An Afternoon with Dad Pt. 01

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This story is fictional.

All the persons in the story are 18 y/o or older.”


It was the summer after I had graduated high school. My efforts at finding work were all futile. I was feeling down and listless. Then one Saturday afternoon my dad calls for me to come with him.

He tosses me the keys. “Drive to the Club”, he told me, I knew what he meant so I took us there. When I tried to pull into a space beside the main entrance he tell me to drive down a lane off to the side which led into a grove of trees. In the middle of the grove was what appeared to be a hotel. I am told to pull into the space marked 236 and pull in.

After coming through the main entrance, dad signs us in.

“Good afternoon Mr. Menndel.”

“Good afternoon to you Sam.”

The man at the desk asked, “This young gentleman must be, Clark?”

“It is the very same.” Dad takes the key then we head for the elevators.

As we were going in a man and two women were coming out, all three in their birthday suits.

“Hiya Ed.”

“Hiya back Sam.”

“What is this place?”

“It is the Club within the Club. This is a club dedicated to sexual enjoyment.”

“I have never been with a woman, dad.”

“Don’t worry Clark, your mother has arranged for that.”

When we get grup escort into the room, dad tells me to strip naked and take a shower. As I am drying off, the doorbell rings. I am told to answer it and when I do, the stands Mrs. Mueller, from next door who is stark naked.

“Hello, Clark.”

Before I could get “Mrs. Meuller” out, she say to me, “In such intimate circumstances, call me, Joyce.”

I am uneasy because she’s seeing me naked.

“Clark, my dear, I’ve spotted you spying on me when I was in sunning myself in my backyard, so stop this, shy, business with me. I know that you were dreaming of taking me to bed then using my body, weren’t you.”


“Don’t lie, I know better. You were dreaming of fucking me, weren’t you.”

“Yes, I was.”

“Well, here is what you wished for. So sit beside me on the couch so we can talk.”

I heard that dad was finishing his shower. He came out naked and was toweling off.

“Hello, Joyce.”

“Hello, Sam. I’ve got some instructions for you from Pat. She will be coming back this evening at 4:00 PM and you are to pick her up then drive her straight here. It is 2:30 now, so you’d better get moving.”

“Okay, but hold off seducing my son until I leave.

“Clark, we’re going have to wait iranlı escort for a bit.”

“Dad, the Camero is a two-seater which means you’ll never get mom’s baggage into it.”

Dad barrows Joyce’s then he’s on his way.

Joyce and I kissed ten fucked, then kissed then fucked.

She was laying in my arms during the afterglow of our second time. when we hear the lock click open, then my mom and dad come through the floor. Mom makes a beeline straight for me stripping off her top as she comes toward me. She is naked from the waist up by the time she reaches the bed, when she does reach the bed, we begin kissing each other. I was devouring her and she, me.

My cock reacts immediately by springing to attention. I was bolder than I would normally have been, but because of Joyce’s assistance, I am more assertive in baring my mom’s ass. Mom has the same idea so in a jiffy, I am sharing at her trimmed bush.

“Let me taste you, son.”

Without saying more, the tip of my cock is in her mouth. I felt her tongue licking it then she popped it out of her mouth licking the head and shaft to my nut sack which she covered with kisses.

“Did Joyce take all of your man juice or did she leave some for me?”

“Mom, I am certain that I can fill your pussy.”

When keçiören escort she heard that, she impaled herself on my cock. When I was deep inside Joyce it felt very good, but being inside mom was 500% better. I loved the feel of her pussy juice on my cock and my balls. When her canal gripped my dick, I felt like I was going to lose it, but I did manage to hold on as we developed our rhythm of going in and out.

“Do you like being fucked by your old mother?”

“Mom you are not old, and yes, I do like the way you are fucking me.”

After hearing that, mom bent over to kiss me while she was still impaled on my cock. That felt so good but it did get e closer to a climax.

“Mom, I am going to release inside you.”

“Hold it just a minute longer, honey.”

She picked up the pace which got my balls were getting tighter and tighter. I felt her tension building as well. The mom cried,

“Ahhh Oooo Fuck fuck Aha”

The walls of her pussy convulsed around my cock which was more than I could take forcing me to release inside her.

“O mom, that was so good!”

“Mmmm Thanks. Feeling your hot semen in my pussy felt wonderful, son.”

After mom dismounted me, she fell into my arms. Well kissed and kissed.

That was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever witnessed,” dad said from across the room.

“You watched?”

“Of course I did. Remember, you fucked my wife.”

“Hush both of you, I love both of you with equal intensity. I am glad I came home early so I could be with my two men.

“Now, let’s clean up and go to dinner. Sam, join us in the shower.”

“Yes, dear.”

Pt. 1 is ended.

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