A Walk Through the Common Ch. 02: Mike’s Apartment

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This is the continuation of ‘A Walk Through the Common.’ We first met Sarah and Mike in ‘The Accident.’


The walk to Mike’s apartment from Boston Common didn’t take a very long time, or at least that’s how it felt to Sarah. As they walked hand in hand, she could feel she had a stupid grin on her face like she always did after sex. Especially extremely hot, spontaneous sex like they had just had in the middle of the Common. A permanent flush accompanied the silly grin, making her cheeks as red as her hair. As she walked she could feel the sticky mixture of her juices and his cum running down her inner thighs, making it hard to think of anything else except for the way Mike had just fucked her out in the open. He had taken her like an animal in heat, focusing only on his desire and his need. She couldn’t remember ever being more turned on.

Mike slipped his arm around Sarah’s waist as he led her through the front door of his building and guided her to the door of his apartment. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, holding it open for her. She crossed the doorway and as he shut the door behind her, Mike slipped his arm back around her waist and pulled her close to him, his lips quickly finding hers as both of his arms circled her body. She melted into him, her arms slipped around him, her hands gripping on his back as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. Mike sighed as she lightly moaned against his mouth, pressing her body up against his once again.

As he slid his hand up Sarah’s back to nape of her neck, Mike’s stomach let out a deep growl. The two parted giggling as Mike said, “Well, our little adventure in the Common has made me hungry. How about I make us something to eat?”

“Perfect. Do you mind if I use your shower quickly while you’re in the kitchen? I’m still covered in our cum.” As she said this, Sarah reached up down between her legs and ran a finger across her still dripping wet pussy lips and brought it to her lips.

Mike let out a low growl as he watched her taste the mixture of his thick cum with her sweet pussy juices. “Go,” he said, “and when you’re done we will eat. You’re going to need all the strength you can get so you can handle all the things I’m going to do to you.” He reached out to smack her firm ass as she grinned and turned towards the bathroom.

Sarah shut the bathroom door behind her and let out a deep breath she didn’t even realize she was holding. It felt like reality had suddenly hit her. After all the careful planning, the secrets she was keeping, the lies she was creating, she was here in Boston, and she and Mike had already fucked once. She had been dreaming of these moments for weeks since they had last seen each other, and her heart was pounding as she reached in and turned the shower on.

“I wonder what he will think when I tell him that I’m available for the whole weekend, and not just for the night,” she thought to herself as she lifted her dress up over her head. She realized that phrasing it that way made her sound like a hooker, but a warm shiver came over her body as she recognized that she was loving being dirty, and acting like a slut.

Pushing back the shower curtain Sarah stepped over the edge of the tub and into the large shower, letting the warm water hit her chest and run down her breasts and off her nipples. She turned and bent over slightly, letting the water run down her back as she scooped her long hair up into a messy bun to keep it from getting wet. She didn’t want to keep Mike waiting too long, so she was just going to focus on her body.

She stood under the water for a minute, letting all of her skin get soaked in the warmth as she looked around to find some soap to use. Sarah picked up a bar off of the shelf and brought it to her nose. Inhaling deeply she recognized the warm spiciness of Mike’s scent, the same smell she would experience when they would share those long, deep hugs, and felt her pussy grow warm and start to beg for attention. Sarah stepped back from the water’s spray as she rubbed the bar of soap between her hands to make a lather, trying to ignore the tingles she was getting from her pussy, knowing that it wouldn’t be too long of a wait before she would be having him again.

Sarah set the bar of soap back on the shelf as she ran her bubble-filled hands over her breasts. She caressed them as she washed herself, admiring her full C’s and running her palms across her hardening nipples. As she played kurtköy escort with the soft flesh beneath her hands her mind wandered, thinking of Mike and his hands on her, and suddenly she realized that her right hand was slowly making it’s way down her tummy, her fingertips teasing the top edge of her light brown pubic hair.

She sighed as she ran her finger along her warm, wet pussy lips, but quickly switched her focus back to the shower and finished washing and rinsing herself off. She turned off the water and reached out for a towel that was hanging just outside of the shower on a hook.

She stepped back over the tub and stood on the rug and started to use the towel to dry off. She patted her face dry and ran the towel over her skin that was slightly pink from the warm water. Sarah looked around, realizing that she had left her purse in the other room that contained fresh pairs of panties and a change of clothes. She spotted one of Mike’s shirts hanging on one of the hooks on the back of the door. She slipped into it and found that it was barely long enough to cover her ass. She untied her hair, letting it fall in waves to her shoulders. Sarah left the top buttons of Mike’s shirt undone to show off her cleavage, and looking into the mirror she almost didn’t recognize herself. What she saw was a sexy, confident woman who was going after exactly what she wanted, and not the shy girl she often felt like inside.

