Fire in the Hole! Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: This story is based on a series of true incidents. Names and location have been changed for obvious reasons. All persons in this story are over the age of 18. Literotica is the only site that has my permission to post this story (and subsequent chapters).

At just 30, Matt Cooper was still young to be a manager. It was more his people skills than his experience that had landed him the Director of Operations position at the engineering firm. Matt stood just over 6′, his body slender and toned from daily workouts at the gym. Dark brown hair framed his handsome, angular face, setting off his brilliant blue eyes. Heads, male and female, turned when he walked by. Matt never felt he had to lord it over the people under his supervision. He was one of those rare animals that actually believed in team work, not just paid lip service to it. However, the kind of team work he was thinking about as he waited for the elevator to take him to the underground parking lot was not one normally considered for the work place.

His cock was still raging hard as he entered the elevator, thankful that no one else was around. As the polished chrome doors whispered shut, he slid his hand into his pocket, grabbing his hard rod through the thin fabric and squeezing it. He knew that he had smelt hot pussy in Joan’s office. What had she been doing to get the scent that strong?

He knew that she usually spent her lunch hours in her office when everyone else seemed to go out. Although she was almost 10 years older than him, Matt still thought his assistant was pretty hot. While he’d never really fantasized about her, he was still attracted enough to wonder what she’d be like. She dressed just the right side of provocative — never anything blatant. Little hints, if you cared to look close enough (and Matt cared): nipples hard and outlined against silky blouses, tight, short skirts that accented her ass and high-heels — not those god-forsaken platform atrocities that were currently in style, but honest-to-god high heels that clicked when she walked. For a woman her age, Matt thought, she was damn fine.

Giving his pocketed cock another squeeze as the doors to the elevator opened, he stepped into the mini-lobby of the parking area. Reluctantly letting his prick go, he fished out his keys and pressed the electronic lock, the sound of the locks in his car opening reverberating throughout the dimly lit underground garage.

He walked quickly to his car, the leather soles of his new brogues causing his steps to echo in the cavernous garage. A grin curved his lips as he saw that Joan’s car was parked next to his and he thought how her car reflected his assistant’s personality — older but still flirty without being brash. The ’65 Mustang was candy-apple red, the interior white leather. Supposedly it had been left to Joan in a will.

Tossing his briefcase into the backseat of his own car, Matt slid in behind the wheel of his Intrepid. Adjusting the seat so he was leaning back slightly, Matt undid the top button and fly of his silk Armani slacks. His cock tented his boxers and he hurriedly pushed the waistband down, freeing the thick member, groaning softly as the cool air caressed his aching prick. Seeing Joan’s car had brought back the memory of the hot scent in her office and his cock had responded immediately.

Matt took a quick glance around the garage then, seeing no one else was about, wrapped his hand around his cock and gently squeezed it, leaning back in his seat as he closed his eyes. His hand slowly stroked the hard shaft; his thumb caressing the tip of his cut prick on each upstroke as he began to picture what had caused the tantalizing scent in Joan’s office. In his mind’s eye, he pictured his hot assistant sitting back in her chair, stroking her wet pussy, not realizing just how close to the truth his imagination was.

Joan reached for the report her boss had left and skimmed through it, trying desperately to focus on her work. Her pussy had other ideas though and her clit kept throbbing for attention. It had been at least 20 minutes since Mr. Cooper had left her office and she was now regretting her lack of action. She had seen the tent in the front of his slacks and shivered, remembering the size. If her judging skills were half-decent (and they usually were), Mr. Cooper had quite a nice mouthful of cock nestled under that expensive Italian silk. Joan’s hand dipped under her desk again, her stocking-clad legs parting, raising her skirt once more. As her fingertips brushed the swollen folds, she groaned. It was no good. She was never going to get any work done today.

Straightening her clothes, Joan grabbed the report and the corresponding files and put them into her briefcase, laying them on top of her “make up” bag. She grinned as she thought of what was in that bag and how she had almost gotten off in front of her boss. Dialing the receptionist, Joan informed her that she wasn’t feeling well tuzla escort and was going home for the day. She told the girl at the front that if Matt Cooper called, he was to be given her home number.

