Alice Manipulated Ch. 13

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She’s tiny but terribly cute for a chick just 21 years old. That’s Alice, the favourite fantasy model for the adults’ service club Companion’s Corner run by the horny couple Bernard and Lani.

The reason Alice is so popular – for all her gorgeous looks and sexy body – she’s such a pocket dynamo, so fresh, vibrant and alluring especially to the lecherous when she works part-time evenings to deliver the fantasy dreams of clientele that like to rev up their sex life.

Alice’s only 4 feet 10 inches tall and her slim build and tight butt alerted the erotic adult services business couple to see a big future for her as their star recruit in fantasy land. And their star recruit quickly gained star billing because she’s not just cute and tiny but hot in the cot.

Even though she wears sexy lip gloss, long eye lashes and with professionally applied make-up at the business owners’ beauty salon Alice just gets sexier but she gets tired of telling people she’s really turned 21 instead of being mistaken as a new on the block 18 year-old trying to break into the business.

Her own doctor, and fulltime employer, told her it can be a big advantage at times not to look your age (Chapter 1) and yes, he even demonstrated she was capable of accommodating a man of any size despite her small frame. That was much to her relief. He certainly relieved her and himself at the same time.

While she’s popular, her next client Judge Jurie is downright despised. He’s just an arrogant, tough as nails dominating kind of man who uses his position of power to improve his chances at certain times. When a lawyer associate told him he’d had a frolicking good time hiring a Companion’s Corner model to act out his sexual fantasies and was going back for more, the horny judge pricked up his ears and his prick picked up in eager anticipation of some dubious dalliance he could enjoy too. That is, of course, provided the city’s good citizens don’t find out that their judge has a private fetish he’d rather not have anyone know about.

When he checked his good friend’s story out, saw Alice’s profile and pictures of her face and figure he wanted to court her immediately and whisk her back to the privacy of his secluded two-storey mansion where the miserable man lives alone and deservedly so. Despite waving extra cash to jump the queue to get access to Alice he had to adjourn his idea for six weeks but it made him more determined for them to have her sent to him looking even more ravishing than the images he saw in her portfolio. Being such a high profile man in the city Lani and Bernard have gone out of their way to groom Alice to match his taste buds after he offered to pay those cash with a $500 bonus for keeping his name out of their client records and assuring that Alice can keep it secret.

All Alice knows is that client Judge Jurie expects her to turn up looking, sounding and acting like a female that’s just out of college and in her first week in the workforce to mimic some experiences he once enjoyed with his hungry- for-money 20 year-old granddaughter. In preparation for her four-hour meeting with him she’s been pampered to perfection at the business couple’s beauty salon. After the hot Jacuzzi spa bath, she’s massaged in essential body oils back and front and topped with and an all-over instant tan covering every crevice, thanks to the careful attention by layback French manager Marcel. Her blonde hair’s been shampooed and her original twin plaited pigtails are back with matching small hot pink ribbons tied at their ends; he’s glossed her puffy nipple mounds with edible body paint to make them darker and more lustrous looking, and made sure her satin smooth hairless labia doesn’t have even a hint of stubble. Then her toenails and fingernails are painted in hot pink and her hairstyle retrained so that a fringe drops down to the top of her eyebrows. Fake freckles adorn the bridge of her nose and parts of her cheeks for a co-ed bobby soxer look, artificial longer eyelashes add to her sensuality and she gets a Hollywood starlet style full facial. There’s another kind she’s used to and she won’t be surprised if the not so judicious judge in after hours might apply that without help.

Walking out of the beauty salon she looks a dream come true — for Judge Jurie. Alice jumps in to Lani’s car and they head for the crusty judge’s address in the posh end of town where people with either impeccable characters or impeccable bank accounts hang out and then some who want people to think that.

She’s wearing a soft pastel pink satin top shirt that has no buttons but drops into a deep v shape and held together with a simple slip just above her bare navel.

Lani’s got her into the hot pink size 10 skin tight spandex togs that sit daringly low just under her hipbone and barely hides her high arcing mons pubis. The unlined spandex togs with no legs in them, are designed for excessive bare flesh on the hips, a bum squeezing fit at the back so half the cheeks are cheekily exposed, and at the front the graceful sweep over her bulging pubic bone narrows into a tight grip around each underside bursa escort bayan of her vulva, pushing it up and outrageously outwards in a third dimensional effect capped by a captivating cameltoe cleavage anyone could spot from the other side of the street. The judge will make his own summary of her looks but the word juicy will certainly be in his mind.

