Exercise için yorumlar kapalı

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It was that dreaded time of day again, exercises. Her normal time for exercising was just before her man was due home for the evening. Oh, how she hated doing her daily workout but she was determined to get into better shape for herself as well as for her man.

In the exercise room, she put the leveler into the correct free weight level, before placing the weight straps on her wrist and ankles. The machine had adjustable double cable columns with S-hooks to attach the straps to. The continuous cable system allows her to change from one style of leg lifts to another with ease.

She used a pair of heavy dumb weights to hold on to during her workout to help counter balance the movement of her legs. She lay on her back with the weights attached to her ankles and started to count. Counting was always boring to her and periodically she would daydream about something to make the reps go faster.

Her mind started to wander about the different things she had to do, the creative story writing, cleaning, laundry, ironing, and preparing dinner. Usually exercising helped her creativity flow in developing her various stories. Today she slowly started to think about her man being in the room with her. What would he see watching her . . . wander or wonder?

He came home a little earlier than normal since his out of town business meeting that had ended a couple of hours earlier. He was thrilled to be getting home early for a change; perhaps, he could catch his lady in the shower, or doing something else totally naked. He would take her to bed and ravish her body, oh yes; he would enjoy her delicious breasts, and her sexual core.

After walking into the house, he stood still for a moment to hear any noise letting him know which room she was in. The sound of her exertions came from the exercise room, causing him to look at his watch to see that it was the hour she always did her workout. That would work, watching her scrumptious body exercising.

His lustful eyes saw his lovely wench exercising, which was very inviting with her legs going up, together then spread wide open and down. This made him gaze harder at her with the weights pulling her legs up in the air to show just the bottom of her cheeks. It was when her very sexy legs came down spread wide apart and then back together again to go up made him yearn to get closer to her.

As he sat down across from her without saying a word, he noticed the wetness that coated the outside of her exquisite lips. The aroma of her womanly musk came into his nasals as the heavenly scent of a wanton desire building inside of her. This was the final thread that sent his cock shifting uncomfortably inside his pants.

He got his two-inch thick, eight-inch long dildo and placed it securely on isveçbahis a six foot pole. He wickedly smiled to himself watching her lying there on the floor totally naked resting for a moment. She was surprised when he hooked her wrist straps to a pair of one hundred fifty pound weights on each side of her body. He stood by her legs up in the air spread open as he pushed the dildo passed her engorged lips to the wet cavern of his personal pleasures. He watched her further surprised shock that over took her eyes from the hard violation of her body. The thrust was powerful enough to push pass her puffy lips which made her body jerk upwards with the weights on her legs pulling them even higher in the air.

“What is happening?” she cried out in a painful moan. She did not know why he was doing this to her but the idea inflamed her desires.

“That’s simple; I’m going to play with you, while you work out. Keep up your exercising,” he ordered as he developed a rhythm of thrusting with the pole. She started to moan in delightful pleasure as she got use to the tempo he would speed up his driving force but she had to maintain her own speed. As the velocity of the pace got more rapid her body started to twitch in time to the faster momentum and the moans became louder cries of mixed pleasure with a touch of pain. It got to a point she could no longer lower her legs from the convulsions of her own body betraying her need for a sexual release that was now in his control.

He now controlled her ability to have an orgasm, becoming the sole source of her pleasure. He kept preventing it by stopping his teasing and waited for her body to quiet down. As her spasms stopped, she started the up and down movement of her legs again. He heard her complaining from his stopping and begging for more. Plus, she started to beg him to let her have an orgasm.

Her moans became louder with her body wiggling and jerking from his thrusting until he allowed her to explode. She collapsed when she finally had cum and released all of her pent up sexual desires.

After a short rest period they both needed, he started the second round of playing as he had her do a scissor movement with her legs, with each leg taking its turn going up and down. This gave him the ability to twist the dildo inside of her causing her bottom to wiggle with her legs in the air. This continued change in rhythm and direction confused her. The confusion enveloped her mind and body making her break stride again and again. She was in a total state of sexual unreality with her moans change sounds and levels from one second to the next.

Through all of this, he would take short breathers, plus he had to take his pants off because his four star general was at full attention. Even his moans grow with her, isveçbahis giriş plus he had to play with himself. He masturbated watching her body wiggling and moaning. When he permitted her to cum a second time, he also exploded all over himself.

