Elvie’s Secret

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I have a secret. A secret I can’t tell anyone.

I feel good after a long shower and I lay back on my bed. I close my eyes and think back to the events of the day. My breath quickens as I remember standing next to Robert in the office, my leg lightly touching his as we worked. I recall how my pulse quickened as I deliberately leaned forward and corrected the collar of his shirt. Our bodies so close, my sex so excited.

I allow my towel to fall open exposing my naked body. With the tips of my fingers I start to explore my delicate skin. Eyes firmly closed, my hands have become Robert’s hands. As I lightly caress my neck, my shoulders and my sides, Robert’s hands send bolts of lightning into me, focussing on my moistening sex.

As I put my fingers into my mouth, I feel Robert’s hard penis stretch my lips wide. I open my mouth to accept his full length.

Every day I fantasize about him, every night I give myself to him.

My hands roam freely over my eager flesh. Instinctively my legs open. Alone in my bedroom I whisper, “oh Robert, I am yours Robert. Do anything to me, I am your slut.” I run my hands over the soft tissue of my shameless legs. I am so wet; I have been wet all day. Being in the same room as you makes my nectar flow. “Robert, do you know I get wet for you? Tell me I make you hard Robert; tell me my wet pussy excites you.”

As I lightly stroke my wet lips with the fingers of one hand it is Robert’s penis I feel at my entrance. I squeeze my breast and feel his mouth close over nipple. The excitement in my breast transports me to the soft silk sheets of a grand hotel bedroom.

Robert is standing next to the bed on which I am lying, completely naked and fully aroused. He smiles as he admires my vulnerable physique. Slowly he climbs onto the bed, straddling me, his rigid member rising above my torso. I reach for his chest and run my nails across his skin my passion marking him with red streaks. His cock is hot to touch and I pull it down towards my breasts. The heat of Robert’s penis is burning my breasts and Robert starts to thrust on me.

Both my hands caress my breasts, teasing myself, not allowing myself to contact my hardening nipples, not yet. I feel Robert’s hard cock thrust across my breasts again and again. I lose myself in my fantasy.

I look down and I see Robert’s erect penis pumping between my hand and my enflamed breast. With each thrust his head bursts into freedom and collides with my stiff nipple. I can see from Robert’s face that the soft flesh of my breast on his cock combined with my hard nipple flicking his swollen head, is driving him insane with lust. He thrusts harder, precum oozing from his isveçbahis excited cock lubricating our endeavours and coating my breast in his salty liquor.

As his climax approaches I wrap my hand around his wanton shaft and grip him tightly, digging my nails into his excitement, spurring him on like a stallion. He thrusts his cock faster and faster into my small hand, each time his head thumping hard into my aching nipple. I stare down in amazement as Robert starts to cum. His thrusts are slow and deliberate now and he releases his first spurt over my breasts. Another shudder and Robert releases an even bigger jet of sperm, this one reaching my chin and dribbling down my neck. Spurt after spurt are released over my breasts, I am covered in his cream as the fantasy changes.

My hands leave my excited breasts and travel to my waiting vagina. I open my legs fully and raise my knees to give myself full access, “Robert, look at me, look what is waiting for you. Come and take me Robert.” My fantasy moves on.

I am standing in a clearing in the woods, soft grass beneath my bare feet, cool air rippling over my bare legs and sending waves of excitement through my limbs.

I am waiting for Robert when I see him approach. I feel my heart flutter, as he steps up to me. I look up at him, he’s towering over me. He leans down and places a kiss on my lips. I blush and I wrap my arms around him and kiss his lips softly. He captures my lips between his and kisses back with as much passion. His tongue pushes forward, making sweeping motions inside my mouth. His touch melts me; I feel the desire grow strong between us.

I am pushed against the trunk of a stout tree, his kiss still controlling me. I feel his hands invade my body, up to my breasts, and once again my nipples harden. His lips break free from mine and he kisses my neck. His lips are like fire, I am gasping for breath. His skilled mouth inches forward, up to my ear. With a soft, voice he whispers,

“Do you want me, Elvie?” he asks as he presses his erection into my body.

“I do want you,” I reply in a faltering voice. almost begging him, needing him. I lose control of all my senses. They’re all focused on him.

He begins to unbutton my shirt. Slowly, he runs his hands along my shoulders, pushing my shirt to the floor. His mouth is still kissing, and sucking on my neck. He reaches around and unclasps my bra, the cool air wraps around me and I feel completely exposed . I help him with his shirt, doing the same as he did to me. I find his buckle, and start to undo it. I lower myself to my knees and finish, pulling his jeans down until they are around his ankles. I can see his blatant, aggressive, isveçbahis giriş arousal trapped behind his boxer shorts. Reaching up, pull hard on them until they slip off his hips and his cock springs free.