Sarah opened the bathroom door and was greeted with delicious smells from what Mike was making for them in the kitchen. She walked around the corner and found him standing at the counter with his back to her. He was scooping pasta with chicken into dishes and had made a salad, and had set out a couple of cold bottles of beer. She walked up and sliding her arms under his, wrapped her arms around her chest and brought her lips to the base of his neck, standing slightly on her toes to do so. He spun around inside her embrace and cupped his hand under her chin, and lifted her lips to his.

“Let’s eat a little something,” Mike said after breaking from the kiss, “because while you look incredibly sexy in my shirt, I’d rather see it on the floor.”

They sat together at Mike’s kitchen table and talked while they ate and drank their beers. Mike kept his hand on Sarah’s thigh, running his fingertips along her smooth skin, and enjoying hearing her breath catch each time he ran his fingers a little higher, a little closer to her warm center as they caught each other up on their lives. Sarah reached over and ran her hand along the waistband of his shorts, teasing the button open, and sliding just the tips of her fingers behind the fabric lightly caressing his soft skin.

“Come on.” Mike said as they both finished eating, standing up and taking her hand in his, pulling her up off her chair and onto her feet. He spun her around and pressed her up against the counter top, kissing her hard and bending her backwards slightly. Doing this pulled the shirt up, exposing her pussy to him. He reached down and ran his fingers along her wet lips, slightly penetrating her with his middle finger.

Sarah moaned as she felt his finger enter her, but he quickly withdrew, and brought his hand up to his mouth to taste her, and she sighed with longing for him.

“Are you ready for more?” Mike asked teasingly as he ran a finger down the center of her chest, light caressing her cleavage that hung out of his shirt.

“Are you?” She replied, grinning as she stepped closer and ran her hand across his bulge pressing against his shorts once again. “It sure feels like you are.”

Suddenly Mike cupped Sarah’s ass in his hands and picked her up, and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist. She brought her lips to his neck, kissing his soft skin and nibbling at his collarbone as he carried her from the kitchen and into his bedroom. Once inside, he set her on his bed and lifted his shirt up over his head as he stared at her hungrily.

Sarah sat up on the bed, reaching for him, wanting to pull Mike close to her, feel his body on hers, but he had other ideas. He grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed, simultaneously dropping her onto her back. He knelt down on the floor and spreading her legs wide he kissed the inside of one of her thighs, close enough to her center that she could feel his warm breath tease her exposed pussy lips.

She shivered at the tuzla escort touch of his lips on her sensitive skin, moaning softly as he left a trail of kisses and light nibbles up her thigh, closer and closer to where she was aching for him. Mike lightly ran his tongue up her wet slit, barely flicking her clit before starting again with his teasing little kisses and nibbles up her other thigh.

Mike looked up at Sarah, enjoying watching her squirm as he teased her with his lips and tongue. Without warning, he brought his lips to her clit, sucking hard on her little bean, which elicited a deep moan from her throat. She reached down and ran her hand through his short dark hair, her fingernails grazing the back of his neck as she held him there.

He slightly let go of the grip his lips had on her and started to quickly flick her clit, rolling it under his tongue as he circled it again and again. Sarah could feel her pussy start to quiver against his lips as her orgasm over took her, waves of pleasure rolling up her body, her back arching as she moaned. Without losing his pace on her clit, Mike suddenly slipped two fingers into her pussy, working them in and out of her wetness, pushing her right back over the edge.

“Fuck, Mike, that feels so good,” she moaned as the walls of her pussy tightened around his fingers as they worked in and out of her, her juices coating his fingers and hand as she came again. Sarah could feel him groan against her pussy as she moaned his name.

As she came down from her orgasm she reached down and cupped his chin with her hand, sat up and bent down to bring her face to his. She thrived on reciprocation, and was aching to touch him, feel his skin beneath hers, take control for a bit. She kissed him passionately as she encouraged him to stand before her.

The button of Mike’s pants was still undone from Sarah’s teasing when they ate, and all she had to do was pull them lightly past his hips to get them to fall to the floor. He stood in front of her in just his boxers, his hard cock stringing against the fabric, and gasped as she kissed him through the fabric.

“Mm, Sarah,” he said deep and breathy as he ran his hands through her hair. She looked up and smiled at him as she gripped his cock through his boxers. Not breaking eye contact she hooked her thumbs underneath the waistband and pulled them down past his ass, his 8 inch cock popping out and practically hitting her in the face.

She stood up and was so close that his cock was immediately in between her legs, grazing her dripping wet pussy. She kissed him again and he wrapped his arms around her pulling her closer to him, grinding his cock against her lips. Sarah broke off from the kiss and stepped to the side, momentarily breaking all contact they had.

Mike reached for her, but she took a quick step backward and looked him up and down, from his broad shoulders to his strong legs, to his thick, perfect cock. She stared at him hungrily as she undid the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off her shoulders to the floor.

