Glory Hole Ch. 01

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All characters in the story are above 18, readers must also be above 18.

This is a long story with an underlying Incest theme, and lesbian love.

This is a story about Helene, Ernst and Peter. To know about Adam and Sara, who are also part of this story, you might want to also read Kama Sutra, though not necessary.



Ernst and Helene, both 42 years old, have been married for 22 years. They fell in love while in college and married soon after Helene got pregnant. They were blessed with a healthy and beautiful son, Peter, who turned 20 last December.

Ernst has been in the construction business after completing his civil engineering from Hamburg University. After studies, he quickly set up an outsourced construction firm in partnership with his Dad. Ten years into his work and Ernst had already created a name for himself in public property construction. When he landed the major contract as one of the firms to build the Westfalenstadion stadium – home for the Borussia Dortmund team, his life changed completely. The principal construction company had chosen three firms to sub-contract the entire project to, and Ernst’s firm was one amongst them.

The family moved to Dortmund, and slowly-and-steadily their lives went into high gear. Ernst came from a well to do family, but clearly, he was entering into the big league with the stadium. In the next six years, he worked aggressively and diligently. Soon enough, results were there to be seen. His construction business was considered a top tier one amongst Ruhr businesses, and to a large extent also in West Germany. He was chair of the Ruhr Chamber of Commerce for two years in a row and had won quite a few business awards to boast of.

His wife, Helene, started practicing law before they moved to Dortmund. In Dortmund, Ernst’s firm took precedence in their lives, Peter was growing up, and Helene felt it best to spend time with him in his formative years. She helped Peter study, took care of him, and spent lots of time with him playing, showing him around, as a loving mother.

When Peter went to read at the Humbolt University in Berlin, for his undergraduate degree, both Helene and Ernst were elated. The fact that he chose to study Law, made Helene only more proud of him than she was until then. She doted on Peter immensely and would die for him. Ernst, while loved Peter equally, but could not find enough time to spend with him when Peter was growing up. But the bonding between them was visibly there.

With Peter spending his undergraduate years in Berlin, the loneliness at home bothered Helene, and she joined Ernst at work with whatever she could help with. Soon enough realized there wasn’t much for her to do there. The business was established with a large team, there was very little for her to contribute in terms of hours, as was also – to a large extent – the case with Ernst. They were now millionaire business-owners, and they had a great business that was very well organized and run.

They kept acquiring life’s luxuries even while trying to live as modestly as possible. The exception being their home. The fact that Ernst was an accomplished civil engineer showed in their large house, which they had lovingly constructed as their family home – on the outskirts of Dortmund, in the Horde area. They lived in a large six-bedroom mansion with a three-acre garden, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. Peter had spent innumerable days of his teenage years in the gardens and at the court playing tennis, with his mother.

Ernst, a 6 foot 2 inch tall handsome businessman with a broad chest, blue eyes, and a clean-shaven head. He chose to clear his head of hair when he started losing hair from the top. Ernst rarely exercised, but his diligent work regimen kept him fit, in general. He had started jogging in the morning when he turned forty to get his stamina up, and the fact that he had more time on hand helped.

Helene, a brown-eyed beautiful woman with a slim figure and a c-cup chest that looked very much in proportion with her 5 feet 9 inch frame. Her wavy brown hair fell below her shoulders. Her years of tennis had ensured there still was not an ounce of fat on her. Her flat tummy took years away from her age. Her gait was athletic, and she could outrun Ernst by about three to four miles. When he turned forty Ernst had started jogging, and Ernst was catching up fast with Helene, having built his stamina over the last couple of years.

Peter, like his Mom, has brown hair and brown eyes. He kept his hair slightly hippyish, which in contradiction to his Ernst’s clean-shaven head was a welcome change for Helene. A tall athletic boy at 6 feet, Peter is slim; muscled on his shoulders and arms. He is not much fond of running, though, and both he and his mother ran 5 miles together almost daily. Extremely well mannered and up-to-date on current affairs, Peter is soft-spoken and gentle like his mother. Ernst, on the other hand, is aggressive and a go-getter, his business had made him confident.

