experience turned her on. Her lust-filled smile flashed over Lara’s shoulder at me as I circled her opening.

All at once, I took firmer hold of Lara’s lovely hips. It was time to get serious. With steady pressure, I pushed myself into her body, feeling the successive rings of her inner muscles tense and then relax to welcome my cock inside her. Lara’s head fell to Britt’s shoulder for a moment and she pushed back against me eagerly. In a moment, the thick base of my cock bumped against her clit and I stayed put, lost in the slick, tight paradise I had found. This time, it was me that groaned deeply with pleasure.

“Oh, my God, Lara…you feel so good!” I told her as I held my cock fully inside her. She wiggled her hips in response and looked back at me.

“And you,” she said happily, “feel even bigger than you did before!”

“Well this,” I said as I gestured to the tangle of mother and daughter before me, “is pretty damn exciting!”

“Show me!” she urged with a grin before turning back to Britt.

“Play with me again, schat!” I heard her whisper before their lips met and tongues darted forth.

Britt’s arms moved to tease whatever she could reach of her mother’s body. I knew that part of things was well taken care of, so I focused on my role, which at that moment was to fuck her deeply and well and not cum too soon!

Taking a deep breath, I pulled out slowly until just the tip remained between her labia. Wanting her to feel every inch and every angle, I shuffled forward a bit and sank back into her, pulling her hips tight against me to spread her even wider. At the bottom of my stroke, I moved just a bit from side to side, trying to press different places inside her. I set a slow pace to make this position last, pulling all the way out and then reversing my course to fill her again.

Britt, meanwhile, was busy as well. She scooted down a little bit between her mother’s arms and was busily sucking Lara’s nipples as they danced above her face. I smiled at what I could see-just the corner of Britt’s eye, closed in pleasure, the hollow of her cheek as she sucked, and the creamy slope of Lara’s side-boob cupped in Britt’s slender hand. I was pleased and amazed that she had taken so well to sharing me with her mom, and my grin widened when I took a moment to remember how ridiculously lucky my weekend had been!

A new sensation brought me back to reality. I felt something tickle the underside of my cock as I pulled out of Lara’s slick pussy. Looking down, I saw Britt’s arm extended and deduced that she was stroking her mom down there as well as lavishing attention on her breasts. Lara’s reaction was immediate-her hips jerked as Britt found her clit, she began corkscrewing her lower body, pushing down to press against those magic fingers and pressing back to meet my thrusts. I saw a shudder run through her and heard her breathing quicken. I couldn’t see her face because her hair fell forward on both sides, blocking my view, but I knew the rapt expression she must be wearing, and her words confirmed what I knew was happening.

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