He rocks his hips towards me, his straining erection begging for my lips. I move closer and wrap my mouth around his head. He gasps out, and leans forward. One hand against the tree, holding himself up, the other coming down to the back of my neck. I start to suck, slowly, softly. I work my tongue around him, soaking his cock with my mouth, before I pick up speed. I let my teeth roll down his shaft, my tongue flicking lightly under his shaft. I focus my attention right under his head, which makes him groan out for more. His hips start to rock forward searching for more attention.

His throbbing erection pushes deeper into my throat, I hear his moaned request and suck harder. We hear a noise through the trees, walkers maybe, but it doesn’t slow me down. My mind is focussed on the throbbing erection in my mouth. I have lost all sense of shame, I just want Robert; I want him in the worst possible way. I don’t stop, I suck deeper, longer. He thrusts all of his manhood into my throat, I take him, and he groans out. I pull him out of my mouth, he looks down at me. He is in the same state of lust as I am.

Robert pulls me down to the ground our bodies tangled together. The mossy grass is soft and cold against the skin of my bare back. His mouth moves down from my mouth, covering my left nipple and sucks hard on the tip of it. My warm tingling flesh begs for his touch, I murmur softly. He smiles that lustful smile and rolls his fingers over my right nipple. His teeth sink into my left one, as his tongue lashes at it hard.

“Bite me Robert, bite me until it hurts.”

My left hand works down, finding his erection, he wriggles closer wanting me to touch, and I do.

His lustful eyes are burning deep into me, his wanton smile so obvious. I open my legs for him. He lifts them slightly, placing my knees against my chest. My skirt is lifted all the way up around my tiny waist. My breathing becomes a desperate rhythm, his cock playing with my pussy lips. His touch is warm as he leans down over me.

He takes my nipple back into his mouth, it hardens instantly, and he chews on each one. He goes back and forth between the two, giving each his special attention. I can feel my pulsating core throb for him. I lift my hips, begging him to take me. The head of his hot, bulging cock presses against me once more. His mouth not stopping, finally he begins to push inwards. I can feel how wet I am against him. He guides himself slowly, inch by incredible inch, isveçbahis yeni giriş inside me, easing himself fully into me.

He begins to roll his hips gently, fully inside me. My hands move up, into his hair, I grip him, and he rolls faster. He doesn’t thrust, just rolls deeper into me. I can feel myself withering, encouraging him to go on. He finally begins to thrust into me; I whimper and lift my hips from the floor. I match his pace, not missing a beat.

We move together our rhythm in harmony. He moves a hand down and wraps it around me, gripping the soft flesh of my ass. I moan out his name.

He continues to grind slowly into me, not giving in even when he can feel I’m close. He seems understand all my needs so well. As my excitement builds, he begins to pound down into me harder, with a hungry need. The way he cock fills me and his body touches my clit, pushes me on. I lift my hips, a wave of orgasm hits me, uncontrollable, shuddering with contractions. He covers my mouth in kisses, muffling my cries. I bite his lip as I moan, drawing blood as I relish my release.

I hear him groan against my lips as his body jerks forward. His own glorious waves erupt inside me. His hot seed spills into me, my orgasm still as intense. I can feel my pussy sucking him in deeper, drinking all he has to offer me.

My fingers slide deep into my sex as I feel Robert’s penis jerking inside me. My other hand drives between my legs my fingers playing with my hard clitoris, “oh Robert yes,” I breath aloud, sliding my fingers out of my soaking vagina spreading my juices over my excited body. Still rubbing my begging clit I push my fingers back inside, the walls of my vagina tightening instantly around the welcome intrusion.

“Oh Robert come to me, come and fuck your little cum slut.”

I am so naughty, so fucking dirty. I plunge my fingers deeper into myself and thrust them in and out, in and out, making wide circular movements, stretching myself in all directions. The sound of my wetness sloshing and squelching driving my passion higher.

“Oh Robert, shove your hard cock into my tight hole, and fuck me until it hurts. Take me Robert, fuck me.”

Thrashing against myself, my hips thrust forward to meet my rampant fingers. I needed to climax.

“Make me cum Robert, make be cum,” I scream aloud before I suddenly freeze, unable to move; for a second, time stands still; all feeling is gone from my body and I do not want to breath. I cannot hear or see anything, and I am not aware of where or who I am. The ecstasy crashes into me, firecrackers exploding in my sex and reverberating across the universe. Juices run freely from my vagina. I close my legs tightly and draw my knees hard to my chest, my hand still cupping my exploding sex. My body is pulsating, drunk in my own orgasm. I roll onto my side, my body still curled tightly into a ball, conquered once more by Robert.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32