When Betturkey Peter left for college three years back, Helene’s shuffle to office-and-then- back, changed the equation between Ernst and Helene. They both loved each other immensely, but age and life’s routines were taking away the zing from between them. They both decided to do something about it.

What followed, were a series of experiments. At first, naturally came experimenting with sexual positions. Two weeks later, they felt closer to one another and felt it was a much-needed respite in their lull of life. They dived deeper into experimenting in sex positions and took it to the next level with outdoor sex. Their large garden and a swimming pool section helped tremendously. They even did it in the car park outside their home, once.

Their sex life started to spice up, and the hunger to experiment also grew. This was around the same time Helene had joined Ernst at the office, and they would often travel together.

The intensity of their sex rose, as did the frequency. Both Ernst and Helene loved it. Ernst had also started spending more time with his lovely wife and let his efficient team handle the business with more autonomy. Helene had reduced her time at the office as well. It all seemed to be going along well.

Ernst had started jogging with Helene and was catching up to her level of fitness. Around a year back, fatigue in their sex life again made them consider swinging. By then, they knew they wanted to keep experimenting, to keep their fire alive. The thought of swinging was tempting but was shot-down unanimously because both did not want the other to have other sexual partners. Their love was still keeping them bonded.

Out of the blue, one day, Ernst suggested a cruise holiday, to which Helene readily agreed. They took a cruise in the Mediterranean that summer. On the cruise, Helene and Ernst met Sara and Adam, an Indian couple settled in the United States. The cruise seating for lunch and dinner made various families share larger dining tables, and Sara and Adam happened to be on their table. Sara was about the same age as Helene and Ernst, but Adam was about twenty years younger.

Despite the fact they were contrasting couples, they clicked immediately for some reason. The girls found themselves together quite a few times on the cruise and loved each other’s company. Sara was a beautiful, fair, and slim lady for her age. Very well proportioned around her breasts and her bum. Adam was an actor of some sort in Hollywood and extremely good looking, well-built physique.

Over the cruise, Sara and Helene spent many hours on the cruise together each day, and the seven-day cruise brought them together as good friends. Both were certain to carry on with the friendship long after the cruise, albeit it would be along distance one, they knew.

The enigmatic Sara made Helene rethink about herself as a person in many ways. The energy Sara exuded attracted Helene. Helene had never experimented with women, and the attraction she felt towards Sara confused her tremendously. She could not understand the magnetism and desirability she felt towards Sara, neither did she express it with Ernst or with Sara.

Sara clearly was a liberated soul, and very self-confident as an individual. Her attitude towards everything exuded confidence and charisma.

On the sixth night of the cruise, there was a gala-evening planned by the cruise liner company. Both Sara and Helene decided to dress up.

Sara invited Helene. Sara asked, “What do you say, we dress up together? I’d love to have your opinion about my dress for the evening.”

Helene, on her part, showed zero reluctance, “Sure.” Not giving it any second thought. The comfort she felt around Sara was soothing.

She added, “I’ll get my dresses as well, and we can both decide what to wear.”

“We can get ready in my cabin itself,” Sara confirmed. “I’ll send Adam away.”

They both chuckled and took a swig at their cocktails, sitting next to the swimming pool deck, overlooking the Mediterranean.

Adam was in the pool, moving about on his own and looked at both the ladies off- and-on.

Sara offered, “You want to go for a swim.”

Helene shrugged and started to get up. She kept her drink on the table next to the lounge chair and got up. Instinctively her hands went to her bum and drew the fabric from her bottom out of the crack. Having seen Sara’s costume, she felt like Mother Teresa. Her own costume was short, but Sara’s bikini styled costume was racy, to say the least. Helene’s costume was red and white; it covered the melons on her chest well, and had no cloth besides that on top. The strings that went behind her tied up neatly on her neck and her back. Her bottom was covered with fabric on the bums and her mound and the side knots of the strings were high on her hips.

Sara’s entire black colored bikini styled suit was made of fabric equaling about just one triangle of Helene’s suit. Sara’s Betturkey Giriş breasts were all outside the triangles on the top, which covered mere inches outside her areolae. Her bottom was a patch in the front and a string that vanished inside her crack from the back.

