Cancelled Date Night Ch. 04

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This is the second part of the story, the first part is covered in chapters 1-3 which should really be read first if you want an introduction to the characters.

This series is my first submission so comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Dave was awoken by movement beside him. Through bleary eyes he saw Sarah climbing into the bed.

She must have gotten changed at some stage during the night as she was wearing her string pyjama top, but curiously no bottoms. As she snuggled back up into his embrace he felt the cool, bare skin of her ass cheeks grind gently against his morning wood.

But Dave’s mind was distracted. In his waking haze he had temporarily forgotten what had happened last night but the memories had started flooding back and each one injected a fresh dose of shame.

He had gay sex. Well not exactly sex and not exactly gay but there was no denying the fact that he was given an orgasm by and gave an orgasm to another man. And as much as he tried to he couldn’t bury the fact that he immensely enjoyed the experience.

What did this mean? Was he gay? He must at least be bisexual, right?

No. It was a mistake. He was obviously a lot drunker and hornier than he realised last night and things had gotten out of hand. Nothing like this would ever happen again, that was for sure. Now he just had to try and put the whole incident behind him.

Sarah’s continued grinding forced him out of his thoughts. Looking down at her half naked body, an idea struck him. He reached around and started groping one of her breasts through the thin cotton top, she groaned softly obviously satisfied with the results of her grinding.

But Dave didn’t stop there, he let his move swiftly down Sarah’s torso. He could feel the steady breath of Colleen on the back of his neck but this only strengthened his resolve. He was going to fuck his beautiful girlfriend right now, he was going to fuck her hard and he didn’t care that Colleen was still here.

In fact, he was glad, this was not only was he proving his straightness to himself but to all three people who had witnessed his slip up last night. This was exactly what he needed to start putting this all behind him.

Dave’s fingers combed through Sarah’s pubes and he stopped only momentarily to tease her clit before plunging two fingers deep inside her. She was already soaking wet. With his fingers sliding, almost frictionlessly past her slick lips, Dave attacked Sarah’s neck, kissing and sucking at every inch of skin in between her ear and shoulder.

Sarah’s moans were pretty much continuous by now and it was only a matter of time before Colleen was woken up. Dave had been trying not to think about what he was going to do when that happened, he was trying to focus all his energy on Sarah, but eventually bağdatcaddesi escort he wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

It started with a twitch then he could feel something up against his thigh. He had felt Colleen’s body pressed to his, spooning him, since he had woken up but this was different.

The touch of her body was soft and cottony, she must have changed into pyjamas with Sarah, but this was a different texture, smooth and kind of sticky. It was skin.

The sensation of skin on skin moved slowly and steadily up Dave’s inner thigh. It seemed to be spurred on by each of Sarah’s deep moans.

Dave was disgusted with himself. He knew he should move, get away from the penis tracing a path up his leg and concentrate on fucking Sarah. But each twitch of Colleen’s cock sent a shiver of excitement up his spine that he just couldn’t force himself to pull away from.

As the cock slid higher and higher up his thigh his arousal grew deeper and deeper until it finally hit a dead end and prodded softly against his ass. Dave almost came and he couldn’t convince himself it was due to Sarah’s dry humping.

He needed to do something fast, to stop this devolving into a repeat of last night and ruining his plan. He roughly flipped Sarah about so that she was now facing him. A naughty grin spread across her lips at this uncharacteristically aggressive move.

Now he could appreciate her full feminine form, and reassure himself of its beauty. Her neatly trimmed bush, her curvy hips, her deep cleavage and the erect nipples poking through her top, her long neck, pouty lips and finally those big, wide eyes.

He took a second to take it all in before desperately locking lips. Sarah returned the kiss enthusiastically as Dave’s arms embraced that gorgeous body. Everything seemed to be going according to plan now, even Colleen’s persistent erection or her hands starting to caress his back couldn’t take away from this passionate embrace.

Sarah eventually broke the kiss. Her hand slid slowly down Dave’s torso as she nibbled on his ear and whispered to him;

“You are amazing baby. I spent the entire night dreaming about what happened last night. When I woke up I’d soaked right through my bottoms.”

Her hand had reached his crotched and she gripped his cock firmly.

“So I need you to help me out by making those dreams a reality. Please. I feel like I’m going to explode.”

He knew then it was useless to keep fighting. He could never resist Sarah’s naughty damsel-in-distress act. He knew he would do whatever she asked and he knew he’d love every minute of it.

She rolled him onto his back and straddled his hips. Her face broke into a devilish grin as she slid Dave’s cock into her soaked pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she reached beykoz escort the hilt and she just sat there, completely sated for a moment, softly groaning to herself.

She sat perfectly upright on Dave’s cock, her arms which were extended straight against his stomach pushed her breasts together as her head lolled backwards and swayed slowly left to right.

