A Thank You, From Lily

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As I slam the door of my apartment and turn to head down the hallway to the stairs, I see her coming towards me, my Neighbour who lives two apartments across from me. As I mutter a friendly neighbourly ‘hello’, she replies with a friendly greeting and keeps walking. As I brush past her I notice the smell of the perfume she wears, it is quite pleasing as it lingers in the air. I stop at the top of the stairs and look back as she goes through her apartment door, I think of how attractive she is and consider asking her out for a coffee sometime. But I quickly dismiss this as a ridiculous thought and continue down the stairs. As I get in my car I realise that the smell and image of my neighbour won’t leave my mind. I feel an overwhelming amount of arousal, I start daydreaming; I go over each part of her body creating an image of her in my dream. I start with her long seductive legs which always catch my eyes first; I imagine her running her hands over the bare smooth skin of her legs and her slender slim lascivious body. As I’m picturing this I realise that all this has lead to a lot of blood running around my body. I undo my pants and start slowly stroking my erect penis, oblivious to everything around me.

As I continue constructing my image of her, I work my way up her body, her petite breast, nipples erect. Her long lusterious long brown hair covering her bare shoulders and her pale white milky skin which illuminates her features. Her red lustful wet lips as her tongue runs between them, Her Small nose which sits between her most beautiful, most desirable part of her face, her seductive hazel eyes. My imagination turns to her rubbing her slender thighs tightly together as she slowly caresses herself between her legs with her long fingers. The speed of my strokes and breathing increases as I tremble to orgasm. My little box of Ecstasy slowly dissipates as I find myself in the carpark of the apartment block in broad daylight with something wet and sticky in my briefs.

Irritatingly working at the counter I finish helping another satisfied customer. I then notice her as she enters the shop, my neighbour. My eyes follow her as she walks in and starts looking through the books. As she disappears behind a shelf, I quickly gesture to my co-worker to take the cash register and head towards her. As I round the corner an unexpected confidence takes over. The first thing I notice is the yellow slim fitting dress she is wearing. It reveals her ideal figure, her slim hips and her small breasts clad tightly in the material. As she bends down to look at something on the bottom shelf her short hem of her dress rises to reveal the flesh of the top of her thighs. A rush of blood flows to my head and I’m just able to spit out. “Hey how can I help you today?” Her face turns to me and she rises. “Hey, Im looking for Johannes Dream,” her eyes are so striking I can’t take my gaze away and find myself staring. “Ah yes ……. I don’t think we have that in, but I can order that one in for you if you like?” I can smell that same sensual perfume.

“Hmm maybe, could you recommend me anything else, maybe similar to Johannes Dream, something light and easy maybe a bit of romance” she smiles and I suddenly feel warm all over.

“I can recommend you this, It’s a personal favourite,” as I walk down the isle she follows. I hand her a book and she looks at me in a contemplating stare and asks “I recognise you, you’re my neighbour right.” I reply eskort görükle with simple yes.

“I’m so sorry it took me so long to remember you, I thought your face was familiar.” she smiles and turns and scans the blurb. “I think ill take this one thanks and ill get back to you if I like it.”

“You won’t be disappointed with you choice it’s great and a light read. John Grismore is a great writer.” I take the book to the counter were she pays for it .As she leaves I gesture my mechanical employee Valediction of ‘have a nice day’. She replies with a smile and a goodbye .As she walks out the door, I watch her behind in that tightly clad dress. I can just make out the panty line, the thought of her bare ass cheeks under that dress leads to something going very hard and a wave of embarrassments flows over me.

I drift off into another daydream when the customers thin out. I contemplate the chances in my mind of her actually replying, I come to the conclusion that I’m not even in her league, a guy that works a pity, poor paying job in a bookshop, drives a dilapidated car and has only above average looks, There seems to be no chance. But I can’t stop thinking about her, I ponder what her personality is like and make up imaginary conversation which I will have with her, next time we met in the hallway.

I return home from my morning run on Sunday to find a letter that has been slid under the door. I fall exhaustedly on the couch and I open it with out having no Idea who it is from. Then I suddenly realise as my memory sends a bolt of electricity through my brain. I tear it open excitedly with anticipation but all the letter says is call me, with a number and a thank you from lily. My neighbour has left my mind for the last couple of weeks; I haven’t even seen her in the hallway. I forgot all about it, it just slipped my mind. I thought I had no chance. I try not to get my hopes up and try to stay complacent. She only might want to thank me. I can’t even remember what book I sold her.

I call and she sounds generally pleased and can’t stop thanking me, she asks if I want to come over and discuss the book, I don’t decline. I hang up feeling pleased but still an air of uncertainty hangs over my head.

As she welcomes me into her apartment, I try to feel calm but the anxiety wins out. She is wearing another dress, short and revealing and covering her long legs are black nylon stockings which lead up them long lustrous legs. I think to myself she’s a bit overdressed from meeting me to discuss a book. I come to the quick conclusion she must be going out later on tonight. Her face is bright and beautiful her hairs tied back revealing her forehead which lights her face up. She heads to the kitchen as I sit down on the couch. She calls back to me “do you want some wine it’s a red nothing special,” I accept the offer and hope it loosen me up, I feel like someone is twisting something inside my body. I notice the book on the arm rest, Johannes Dream and suddenly it all comes together as I remember the story line, the vast amounts of erotic content.

