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Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


It was no secret that I was never good at talking to girls growing up, or women either. It wasn’t that I was uncomfortable with my body – though that didn’t help – it was that I struggled to relate to people at all in real life, and the weight of expectations just confused me. Left alone with my computers, I was fine, and my horny twenty-something-year-old urges could be well satisfied by internet porn and a bottle of hand cream.

But my mother worried. She phoned me every night. She was a single mum and worried constantly about me, which I kind-of liked although I dreaded the inevitable subject of my love life. “I’m fine, mum,” I would say, over and over. “I don’t need anyone.”

“What about Stacy?” she asked one evening. “You like Stacy, don’t you?”

Which was true enough, except Stacy was a hundred miles away and had barely noticed me over the years. A very attractive girl, though. She lived across the road from us and I would often watch her from my window, sometimes through a crack in the curtains with my cock in my hand. Even now, years later, she was a favourite fantasy of mine. “Mum…”

“You never know, Dai,” she said. “Sometimes wishes do come true.”

Two weeks later, a large tea chest was delivered to my house, along with the note, “I know you’ll love this! Mum.”

Intrigued, and also a little concerned at how much it must have cost to ship when she could have just waited until I visited her, I cracked open the chest to find it brim full of polystyrene chips. It took me an age to extract what was buried within. Slowly, inch by inch, the gift was revealed, starting with a head of blonde curls attached to a very familiar head. For one horrified moment, I feared that my mum had murdered Stacy and shipped her to me.

No, that didn’t make sense. But the idea that my mum had sent me a life-size doll that perfectly resembled Stacy was no less fantastic. I phoned her. “Mum! How? We can’t afford this?” I didn’t dare ask why – why she had sent me a sex doll. Or if it came with instructions.

She laughed. “Didn’t cost me a thing – well, apart from the post and packaging. Now go. Enjoy!” Still laughing, she put the phone down, leaving me alone with my brand new naked Stacy doll.

It was incredibly realistic. The attention to detail was incredible, and although its flesh was room temperature and therefore unexpectedly cool to the touch, it didn’t feel like plastic. It was heavy too, weighing about as much as the real Stacy probably did. And as I finally managed to lay it on my bed, the only obvious place to put it, I had to admit to myself that, despite its lifelessness, it looked very sexy.

That she looked sexy. Though I had avoided touching her intimate parts, having them so exposed to me had me very hard indeed. My cock was straining to be free of my pants, and, really, there was no one to see me take it out, no one to question my behaviour, no one to judge me. The only person – weirdly – who knew anything about it was my mum, and she had encouraged me to do this.

There was only Stacy. Lifeless doll Stacy, her gaze fixed… if I stood isveçbahis in just the right spot, it was almost as if she looked directly into my eyes. It was eerie enough to make me shiver, but also exciting. From the expression on her face, from the reddening of her chest and from the obviously engorged nipples, it was as if the real Stacy had been captured forever in a moment of ecstasy.

How could I not run my hands over those beautiful breasts? How could I not take those swollen nipples into my mouth, biting gently as I imagined her whimpering pleasure? How could I not explore between her parted thighs, feeling what I had only ever imagined before? Those delicate lips, a clit that I had no difficulty identifying, and then that entrance… soft flesh parting with little reluctance as I pushed a finger within.

Despite the glossy, seemingly wet appearance of her pussy, my fingers came away dry. I slipped a finger into her tight ass, and discovered a similar illusion of wetness within. Her mouth too.

I had to keep reminding myself that she wasn’t real. That this was a doll designed and built to be fucked – and how could I deny myself that pleasure? Here was the woman I had lusted over for years, in my bed, waiting and willing. Who better to lose my virginity too? I wondered what the real Stacy would say if she were here. Would she scream and call me a pervert? – or demand I whip my painfully hard cock from my trousers and give her the fuck she so obviously wanted…

But she wasn’t there. I stripped in record time, and knelt between her parted thighs, lining my cock up for entry with all the skill of a complete beginner. But she didn’t complain once. She waited patiently for me to find that entrance and thrust in triumphantly. There was just enough friction to excite me deliciously as pumped away at her eagerly, thrilled at finally getting to do what I had only ever watched before.

The only thing that bothered me was the silence. I withdrew from that sweetness for a minute as I hunted for some porn to play in the background. To the familiar strains of, “Oh, yes baby, like that, fuck me, fuck me with that huge cock, mmm yes, I’m gonna come,” I resumed my place between Stacy’s legs and thrust in once again to her welcoming pussy.

But it was I who came, filling her sweet cunt with pulse after exquisite pulse of my creamy cum, that no doubt I would have to clean out eventually but for once I was just happy to lie there in post-orgasmic bliss, and wondered if the expression on my face was anything like the one on hers. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” my computer screamed. “I’m coming! I’m coming! Ohh!!”


I positioned her on a chair in the kitchen to keep me company while I cooked dinner, and from time to time I slipped my restless cock between her lips that seemed almost to wrap themselves about my shaft as I thrust ever deeper. I had no idea if it felt anything like a real blowjob, having never received one, but there was such joy in filling her tight throat, and even the brush of her teeth against my sensitive skin excited me.

Having come so quickly and so recently in her sweet cunt – the sight of my cum leaking from her pussy onto the chair was isveçbahis giriş a definite thrill – I was in no hurry to do so again. I brought myself to the edge many times, in between chopping and stirring, and it wasn’t until my plate was filled and ready to eat that I allowed myself at last the pleasure of filling her mouth, or at least of aiming my throbbing cock at her mouth as a few feeble spurts of creamy cum splashed across her lips and chin.