This moment of meditation did not last long however as her lust and horniness took over. She started pounding herself down on Dave’s crotch and when she had gotten into a steady rhythm She crawled forward and grabbed a hold of Colleen who was snuggled up by Dave’s side.

Dave could now see that Colleen had indeed changed into a pair of Sarah’s pyjamas, she wore a light cotton top, which was slightly too small for her and left some of her stomach showing.

She was obviously still conscious of her lack of breasts and had opted to leave her bra on in a somewhat successful effort to appear maintain a more feminine shape.

A pair of shorts were doing a terrible job of covering her erection, her cock had extended beyond the extremely short legs and pushed itself almost fully outside the shorts.

Dave hadn’t gotten a decent look at her cock yesterday but he saw it in its full glory now. He reckoned it was a bit smaller than his, but not by much, and was completely smooth. Sarah had obviously gone a bit further than just waxing Colleen’s legs last night not stopped.

He watched it resting on his leg and knew he should be repulsed but he wasn’t, not in the slightest. In fact he was becoming strangely intrigued and drawn to the cock. It was a bizarre feeling, he’d never thought sexually about another man’s dick before.

But before these desires could manifest into something physical Sarah had leaned across him, blocking his view before locking her lips around Colleen’s mouth and Dave’s thoughts were lost to the erotic, lust-filled kiss between the two girls.

Without breaking the kiss Sarah slowly encouraged Colleen to kneel up so that she could maintain a decent pounding rhythm on Dave’s crotch. Colleen swung a leg over Dave’s body and the two girls embraced fully, the pyjama tops were discarded so that their hands could grope at every inch of skin.

Sarah grasped Colleen’s exposed cock and went to work, Dave could feel the gentle tapping of her balls on his stomach, they had too must have fallen out of the shorts.

Colleen’s fingers eventually found their way to Sarah’s clit, Dave felt extra pressure on his cock inside Sarah. He moaned loudly as Colleen switched between massaging Sarah’s clit and the base of his cock. The girls had broke their kiss and Colleen started sucking hungrily on Sarah’s nipples.

Overcome with horniness, Dave clawed at Colleen’s shorts and, after some awkward caddebostan escort shuffling, between them they managed to get them off. He gave her cheeks a gentle squeeze before gently inserting his finger in between them.

This, however, did not go down as smoothly as it had last night. Colleen gave an uncomfortable grunt and pulled away from his finger.

Dave jerked his hand back and started apologising to her. Maybe she too was experiencing second thoughts on what had happened last night. He was quite worried that he screwed up royally now.

Colleen turned to face him and noticed his concern. She didn’t say anything but shook her head to tell him to stop apologising. She grasped his hand and brought it up to her mouth, took the index and middle fingers together and wrapped her lips around them.

Maintaining eye contact the entire time she began to sock and lick the fingers, twirling her tongue around them, covering them in saliva. The feeling sent shivers down Dave’s spine.

After a few minutes of this she slowly drew the fingers out through her pursed lips then, turning back around, she guided Dave’s hand back to her ass and helped him push inside her. With the added moisture and Colleen’s more experience guidance they went in much more easily sighed in appreciation.

Dave began to push in and out of the ass, building up a steady speed. After a while Colleen started to push backwards on the bed, her ass moved closer to Dave while her back arched further, thus giving him easier access.

Eventually her ass was just below his chin and without even thinking Dave leaned in and started to kiss the smooth cheeks. This drove Colleen wild and she pushed back harder against Dave’s fingers.

At the same time Colleen’s head was moving lower down Sarah’s body. She left a trail of kisses down her stomach before reaching her clit. Dave could feel her tongue lapping against the base of his cock as she kissed, licked and sucked at Sarah’s pussy.

A few seconds of this was all that Sarah could handle. She erupted in deafening orgasm that seemed to last forever.

Her groans of pleasure wouldn’t cease and she was forced to roll off Dave and away from the intense pleasure. She lay on the bed next to Dave and Colleen groaning and twitching.

Dave and Colleen became a touch concerned about her.

“You OK there sweetie? Need me to…” Dave asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…” she mumbled in between moans and gulps of air.

“Do you want me to do any….”

“No, no, no, no, no, no…”

Dave and Colleen exchanged a glance and started to giggled at Sarah as she lay there completely incapacitated. Eventually she regained control of her limbs and got shakily up from the bed.

“I’m OK, I’m OK.” she said as Dave and Colleen made moved to help her.

“I’ll be fine in a minute, I’m just going to go to the bathroom to compose myself.”

She made her way to the en suite and as soon as the door closed Dave and Colleen fell back onto the bed in fits of giggles. In fairness, she had literally asked for it.

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