C,A Ch. 02 – Cruisin’ Sapphic Seas

      C,A Ch. 02 – Cruisin’ Sapphic Seas için yorumlar kapalı

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“This boat is a LOT smaller.”

Andrea’s observation rang hollow in my head as we made our way around the ship. I didn’t care. We loved our honeymoon cruise, but my expectations were very different for this one. 7-days was great for a honeymoon, but a shorter 3-day getaway to party was exactly what I needed.

The ship was nice enough, but certainly not the caliber of our last one. It was a bit more dated; everything looked a little faded like it came from a previous generation. Looking over the itinerary in our cabin after the debarkation meeting, there was still plenty to do.

We mapped out the day — Friends trivia at the bar, maybe bingo in the theater, definitely adult karaoke and ‘mature audiences’ comedy show to cap off the night. Our bags were delivered to our room, our hidden liquor undisturbed. We mixed up a couple of drinks and headed to the bar for trivia.

It seemed like Friends is a popular trivia topic because everyone was there. Place was packed, but luckily, we got a seat with an older couple in matching Hawaiian shirts. I guess Friends isn’t as popular as ‘something to do in the lounge’ was because we crushed it. We got our little cruise ship trophy and poked around the ship a bit before bingo.

We took one look at the dozen people at bingo, yawned, and bailed to the room for another drink. Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to hit the upper deck before dinner to sit and people watch as the sun set. The crowd was mostly 40+, making us (33 would you like me to help?”

Desirae sheds her jacket as she straddles Andrea’s thighs on the bed, walking her fingers firmly down her back, then stopping just above her ass to start digging in her thumbs. Brandy and I struggle to keep the game going as Andrea starts making noises on the bed behind her.

“MMMMmmmmm OW! yeSS, right… ah… there…”

Andrea winces as Desirae digs deep after slightly lifting her shirt and pushing london escorts down the top of Andrea’s shorts, exposing her two prominent back dimples. Playing her like an instrument, her thumbs settled in around the dimples in slow deliberate circles. Going only on feeling, eyes closed, she tilts her head and digs in as if she could hear the muscles under her fingertips.

I couldn’t help but notice the energy changing in the room. Desirae working over Andrea’s back went very quickly from a technical therapeutic massage to something more sensual. As she dug her hands in, she would arch her back and squeeze her tits together as if she was angling to put on a show.

Brandy picks up the cards and grabs my arm and in a quiet voice, “Hey… do you see where this is heading? Can we take care of her? You can watch.”


Brandy turns onto the bed and kneels in behind them, straddling one of Andrea’s legs. She begins kissing on Desirae’s neck and squeezing both tits through her shirt. Desirae pauses from Andrea’s back, sliding off her glasses and placing them in the faux window sill. She leans forward sliding her hands all the way up the back of Andrea’s shirt, then rakes her nails lightly down her back. Brandy moved perfectly in sync with Desirae, reaching up the front of her shirt, then to the back releasing her bra.

Her hands move back up the front of Desirae’s shirt, cupping and playing with her double D’s as my cock fills with anticipation. Desirae is now rubbing up and down Andrea’s exposed back and sides, pausing to release her bra strap with one hand as the other clutched her hip just above her ass. Andrea starts reaching back and pawing Desirae’s thighs, wiggling and lifting her ass to invite more.

Brandy slides a hand out of Desirae’s shirt, down her thigh and onto Andrea, giving her ass a squeeze. Andrea shifts slightly to her side, removing her shirt and unhooked bra, then returning london escort to her stomach.

Desirae continues the massage, only breaking for Brandy to help with her shirt. Her massive tits spill from underneath her t-shirt. Big teardrops, hanging slightly to the sides, her dark areolas as big around as the top of those skinny beer cans. They come to a point with her nipples, like a stack of five dimes, hugged by steel barbell piercings.

Desirae leans over Andrea to begin kissing her neck and ear, her big swinging chest dragging up her back and pressing firm against her. Andrea begins to turn her head for Desirae’s lips and spin onto her back as Brandy moves back to rub both of them through their pants. Desirae slides off as Andrea flips to her back and onto her elbows. She gives me a quick look and bites her lip as both Desirae and Brandy dive onto her naked chest, each taking one of her big erect nipples into their mouths.

Andrea begins spreading her legs wide, inviting the girls roaming hands to her warm center. Brandy gets their first and begins rubbing and squeezing Andrea through her jean shorts while moving up to kiss her passionately. Desirae breaks free from Andrea’s nipples and removes Brandy’s shirt, revealing lacy red bra that can barely contain her massive chest. She moves back to Andrea, kissing up her neck while gliding her hand up Brandy’s flat stomach.

Hands continue to roam as the three mouths came together for a big tangled mess of tongues and lips. Brandy and Andrea’s equally full lips struggle to maintain control over Desirae’s big, plump dominating mouth. They end up both sucking on Desirae’s bottom lip for a moment, only to fall back into their ongoing tongue struggles.

Brandy slides out of her bra, unleashing her big, round, natural looking bolt-ons. She had to pay good money for those. They were solid D’s, but her slight frame made them look much larger. Her light brown london escort agency areolas, the size of 50 cent pieces, are perfectly round with only slightly protruding pencil eraser nipples and piercings identical to Desirae’s.

The three of them took turns covering every part of their exposed upper bodies. Tongues flicking nipples, fingers gliding over ribs, lips on stomachs and the occasional meandering hand groping an ass or a clothed crotch. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was here, but it wasn’t long before I stopped caring.

My hard cock was drooling through my shorts, flexing to meet each downward stroke of my hand over the khaki cloth. I tore open my shorts and yanked myself out of my boxers, pulling hard on my eager cock and sinking back into the chair, using my long t-shirt to cover myself. As if it wasn’t obvious.

Pants started getting unbuttoned, hands moved in and out of them, hiding the actions of greedy fingertips underneath. Andrea was still the center of attention as she began to warm up. Her hands rubbed up and down both bodies as if she was trying to decide which to focus all of her attention. The two experts moved over Andrea to kiss, while Andrea took turns suckling from each of their swinging tits. Moving back and forth as the two kissed, Andrea was holding each of them by the hip, hands desperately trying to reach further to feel the difference between both asses.

Brandy and Desirae broke free, sliding down together, and pulled down Andrea’s shorts and black cotton thong along with them, while kissing up and down both sides of her body. Brandy made her way back up to Andrea’s mouth, kissing her and lightly fingering around Andrea’s damp hairless pussy as Desirae took turns sucking and fondling between their chests.

Desirae moved off the side of the bed and dropped her slacks, quickly stepping out of them. Completely naked, her big brown round ass jiggled below her narrow waist as she quickly moved back into the bed. Andrea was still splayed out completely, totally exposed, kissing Brandy who was tracing the outside of her butterflied lips as Desirae began kissing her trembling stomach, slowly moving down between her legs.

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