Lani wants Alice to do her best to impress the judge too, as he’s someone to have on side in her kind of business so she insists her star recruit gives the best acting performance of her lifetime to please him.

“Alice he’ll judge us on how you come across,” she says as they near his mansion. “He told me most confidentially he had some rather lecherous times with his granddaughter when she visited him in her final year as a high school senior and after she started work for a solicitor but she’s now moved in with a boyfriend and that’s the end of his shenanigans with her. You my dear are the closest thing we have to his granddaughter’s age since she’s only just started working and all our other models are 24 upwards so it’s up to you to carry the flag for us since you easily pass for 18.

It’s our big chance to get someone really influential on side and you know it’s top secret. Just give him whatever he asks for, that’s what you get paid to do but remember, it’s really a fantasy so don’t take anything too personal. Be submissive and friendly; men like that”

Alice shrugs her shoulders.”It’s just that he’s a grub from what I’ve been told even if he is a big shot at the local court passing sentence on others. He’s a hypocrite anyway,” says the red hot looking chick in the hot pink togs as they pull up at the big security gate. Lani reminds her once more don’t be surprised if his ego comes to the for big noting himself and making out he’s a model citizen and not the lecherous man he really is in private. She punches in a code number he gives her and the big gates open and she moves up the long tree lined drive to the mansion set well back rather spookily at night amidst tall trees.

“I know he’s a crusty old mongrel but we have to go with the flow in our business and he’s paying us top dollar plus,” Lani says as Alice alights to head for the huge timber door on her own looking more like a forlorn schoolgirl than the bright young woman she really is.

Judge Jurie hasn’t got over losing touch — in more ways than one — of his granddaughter Jessica who’s now moved in with her boyfriend across town where she’s got another man’s wallet to feed from. The huge door opens and at last Judge Jurie sets his sights on the real thing, this highly vaunted fantasy model, his Alice in Wonderland looking somewhat sheepish standing on the welcome mat.

“I’m pleased to meet you sir, I’m Alice, you’re expecting me so I’m here to please you,” she recites as she does for all clients when she arrives on an assignment. He’s taller than she expected, a shade over six feet and quite burly in his build, completely bald and with big hands that extend outwards to grip her tiny hands in a greeting gesture. She knows why judges wear wigs in court; no doubt they must all be bald.

“Come in young lady, you’re five minutes late,” he complains. “Come into my parlour and let me have a good look at you.”

A huge chandelier hangs aloft in the big room and his eyes scan her top to toes. “Well you are a cheeky young thing aren’t you,” he says in a surprisingly caustic manner, summing her up. “Look at the precocious way you’ve come to my place advertising your private parts without any thought of modesty. Don’t you realise I’m a court judge and my work involves protecting the public from indecency? You’re dressed more like a young slut and you deserved to be punished for daring to put me in a position to compromise my professional ethics by coming into my residence half undressed and especially as we’re alone together.”

“I’m sorry sir, I thought…”

“That’s the trouble with you young ones today,” he interrupts, “you think you thought or you thought you think but half the time you just act without any thought of thinking about the consequences of your thoughts. That’s why so many young ones today end up in front of me in the court room,” he admonished in a typical legal man’s way of thinking he makes sense.

Being witness to his surprise assault on her sexual beauty Alice wonders for a fleeting moment if it’s the same Judge Jurie she’s been told about, the one Lani described as a lecherous geezer especially fond of females not as experienced as some. He’s a dominating kind of man who likes to teach than be told. He steps closer and tugs the slip knot keeping her shortened shirt together and reefs it outwards in both hands to reveal Alice’s tiny bare breasts that don’t need a bra.

“Just as I thought!” he booms. “Look at that. They’ve sent me an undersized fish and I should throw you back where you come from. I expected a young woman with real tits not those buds. What have you got to say for yourself before I send you back with a note and seeking an apology for this mistake?”

Now gorukle escort confused more than ever Alice simply talks straight. “I’m sorry sir if I look that young but I’m really 21, you can ask everyone who knows me. You must have seen my proof of age when you booked me. I wouldn’t be allowed to do…..”