Sara led the way to the pool with Helene right behind her. Adam looked towards both of them and gawked in awe towards the beautiful women. He was in love with Sara and could help but compare the two beauties. Sara with her light brown complexion, swaying breasts, slim waist, and her confident stride towards the pool – Helene with her white skin, equally large breasts as Sara but covered well swaying slightly, her waist just about an inch or two bigger than Sara leading to well-proportioned hips.

Helene’s hips were fuller but firm. Helene was an inch taller. Helene gave a voluptuous vibe. Adam kept his mouth open until both of them had descended in the pool.

The small pool had about ten people around, including a family of four playing on the far side. After a couple of laps around the pool, the three of them stuck together and chatted. With Adam included in the discussion, the talk drifted towards the cruise’s facilities and the food. Smartly, Adam shut himself up and let the ladies do the talking. With each passing minute, he would say less, and eventually, the discussion between Sara and Helene went back to the gala evening later that night.

Adam used his silence to work up near Sara and drew her close. His hand drifted around Sara’s waist and slowly pulled her near him. In the next minute or so, Sara and Adam were attached from the hip – side to side while Adam’s hand was around her waist, and Sara put her left hand around his shoulder. A minute into this position and Adam’s hand traveled downwards to Sara’s butt and cupped her right cheek, under the water.

Sara and Adam, joined together, were standing opposite to Helene and the girls discussing the dance show of the previous night, which they had attended in the theatre. Sara pulled slightly from Adam and reached across to Helene. She shoved her hand around Helene and pulled on her. Helene did not resist physically and amused to move next to Sara.

With Helene pasted on her right hip – Sara ended up in the middle – Adam on her other side. Unlike Adam, Helene kept her hands in front, and Sara moved her arm around her waist, pulling her in.

Sara and Helene kept talking, and her hand on Helene’s waist kept the pressure inward to her. Helene, on her part, felt hunched with her hands in front. She eventually pulled her left hand up and around Sara’s shoulder.

The move attached Sara completely to Helene from hip to shoulder. Sara’s hand stayed on the waist but pressure towards her. Helene’s arm around her neck brought Sara’s face near hers. They chatted softly as long lost friends meeting after a long break.

Long minutes of this, and they realized Adam has slipped off, and it was just the two of them joined together in a hug. Sara brought Helene to her front and put her other arm around Helen’s shoulder in an effort to be face to face with her. Their sides detached but their bellies were touching from the front, their breasts grazing each others. None gave any sexual thought to their proximity, it was their comfort with each other that had brought them close.

Eventually, when the moment was lost, they broke away slowly and reluctantly to start swimming towards the corner of the pool exit.

They toweled next to the lounge chairs and spent some time finishing their cocktails.

About half an hour later, they all decided to quit back towards their cabins and to meet back later, before the gala.

In the showers, Sara and Helene took the adjacent stalls, and Adam came later. Adam did not give it any second thought as he joined Sara in her stall, and both of them giggled while scrubbing themselves off.

Helene obviously finished first and crossed their stall towards the mirrors. She looked at the lovebirds kissing under the shower, and smiled and kept moving. Both the girls agreed to meet in about an hour or so, in Sara’s cabin.

Sara and Adam wasted no time in shredding whatever little they were wearing once they were in the cabin. Their cabin was a decently large size cabin with a double bed and a window leading to a balcony facing the sea. They did not waste time opening the window-panes and quickly attacked each other.

Adam started with her face and kissed her earnestly for a good ten minutes, and after exploring every nook of her mouth, he came back out and kept kissing her face and chin and then went down her neck.

When Adam was kissing her chest, he started pushing her back, and as she fell back on the bed, he came on top of her. He took back his position on her chest and kept going down with his kiss on her breasts. He took hold of both in his hands and scooped her right one in his mouth as if sucking and licking an ice cream cone. His lips made a suction move and circled her nipple. From between his lips, his tongue descended on her nipple, and he started flicking on the rubbery nubs.

She whimpered, “mmmm.”

Her hands strayed in his hair, and she pulled him into her breast. He wanted to keep going down, and she held him there on the breasts. Her eyes closed.