Slinging her purse over her shoulder, Joan slipped out of her office, locking it behind her, then headed for the elevator that would take her to the garage. As she waited for the elevator to open, she surveyed herself in the mirrored doors. Her face was slightly flushed and she could clearly see the outline of her hard, pink nipples. The image she saw reflected, coupled with the feel of her pussy juices leaking down the inside of her thighs, made her clit pulse. The doors opened suddenly with a soft whisper, making her jump and breaking her reverie. Stepping inside the empty chamber, she pressed the button for her level, waiting until the doors closed, then brought a hand up to a breast. She watched in the mirrored walls as her fingertip traced the outline of the hard nipple slowly. She groaned and leaned back against a wall, raising her skirt up to bare her wet cunt. Her reflection showed a woman with sticky juices coating the inside of her thighs, darkening her stocking tops and making the plump, pink folds glisten in the harsh fluorescent light. She shivered at the sight, then gave herself a shake. Time enough for that on the way home and when she got there.

Joan was an exhibitionist at heart. Actually, if she were completely honest, she was probably borderline nympho. However, she preferred to think of herself as a woman in her prime with a healthy, albeit very high, sex drive. She was still scolding herself for being cowardly and not taking advantage (or at least trying to) of Mr. Cooper’s bewilderment and reaction to the scent of her hot cunt in her office. Then again, this was a good job and she didn’t want to lose it. However, there was nothing in the company’s policy that stated she couldn’t fantasize about her boss. She wondered what he would have done if she’d sat back a bit further and let him see up her skirt to her dripping pussy stuffed with a dildo.

Her high heels clicked as she made her way to her car. No high-tech gadgets had been installed on her baby. It was fully restored as if it had been time-warped off the assembly line in the fall of 1964. All her life, Joan had wanted a classic Mustang. Not the crap that passed for one these days. Then, when her aunt had died, she had been surprised to find that the estate was hers. Her cousin (the drunken, no-good bum) had tried to contest the will, but the judge had decided that Joan was more deserving. Joan had sold off most of the estate, keeping only a few things for mementos. The money she had obtained through the estate sale had netted her enough to purchase the refurbished automobile.

Setting her purse on the trunk of her car, she fished for her keys, frowning as the closest light overhead flickered and then went dark with a small pop. Lifting her head to search for a better light source, a movement in the car next to hers caught her eye. Hmmm…that was Matt Cooper’s car and he should have been on the road long ago.

Quietly, she slipped between the two cars, her mouth dropping open and a jolt of sexual electricity charged straight to her clit at the sight that met her eyes. There, leaning back in his car, eyes closed, was her young boss, his hand wrapped around a very thick cock that was dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. Her keys forgotten, Joan leaned back against her car and slid a hand under her skirt, baring her dripping pussy. Joan’s green eyes locked on Matt Cooper’s hand massaging his rock hard prick, her own fingers rubbing her clit as she watched. As Matt’s movements got faster, he started to thrust his hips up, fucking the fist wrapped around his aching meat. Joan’s hand matched his rhythm and she let out a small groan, feeling her knees weaken.

Matt Cooper’s eyes snapped open as he heard a sound and looked out his window. Oh god! It was Joan! She’d caught him jerking off in his car. How was he ever going to explain this….Wait a second! Matt’s hand tightened around his cock as he saw that his assistant had her skirt bunched around her waist and was busy fingering a very wet and swollen cunt.

Joan grinned at him as she saw that his eyes were now open and the watchee had become the watcher. Her lust taking over her better judgement, she slowly pulled her fingers from her snatch, bringing them to her lips, sucking them slowly. Matt Cooper moaned inside his car and his hand started stroking his cock once more. When Joan dipped her hand back to her cunt, then offered the gleaming fingers to him, he felt his cock thicken even more.

Slowly, like a man in a dream, Matt opened his door and got out of the car, his hard cock bobbing in front of him, the fly of his trousers framing his balls. His soft lips closed around Joan’s fingers as he sucked her hot juices from them, a hand sliding down to cup her aching göztepe escort sex, a long finger sliding between the folds. Joan gasped and thrust her hips forward against his hand, her own reaching down for that sweet cock she had spied. Joan couldn’t believe her luck. Here was her boss fingering her wet cunt while she jerked him off. Ooooh…she needed to taste him. Reluctantly pulling away from his skilled fingers, she dropped to her knees, leaning forward to wrap her hungry lips around the angry red head of his cut cock.