“Don’t give me any of your nonsense cheek,” he interjects. “Coming here telling me what I should know; anyone over 18 should have reasonable size breasts surely and I’m paying for size and what do I get? If I went fishing and you were a fish you’d be too small to take home to eat.”

“But you can eat me sir, it’s part of what I’m allowed to do for you; everyone else does,” she replies blandly.

“Eat you? Eat you?” he recites, “you look more like a walking promotion for one size too small spandex briefs and trying to tell me you’re 21 you must think I came down in the last shower.”

“But it’s true,” the defence tells the judge. “I can’t help it; I was born looking very young.”

At least that makes the crusty old bastard break into a half smile. “Born looking very young? Of course you were and so was I when I was born. You can hardly be born looking old.”

Alice’s mind is racing. What’s he on about? She’s the one supposed to be acting but he’s acting the opposite to what she’d expect from an ageing bald bachelor living alone and supposedly desperate for some sex on the side.

“I was sent here to please you sir, you wanted me I was told. I’ve been prepared especially for you like a chick just finishing senior high and starting out in my first year as a working girl.

“We thought you’d get turned on by me turning up like the village virgin only I’m no virgin and the sexy clothes like in the Roman Empire days they used to prepare maidens for the pleasure of the elites. Well, here I am for much the same purpose. I was told it’s part of your fantasy, you being the judge and ruling over so many people and all that.”

“Well this is not part of Roman Empire…”

“You don’t think we could have sexual debauchery here, Mister Judge?”

“What! In my residence? This is a respectable place I’ll have you know I’ll not allow that kind of behaviour to occur here,” he booms.

“Don’t you have any naughty movies of your own sir? I mean who is to know? Lots of men have them at home and their wives don’t mind and you don’t have to please anyone but yourself.”

“It’s none of your business what I look at in the privacy of my own home but the answer is no, I’ve never bought one or downloaded one, I get them given to me from time to time by colleagues but of course I’d never go out looking for them. I believe there’s no substitute for the real thing — in the flesh.”

“Like me?” Alice pouts

“Listen you little vamp, I haven’t finished trying to get to the bottom of you coming here dressed the way you are when a person of my stature would never be seen with a young slut that doesn’t know how to dress properly. I’m a distinguished gentleman and I can hold my head up in the community even if I’m not popular because I’m a judge. I would expect a more sophisticated young lady than you.”

“But judge I was told I’m to be like your 18 year-old granddaughter who just started work and she doesn’t visit you anymore. Was she that sophisticated?”

“How dare you question me on my judgement!” he booms. ‘My granddaughter Jessica was hot and very passionate and that’s fine for someone 18 because she’s legal for me to do what I did so don’t think for one minute there was anything underhand.”

“No sir, of course not, I can imagine where your hand was, you know, under her skirt,” Alice laughs.

“You impudent little tart!” he shouts. “I have a good mind to put you over my knee and spank you for insubordination. I’m a judge of the court and you, what are you? A frizzed up little sexpot making some easy money on the side at night and when I booked your agency for some adult company I had in mind someone that’s….”

“Someone that’s hot and horny and looking as young as possible,” interjects Alice, “but old enough so you can’t get into trouble but you can let your mind wander some a dirty old man…”

“How dare you!” he shouts almost as if he means it. “How dare you talk to me like that, you uneducated little upstart.”

“Well judge I was told I had to look daring for you and about education sure I never was the smartest but I bet I’m making more money than you get paid. I happen to know you paid $2000 dollars to get me here so I can’t be that stupid. And another thing in the three months I’ve been working at night as a fantasy model I’ve made more money than I’ll get paid for two years in my daytime receptionist job at the doctor’s surgery.”

“Listen you young whippersnapper I don’t care one hoot about what you earn elsewhere I’m only concerned about my reputation. If any of my colleagues knew I picked up with a young woman dressed like you they’d think..they’d think…”

“They’d think the old boy’s pretty smart to get someone so sexy,” she says, so can we get bursa merkez escort bayan on with it?”

“No! I expect they’d suspect I’d settle for less and in my court experiences I don’t settle for less when I can dish out punishment.”

“Am I a suspect, sir, like you say in the court room?”