Next, he had her on right side then her left, doing the lifts with one leg only. He left the dildo inside of her without playing this time. It was compulsory this time for her to keep the dildo inside of her dripping wet pussy as she did her lifts. It was a struggle to keep it in with each movement of her legs. He shifted his position for the best angle of amazement out of the wiggling to keep inside.

Once she was flat on her back again, she had one final massive orgasm. This convulsion caused her body tremble violently which totally wiped her out her final reserves.

Seeing her wilted body lying on the floor gave him major sexual cravings, along with an extreme hard on. His four star general wanted to take her on the floor were she laid. He decided not to release her; instead he stood over her limp figure panting with a major desire. He pulled her legs up touching his shoulder, in order to increase the weight to a point that she would not be able to pull her legs down again or get away from him.

There combined moans grew quieter as he got on his knees with his engorged rigid cock ready to have its own exercise period. He placed himself by her bottom, opening her legs wide enough for him to push his upper body through. He needed to brace him before he could push himself into her soaking entrance with ease with her hands and ankles restricted.

Her eyes open widely seeing him maneuvering into a position to take her for his personal pleasure. He started to take his own pleasure from her body by starting to plunge deeply into the body he totally controlled. It was only his needs and desires that were of concern to him. He had allowed her to have sexual release, now it was his turn.

Moans of delight grew again with each hard pounding she took. The only words to come out from her lips were ‘Take me harder . . . Use me with no mercy.’ He did just that, used her unmercifully, pounding and pounding until he could wait no longer and exploded his sack of seeds into awaiting body.

He collapsed on top of her for a few moments to catch his breath plus he was thrilled to have used her body, no, the body he owned in such a unique way. After regaining his strength, he shifted his body in order to release her ankles that fell to the floor in a thump. After removing the straps on her wrist he had to pick her up to carry her back to the bedroom before placing her on their bed.

Her body ached from the hard work out of all her muscles and her legs were too weak to support her for the isveçbahis yeni giriş time being. He drooled over her totally relaxed body. Only her slow breathing betrayed the presence of life pulsing inside her. Now, to take her any way he saw fit, satisfying his lusty daydreams of sexual fantasies! Another time, he would fulfill another of his sexual fantasies with her appealing and enchanting body. But for now, he left the bedroom with her sound asleep.

He went back to the exercise room to prepare things for the next days exercise. Maybe the next time he would put a vibrating dildo to fill her rear entrance.

A short time later, she woke in the bed with a cold sweat, totally naked, and wondered why. She touched her pussy and had to suppress a whimper of pain that she felt from how tender she was. There was a strange and satisfying pleasurable of the soreness in her pussy. When she rolled over, her legs were hurting like nothing she ever felt before. Her man was lying next to her with a smile that she had never seen before. She asked herself, * did she fantasize the exercise session or did it happen for real? *

He saw the confusion in her eyes and started to laugh. * Did he do what she had only fantasies about before? Why is he laughing like that, so devilishly? * She wondered.

She need to get up, Mother Nature was calling. When she wiped herself dry, a shooting pain went through her body, which made her wench from the touch. She needed to relax for a few moments before she tried get up. Her legs were weak like nothing she had ever experienced before. * Why? * She considered as she walked shakily to the bath room. When she tried to get off the toilet her legs just did not want to help her up, she need to use the sink next to the toilet to help her up. Upon looking in the mirror, she saw a bruise on her shoulder that was not there before doing her exercises.

That is when she looked down at her body to see if there was anything else that would show. Her wrists had red marks, * is that from the pulling she did when he was pounding her with the dildo. * The same marks were on her ankles, * is that from when he had my feet hanging in midair? *

She shook her head, * No. None of this happened. I just over did the exercises this evening, * she thought to herself. She left the bath room to go to the closet in the bedroom to get a nice robe before going to make dinner. Seeing the reflection of the clock in the mirror, * Julian will be home soon. I was only dreaming he was in bed with me, * she aloud.

“No you weren’t my pet Juliet. I came home early from my meeting and we played in the exercise room,” Master Julian said turning her around to kiss her very passionately as a reward.


This is the fifth in the Master Julian & Juliet series. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Please leave your comment, vote or send me your comments about the story. I will answer those with return email address. Copyright (c) 2006

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32