Matt groaned as she fell to her knees, watching his stiff prick disappear between her lips. He couldn’t believe he was getting head from his assistant. God she was good! Lowering his hands, he lightly tangled his fingers in her long, red hair, holding her head still as he started thrusting into her mouth. It wasn’t going to take much longer, her mouth was like a vise around his aching rod and the dance her tongue was doing on the underside of his cock was driving him wild. He could see that she was getting close too and, suddenly, he wanted to feel her cunt wrapped around his throbbing prick.

Joan could feel her manager’s cock thickening in her mouth, could taste the extra flow of pre-cum as his balls tightened and she sucked harder, aching to taste the hot cum that would coat her tongue any minute now. Suddenly, her hot meal was taken from her mouth and she whimpered softly with the loss. She felt herself being pulled up to her feet.

Matt Cooper took one look at Joan’s face — her eyes glazed with lust, her soft lips swollen from the mouth fucking he had given her — and then turned her around, bending her over the low hood of her Mustang. Holding her down with one hand between her shoulders, mashing her tits against the cool metal, his other guided his cock into the dripping slit now displayed for him. Their combined groans echoed through the garage as he thrust home, her silky cunt gripping his prick, sucking it even better than her mouth had. Matt grabbed her rounded hips and started to drive into his assistant’s welcoming cunt like a jackhammer. The fact that she was pumping back, matching him thrust for thrust and mewling hot encouragement, didn’t help what little control he had left. Suddenly, her body tensed and she cried out. He could feel her muscles quivering around his throbbing prick, a rush of warm fluid coating it. That was all it took and Matt grunted as he plunged even deeper into that heavenly flesh, grinding as he bottomed out and emptied his balls deep inside, filling her up, watching as his cum overflowed and dripped down her thighs, past his prick still embedded in her spasming cunt, to puddle on the dusty, concrete floor.

John tossed his jacket onto the bench by the door and smiled as he saw Kerry’s jacket hung neatly on the hook. Kerry was John’s eldest daughter. At 21, she was a real looker — 5’8″ with a slender build, long legs that led up to a hot, tight ass and high, firm breasts. And now, Kerry was home from University for the summer. Of course, while John loved his daughter, he also loved having her home because it meant that her friends would be over; and there was nothing like have a houseful of hot, young girls running around in skimpy bikinis.

Kyle’s team had won — a blowout really at 35-7 — and his son was out celebrating with the rest of the team. He wouldn’t be back till late. John was glad, as it would give him time to spend with Kerry, catching up with her before she was too busy with her friends. He slipped upstairs briefly, changing into a pair of track pants and t-shirt, then checked to see if Karen was home yet.

As he peeked into the darkened room, he could make out the shape of his baby daughter curled up and fast asleep under her blankets. His cock twitched, as if asking if they were going to play with her again. John reached down and gave it a quick squeeze through the thick fabric, then gently shut the door. Time enough for that later.

John headed to the basement, which Kerry had commandeered once she was 16 explaining that she needed her own space. John had no problem with that and trusted his daughter enough to give her her freedom. In the years since, Kerry had turned it into a mini-apartment — the only things missing were a kitchen and a separate entrance.

As he entered the living room she had set up, he heard what sounded like a moan from his daughter’s bedroom. Frowning, wondering if she was all right, he quickened his steps, then stopped dead at the sight that greeted him.

The bedroom door was wide open and there on the queen size bed were his daughter and her friend, Melissa; both fully naked, their faces buried between each other’s legs. John couldn’t help but groan out loud, his cock hardening instantly at the sight of the two young girls humping each other’s mouth. The sound made the girls look up and they just smiled at John and went back to what they had been doing.

As it üsküdar escort was obvious the girls didn’t care, John pushed his sweat pants down to mid thigh, wrapping a hand around his cock and slowly stroking it as he watched his daughter and her friend 69. Not letting go of his prick, John moved closer to the bed, eager to get a closer view. As he approached them, Melissa looked up and moaned softly, “Mmmm, Kerry, baby, look, your dad’s cock is nice and hard.”