Mike reached for her again, and this time she let him pull her close again. Sarah brought her lips to his neck as he reached around and slapped her ass. She briefly sunk her teeth into his flesh, his slap causing her to moan against his skin. She felt his fingertips run up along her spine, and suddenly he grabbed a handful of her hair, and pulled her head back and kissed her hard.

Sarah wrapped her hands around his back, and spun him around so his knees were against the bed. She brought her hands to his chest and pushed lightly, encouraging him to lay back onto the bed. He willingly sat down and pushed himself back so he was fully on the bed, with his legs spread just a bit. Sarah stood at the foot of the bed for a moment before crawling up the bed, her full tits hanging below her.

She knelt between his legs, and brought her lips to the tip of his cock, licking up the precum that was glistening on his head. She heard him gasp as she parted her lips and took his whole head in her mouth, sucking lightly and swirling her tongue around him. Mike reached down and took her hair in his hands so he could watch her suck on his rock hard cock. She looked up at him as she lowered her lips down his shaft, moaning as she felt his head hit the back of her throat.

Sarah loved the feel of his smooth, hard cock in between her lips. She increased her speed, sucking firmly as she tuzla escort coated his cock in her spit. As she cupped his balls with one hand he reached down to grip her tits in his hands, pulling playfully on her nipples. She pulled her lips off his cock, and wrapping her hand around the base of him she brought her lips to his balls. Sarah stroked his cock as she licked and sucked his sack, taking each ball into her mouth, and could tell by his increased breathing and tighter grip on her tits that he was enjoying what she was doing.

Looking up at him she stopped everything she was doing and sat back on her heels. She could feel her juices dripping out of her onto the sheets, she so turned on from servicing him. She had to have him again, needed to feel his perfect cock stretching and filling her. Leaning forward onto her hands she moved her legs to either side of his hips. Without warning, Mike sat up and pulled her onto his lap.

Mike’s cock was wedged up against her dripping wet pussy, and Mike brought his lips to her tits. Sarah’s head fell back as he took one of her nipples in between his teeth, nibbled lightly and flicking it fast with his tongue. She rocked her hips against him, her swollen clit pressed up against his shaft, coating him in her juices. Her hands were wrapped around his shoulders and she dug her fingernails into his skin as she felt another orgasm approaching.

“Don’t stop, Mike, please, don’t stop,” she moaned as she bucked her hips harder against him, rubbing her clit against him as her pussy started to twitch and she came hard. It surprised her, and before she could do anything, Mike flipped her onto her back and climbed on top of her.

Sarah was still coming down from that last orgasm as she felt his head rub up against her still twitching wet slit. With a deep moan, he pressed his cock deep into her pussy. Her legs fell open to her sides as he filled her, and her back arched as her eyes rolled back into her head. Mike thrust slowly until his entire shaft was inside of her, with only his balls hanging out.

He started slow, pulling back almost the full length of his cock out of her before slamming back into her. Mike continued this pattern until Sarah planted her feet on the bed to give her leverage to buck her hips up to meet his thrusts. She giggled and moaned as he gasped at her movements. Suddenly he grabbed her ankles and pulled them over his shoulders and started tearing into her harder than before, taking full control once again.

Sarah writhed beneath him as he pinned her to the bed, taking her again and again. Every so often he would reach down and slap her ass, making her cry out, feeling like she was continuously cumming. She reached up and pulled his face to hers, kissing him hard as she moaned. Releasing him, she couldn’t help but reach out and grip onto the sheets, losing her breath as her body shook as waves of ecstasy rolled over her body.

Mike was groaning deep and loudly as he fucked her, and Sarah could tell he was getting close. She bucked her hips wildly up against him, wanting to feel him fill her with his warm sticky cum again. He thrusted his hips hard against hers,deeply and firmly, until suddenly he pulled out and climbed up onto her chest.

Sarah moaned at the sudden emptiness she felt, and her eyes went wide as she watched as he straddled her chest and started stroking his cock fast, staring into her eyes.

“I want to cover you in my cum,” Mike moaned as she watched his cock and balls twitch as he was mere moments away from his orgasm.

Sarah took her tits in her hands as she watched him stroke his cock inches away from her face, pulling and twisting her nipples in between her fingers.

“Cover me, Mike, like the little slut I am,” she said deeply, and with those words he moaned and his cum started spurting from the tip of his cock. Warm, sticky strands landed on her chest, her lips and chin, dripping down to her belly. Sarah took the pools of his cum and rubbed them into her skin as she gripped her tits even harder, realizing she was cumming right with him and not even being touched.

After he emptied his balls across her skin he leaned forward and placed his head at her lips, and Sarah willingly opened her mouth for him, taking him past her lips and licking him clean, tasting his delicious cum. She licked every inch of him, loving the taste of him.

He pulled back and sat back against the pillows, breathing heavily and staring at her, his cum still dripping off her nipples.

“Well,” he said, reaching out and running his finger along her slit, scooping up her juices and bringing his finger to his lips, “it looks like you might need another shower. Mind if I join you this time?”

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