I left her there as I ate in front of the TV, and was so happily exhausted that I fell asleep. Hours later, I awoke, desperate for a pee but with a painfully hard erection that refused to subside and made emptying my bladder a major effort. It wasn’t helped, of course, by the memory of what I had done earlier, or the knowledge that Stacy was still there, waiting for me.

She seemed quite unbothered by having been left sitting by herself naked in the kitchen for hours while my cum dried on her skin. I washed her carefully and took her to bed, my cock hard and impatient. To the sounds of a gentler, more artistic porn vid, I took her again, determined to last longer this time. My rhythm was slow, my thrusts long and deep, each one an individual pleasure.

As we fucked, I bent to kiss her breasts, or to suck on her nipples, or to kiss her on her lips. “Mmm, oh yes,” she murmured, “mmm, ohh…”

Until the need was too great and I pounded away with increasing vigour despite a painful cramping that threatened to end things prematurely. With a cry of ecstasy I came deep within her…


Having forgotten to set my alarm, I awoke late and had to leave her still in bed as I dressed hurriedly and ran for my bus. Checking my phone for notifications, I saw a message from my mum: “My son’s a real man now! Try fucking her ass. I bet she’ll love it.”

I replied: “Bad enough that my own mother has given me a sex doll. Now she’s giving me advice on how to use it?”

Her response came less than a minute later. “It’s poor Stacy I’m thinking of. The girl needs constant attention.” I shook my head, baffled over the strange turn my life was taking. But the thought of Stacy impatiently awaiting my return home was a pleasant one.

As the hours dragged by, and as I came face to face inevitably and uncomfortably with real women, I wondered what it would be like if Stacy weren’t a doll. What if she were a real woman, with real demands, with a life of her own. Would I be able to handle it? Just the thought of it made me feel alienated from my own existence, as if my life were being stolen from me.

No. Doll Stacy was infinitely superior. Doll Stacy understood me, and vice versa. The rush of pleasure at finding her still in bed, exactly as I had left her, confirmed that. “Hi honey,” I said, bending to kiss her.

In the morning’s rush, I hadn’t had time to clean her, but my mum’s message had echoed in my thoughts all day. I positioned Stacy on all fours, her beautiful arse presented to me, that tight ring of muscle a seductive sight indeed – not that I needed seduction. I was already as hard as I’d ever been.

I tore my clothes off – well, not literally – and knelt behind her, lining my cock up isveçbahis yeni giriş for entry. It took considerable effort to breach that rear entrance, and indeed for a moment I had doubted whether it was possible at all – but then, gloriously, I penetrated her. She was so wonderfully tight, and (doll or not) it felt wickedly dirty and wrong.

Once again, though, the silence was distracting. I paused my pleasure for a minute as I hunted for something suitable, and then to the tune of, “Fuck my tight ass with your huge cock,” I resumed my assault on that sweet target. “So fucking big,” she screamed as I thrust in hard.

It was almost too much for me. I had to halt frequently just to hold myself back from the edge. “You like this, don’t you?” I growled, spanking her experimentally.

“Harder,” she cried. “Harder!”

I gave her what she wanted, until I pounded her uncaring that I was fast approaching my own climax. “I want your cum in my ass,” she said, and I laughed helplessly as I gave it to her, in what was so far the most profoundly satisfying orgasm of our relationship so far.

“Oh wow,” I gasped as I collapsed onto the bed next to her. With one hand I toyed idly with her breasts that hung heavy, pendulous, beneath her. “I love you, Stacy,” I whispered.

My phone chimed and I reached for it. Another message from my mum: “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

I called her immediately. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, Dai,” she said, laughing. “I love having my ass fucked – and I bet Stacy loved it too.”

“What are you talking about?” I demanded again.

“Magic, Dai. Everything Stacy feels, I feel too. Every touch on her breasts, every kiss on her lips, every cock in her tight ass…”

It was absurd, of course. Experimentally, I pinched Stacy’s left nipple hard. “Aah!” my mum cried as if in genuine pain. “Ouch! Please don’t do that. Bad enough for me, but think of poor Stacy!”

“It’s just a doll, Mum,” I said. A weird life-size voodoo doll that was doing things I didn’t like to think about to my mum. A doll that was an astonishingly realistic copy of Stacy… “Or is it?”

She chuckled. “Yes and no. It’s really Stacy, but she’s a doll now and forever. Unable to think, but certainly able to feel – and I’m sure she’s loved everything you’ve done to us so far. I know I have.”

“But how?” I whined.

“Magic,” she said. “I’ll explain one day. Now, don’t neglect the poor girl, Dai. Give her the fucking she’s desperate for.”

The call over, I stared at Stacy. Was it really possible? Was it really her? Was my mum really feeling everything I did to Stacy? Why did the mere possibility of any of it being true have my cock spring to life so swiftly – and less than five minutes after I had emptied my balls into that gorgeous ass, too.

It was all so horrifyingly wrong, and yet at the same time the thought of Stacy – the real Stacy – being forever passive and mine to use… of the thought that I was pleasuring not one but two women… even if one was my own mum, but that was incidental.

And anyway, if she liked a good ass-fucking, I was happy to give her another one. Kneeling again behind Stacy’s beautiful arse, I thrust once more into her rear, extra slippery now, and this time with the benefit of having just recently come. “This time,” I said, “I’m going to continue till you phone me and beg me to finish…”

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