Kerry drew her face away from her friend’s hot cunt to glance up, feeling her own pussy quiver at the sight of her father standing there, his cock just a few feet from her face. “Oh yeah,” she gasped, “nice and big and hard. Such a nice cock, Daddy…”

With that, his eldest daughter sat up and reached under her pillow, motioning for Melissa to turn around. The other girl slid up the bed to lay beside Kerry and grinned as she saw what was in Kerry’s hand. John’s daughter smiled down at her friend and ran the double dildo slowly over Melissa’s nipples, purring as the hard buds tightened even more.

John’s cock thickened and his grip tightened, struggling to keep his strokes slow, wanting to savour the moment as he watched his daughter continue the dildo’s course down her friend’s body. Melissa moaned and spread her long legs wide, fingers parting her swollen cunt lips, her eyes never leaving John’s cock. “Ohhh..yes…fuck me, Kerry. Mmmmm…look at that hard cock…”

Kerry moaned, her young cunt twitching at the sight of her father jerking his hard cock while she fucked her friend. Pushing Melissa fully back, Kerry pushed the dildo half-way into her friend’s tight snatch, then straddled her hips, their wet cunts joining, the two of them moaning as their throbbing clits rubbed against each other, their eyes locked on John’s hand stroking his prick.

John could feel his balls tighten and he loosened his grip on his cock. Not yet. He didn’t want to cum yet. This was just too hot. He wanted it to last forever. His prick was on fire and it was all he could do not to grab either of the girls and slam into a tight, wet cunt. But he wanted to watch this, knowing it was better than any porn he could ever rent. Better than any fantasy he could imagine. Oh god, if he didn’t stop stroking he was going to cum. John moved his hand away from his cock, hoping to stay his orgasm just a bit longer. His thick daddy-meat pulsed and bobbed in the air of its own accord, seeming to reach for the two females entwined on the bed.

Both women watched his cock with fascination, then Kerry moaned and sat up a bit, grabbing the free end of the dildo and guiding it into her eager pussy, slowly sliding down until she had taken her half and her cunt was mashed against Melissa’s. The girls thrust against each other, their bodies quivering with their excitement.

“Mmmm…fuck…yeah…do you like that Daddy? Like seeing me fuck my friend…seeing our young cunts rub together?” Kelly moaned, looking up into her father’s eyes. “Feels so good, Daddy. She’s so hot and wet…mmmm….”

John’s body was trembling with his struggle to stay in control. The sight of his daughter so aroused had him close to blowing, but when she started talking nasty to him, it was almost more than he could bear. He stepped closer to the bed, his cock still unfettered by his hand, pre-cum dripping steadily from the tip. He groaned loudly when Melissa suddenly reached up and grabbed his cock, stroking it slowly as his daughter rode the dildo embedded in them both.

“Yeah, baby…that’s it…jerk my daddy off while I fuck your hot little cunt,” Kerry growled to her friend, one hand pinching Melissa’s nipples while the other reached up and cupped her father’s balls. Her thrusts getting faster and harder as they watched the older man’s reaction, all of them getting off on the nastiness of fucking while he watched.

“Oh…oh fuck! Harder Kerry! Fuck me harder…I’m going to cum….mmm…Mr. B, cum with me…Ooohh give me your cock…I’ve got to have that hot cock…let me suck it!” Melissa’s hips were jerking up, thrusting and grinding as Kerry rode her, driving the fake cock harder and deeper into both their hungry cunts.

John didn’t need to be asked twice and he thrust his hips forward as Melissa opened her mouth, sucking his aching cock deep into her mouth. He thought his knees were going to give out at the feel of her soft lips closing around his thick rod, his hand reaching out to slide between the two girls, rubbing their hard clits as he fucked Melissa’s mouth.

“Ohhh…fuck…that’s it. Suck it, bitch. Mmmm..yeah…such a hot little mouth…suck my cock…make me cum in your mouth…yeah…yeah…oooohhh…get ready….so close…” John’s hips thrust faster and harder, his fingers pinching their clits, knowing he couldn’t hold back any longer, the taboo of the moment increasing his excitement.

“That’s it, Melissa, suck my daddy’s hard cock…suck his cum straight from his balls,” Kerry was panting as her father diddled her clit, the dildo buried deep in her spasming cunt, “Cum in her mouth and on her face, Daddy. Let me see you shoot all that hot daddy-cream on her face…mmm…fuck…cum Daddy…cum with us…”

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