He had no reason to rush. Adam complied with her silent request and kept on sucking and licking until she was moaning.

Belatedly, he restarted his downward journey and kept licking her stomach and belly and her mound, and she kept moaning.

“Adaaamm,” she said.

By the time Adam reached her pussylips, she was wet all over from her neck to her pussy. He did not go with the formalities and took charge of her pussylips. She grew louder. Her pussylips were already wet. He entered with ease and kept licking the inside of her pussylips until his tongue was in, deep, and the only possible motion left to perform was to flick. But he chose to pull back his tongue, and she whimpered as if whining.

His tongue flung back into her pussylips, that were now open. She moaned louder, ‘UUUUMMMM.”

He kept this in-and-out motion going for a long while, and he had her writhing as well as moaning.

Just when she felt she was about to cum, he went up and started flicking her clitoris.

She exploded into his face with a loud, “aaaagghh.”

She moved violently, and her hands kept their pressure inwards behind his head, holding his hair between her fingers.

He kept the flicking on her clitoris heavy and regular, and she kept cumming into his mouth. She had barely settled down a bit when he went out of her pussylips as if licking her leaking juices. His licks reached her perineum, and he shoved his tongue up her ass hole in one shove. Her leaking juices had already made her anus wet, and his wet-tongue found no resistance.

His tongue had barely entered her anal opening about two or three inches, and she shuddered again with a major orgasm ‘Addddaammmmm,’ she wailed.

By the time Sara could get her wits together, Adam was riding her. His dick lined up at the entrance of her pussy, waiting for her. As soon as she opened her eyes to look at him, he started descending into her. His hips kept a slow downward pressure into her, and without any breaks, he only stopped when he had touched bottom. On her part, Sara kept her mouth open in elation, and her eyes locked with Adam’s.

His shove had reached hilt, withdrew a fraction, and then pushed back in to recheck if he had indeed reached bottom. Sara moaned to confirm.

He withdrew again to start fucking her. He knew she was off the edge, and he wanted it like that. He yearned to take her on another journey, and he wanted to build it well. His shoves started slowly with long pulls and then drops into her. Minutes later, he increased the tempo a few notches. Even while he wanted to keep going slow, he just could not. His drives into her became more eager, and his push and pull repeated with vigor.

Sara was only too aware of what he was doing, and the predictability of his action made her wait in anticipation. As he went more into it, his piston-motion became motorized. He just banged into her with regular millisecond intervals. Her push back up was also assisted by the ship’s wave motion creating a new tandem between their bodies.

When Adam exulted and started cumming into her – he grunted, “unnnghhhhh.”

She orgasmed one more time with a low scream of “aaaannghhh,” loving the feel of her son’s cum reaching her depths.

He fell on top of her and held himself on his elbows. He was panting. She had gone limp, vibrating on the inside.

He looked into her face, with her eyes closed, for a long while. He remained embedded inside her while losing his stiffness rapidly. When she did open her eyes, he was inches above her face.

He came down and kissed her lips and said, “I love you, Mom.”


By the time they got themselves to stand up and freshen up in the shower, it was well over an hour. Sara asked Adam to get ready first so he can get out of the cabin because she had called Helene over for the evening.

While Adam was showing in the en-suite, Sara ordered some wine from room service.

Adam was ready soon enough, and was getting dressed as Sara entered the shower. The wine arrived, and Adam signed for it. He was putting on his jacket when the bell chimed again.

Helene came in with a few dresses in her hands. Adam signaled to her, “She is in the shower. She should be out soon.”

Helene sat near the TV console and chatted up with Adam briefly. The awkwardness between her and Adam was contrasting to what she felt with Sara. With her, Helene felt natural and calm. What she felt with Adam was not bad, but awkward. It was probably the age gap between them.

Adam poured her a glass of wine before stepping out, assuring her to meet them at the theatre on the lower deck.

As Helene waited with wine in her hand, sipping occasionally, she looked around and saw a photo frame next to the bed with a picture of Sara and Adam. A photo shot on a beach in Los Angeles. It was obvious they were deeply in love.

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