“Yes as a matter of fact you are and I’m going to see you get punished for leading me on? I’m charging you now with wilful exposure for exhibiting your nipples in front of me and I’m also charging you with hiding evidence from me that could help me make a real difference in your case.”

“What do you mean sir? Hiding evidence? I’m not hiding anything.”

He walks around her and inspects the way her hot pink spandex clings well into the cheeks of her bum and then he returns to the front and runs his index finger lightly up deep indent in her vulva. “Yes, I see, well maybe you are not hiding everything but I’ll be the judge of that. I can see this camel toe you are exhibiting is rather bold don’t you think. You must be aware when you get dress like this it’s the kind of dress behaviour designed to make me, arr, I mean designed to make respectable businessmen and family men look twice at you. I’ve a good mind to have you charged with possession of a concealed weapon — yes, a weapon of mass distraction, just look at how your pussy’s curve sticks out there.”

“Am I distracting you sir, you can….”

“Yes you little trumped up tart; you’ve come here tonight to make me do things that would make me feel guilty for the rest of my week. You must be punished for your impudence. I only had in mind a few quiet drinks and some intelligent conversation at my private bar with a sophisticated lady, nothing else of course.”

“Well sir, you don’t understand, I’m 21, I’m an adult, and they just dressed me up to make me look younger for your sex fantasy.”

He wags his finger in her face angrily. “How dare you tell me, a man in my eminent position in society, that I’d have sex fantasies about young women. Why even the thought of it’s never crossed my mind.”

“Perhaps sir, if I get undressed you’ll feel……”

“What are you suggesting?” he booms, cutting her off. “I know your type; you just want to get me in a compromising situation and kiss and tell. Yes you should be punished for being”

“Sexy?” Alice suggests.

“Yes that’s exactly right, you’re so damn sexy but like that little fish I should return you to where you come from so you can grow up.”

“But you wouldn’t get your kisses then if you did that.”

“Kisses? Kisses? You do that too? I thought people in your business consider kissing on the lips too personal even though your type let them have sex, kissing is taboo.”

He puts his face right in front of her and licks his lips staring at her natural undisputed beauty.”You have hot lips I can tell your type a mile off,” he says. “Hot pink lip gloss eh, and you try to tell me you’re as sophisticated as a woman wearing a proper evening dress with jewellery and maybe nice black high heel shoes to go with her black dress. Dressed the way you are you remind me of my Jessica and how she carried on sometimes coming here to collect her money…I mean coming her asking for money. Educating young ones today isn’t what it used to be. Her hand was always out for the money and she’s cost me a fortune; just as well she got a job.”

“Could she take an eight-inch cock like I could?” Alice throws at him.

“Of course she could, you know ….” He stops mid tracks. “What have you got me saying. I never said that. I meant to say of course how would I know, but you’re just trying to change the subject you little upstart.”

Alice shrugs her shoulders and pouts suggestively for a moment.”Sir I don’t mind if you think I’m that, you can think whatever you like. I have clients who…no, I’m not allowed to disclose what clients think or do, I’m just here to give you a good time. Are you still going to punish me for making you think I was coming here to trick you?”

“Yes of course. It will do you good. It’s like I had to punish my granddaughter. She was real handful. She gave me so many hard times, she couldn’t keep her hands off; me I felt so embarrassed especially when she would use the shower and stand there asking me to dry her.”

“That’s what I’d call stiff luck sir,” chirps Alice. “Judge, you can punish me for coming here dressed like this and letting you think for your fantastic fantasy that I’m like your naughty granddaughter when you were so hard done by with her. What’s really in your mind?”

“That, you little cheap piece of street trash, is for me to know and you not to know, now get those clothes off immediately and show me you’ve got nothing to hide. Your type is likely to be hiding some drugs where you don’t think we’ll go looking for them so we’ll start with the strip search, now move it!”

Alice strips naked in front of him. The saliva is almost dribbling over his bottom lip when he sees how she’s perfectly tanned over every inch of her body like a virgin Pacific Islands native, so smooth and pristine looking, the appearance of an innocent village maiden with her upraised puffy nipples and very little under them and her hairless pussy with its deep cleavage suggesting she’s ready to be read the tribal rites. Alice is truly making Judge Jurie rise to the occasion thinking how he should best handle her.

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