Educating Laura Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

Laura’s lonely summer has improved thanks to a surprising offer from Richie, a fellow student visiting her, and finally making friends with two of the camp staff, Andy and Alison, breaking through their shyness and reserve.

Remaining chapters will also be in this category; note Chapter 5 contains mild mentions of BDSM and a couple bits of same-sex contact.


It was the Friday afternoon after I’d said goodbye to Richie. Andy had continued to be the perfect gentleman companion, not letting on that he’d seen me nude. I suspected Richie was right — Andy did fancy me, in the sense kızılay escort of liking my looks. Though I was equally sure he was much more interested in Ali, as a person. If he wanted a relationship at all, which he probably did once camp was over, it would be with her. I’d exchanged a couple brief texts with Richie, to reassure him I wasn’t still pissed off with him, but left it at that.

Then a Range Rover pulled up at the gate. It had been Pete’s afternoon off. Pete and his bike lay in the back.

“Shit, Pete, what have you done?”

He grimaced kolej escort weakly. “Turned the bike too sharply to avoid the cliff; landed on my shoulder.”

And the side of his face, it seemed. At least the helmet had protected him from much worse facial scraping on the gravel.

Jude took him to A I’d forgotten he was Scottish. “Last year of school, in England. Everyone’s eighteen, then they’d ship in coachloads of equivalent boys for dances or choir or whatever social event. They’d pre-load with booze, certain teachers would spike the punch if forced maltepe escort to be on duty… we’d have a few drinkies first, too… Anyway, I’ve seen some terrified lads surrounded by posses of lairy drunk girls in heels and their Little Black Dresses… not to mention one poor housemaster. Took three of us to pull one girl off from sucking his face!”

Andy chuckled. “May I apply my imagination, now?”

“Pretty much! The worst scandal *had* been when some lads held a pissing competition up the wall, but then there was this one dance where half the attendees disappeared, because someone left a back door unlocked… When they came back in pairs, most of them looked extremely dishevelled!”

“But you were a good girl and didn’t sneak out?”

“Me? No. I was horribly shy back then. I got a snog by the end of the night — even saw the guy again — and that was a big step forward!” Repressing any desire towards women probably hadn’t helped.

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