She sits beside me and places the wine glass into my hands. As she faces me her eyes pierce mine I can’t take mine away, Fixated on that astonishing face. She grins and my whole body goes numb.

“Ok I read it” she begins as she picks up the book I take a big gulp of wine. “It was such a great story, I think the relationship should have not ended, I kestel escort was devastated when it finished. I felt so bad for the guy,” I nod as in agreement and she continues, “Such a twist of emotions and feelings. But in a lot of places I noticed it got a bit saucy,” she now has a vast smile across her face. “I want to thank you for the great recommendation,” she winks. I don’t even need to reply, I understand clearly what’s going to happen as she places a hand on my leg and says another thanks as she leans in to kiss me. Are lips come together, and lock as are tongues entwine. Her hands are all over my body as She push’s me backwards and starts unbuttoning my shirt. I look into her eyes and there is an irresistible sexual desire in that penetrative stare. She kisses my bare chest down to my belt and unbuckles it with her hands. She then goes back to my mouth and our tongues interweave as she sprawls atop of me, my heart races.

My hands find my way to her arse; I slide the material of her dress upwards so I can feel her bare voluptuous buttocks. The passionate embrace continues as are lips are locked and our hands wander over each others bodies. She slides slowly off me and gets up, she takes of my shoes and pulls down my pants, I’m rock hard and the bulge in my underwear proves it. She slides them off and takes my throbbing penis into her hands as her long fingers clasped around it. She starts very slowly stroking and looks up at me, I feel like I’m in a euphoric bubble. She puts her mouth over my penis and slowly lubricates the tip and I let out a long moan. As she tightens her lips around my cock and slides my penis down into her throat, in small increments at a time. Then slowly starts sliding her lips slowly back and forth. I lay back and my dick twitches in her mouth it feels like something is going to explode. She then starts rubbing my balls as she runs her tongue sensually around my penis head, she stops and stands as she anticipates my orgasm. “Let’s continue this in the bedroom,” she takes my hand and leads me through to the bed.

She pushes me down on to the bed and heads to the end of it, “I want to fuck you so badly as Nicholas did in the book” she says as I lay on the bed my erection pointing to the ceiling. She then slowly pulls her dress of over her shoulders and everything is revealed to me, that beautiful naked body. She then unclips and takes off her bra; her perky tits are freed as she rubs them together. All she has left on now are them beautiful nylon stockings .She comes forward towards me and gets on the bed she then proceeds to suck the end of my penis, her lustful gaze torments me. As her lips leave my penis she slides up to me and places them on my lips, I caress her smooth bare arse cheeks and thighs. My hands find there way to her nipples, as I rub them between my fingers. I slide down her and lick her erect nipples circling my tongue as she caress my body with her hands. With my free hand I feel between her legs and just as my fingers run over her, she lets out a shiver of ecstasy. I kiss my way down to between her legs .she spreads them apart and pulls them towards her. I kiss her inner thigh as my head finds its way to between her legs. I slowly circle my tongue around her outer lips she moans in delight. I caress her clitoris with my tongue and work my way down her outer vulva. I continue to suck and she squirms, placing her hands on my head as she runs her fingers bursa sınırsız escort through my hair.

I push her legs apart and start caressing her clitoris with my fingers, as I suck and tongue her. I clean her out and taste her juices. Her breathing quickens as she lets out a high-pitched scream of exhilaration and forcibly push’s my head down and arches her back. She starts to shudder and come to climax but quickly pushes my head away and whispers to me, “I want you to fuck me now.”

I Move up the bed from between her legs to kiss her and look in them hazel eyes. I stick my fingers into her wet opening, and slowly finger her as she squirms and moans.

As I finger and Kiss her she raps her legs around my waist and pulls me in.

I prop my arms up either side of her and tease her rubbing my shaft on her outer lips. She moans slightly and grabs my cock out of frustration and eases it in. It fells so tight, wet and enclosed around my penis the pleasure is overwhelming. I wrap my arms around her and start very slowly thrust my hips. Her grip tightens around me as she starts to moan. Her hips slowly start thrusting as I increase my speed. Her shrill voice tells me to fuck her harder. I prop my arms back up and start thrusting at speed. She screams in pleasure as he legs trembles below me. She also adds to the motion by thrusting and squirming her hips as her fingers dig into my forearm. I even notice her toes starting to curl as I slow down, conscious of my building speed and screaming orgasm I’m trying to delay.

I sit back upright on my folded legs and keep pumping holding on to her lower flat abdomen, I move my hips side to side. She then rises up into a sting position to put her lips against mine, we both wrap are arms around each other in a sweaty embrace. She then slowly moves her hips back and forth and closes her eyes; long slow moans escape her as her head is thrown back in voluptuous ecstasy. We sit tightly locked, her muscles start to tighten and convulse and she moans louder and louder. I feel every one of her convulsions, as she is tightly wrapped around my penis. She reaches orgasm with a loud scream and uncontrollable convulsions. I pull out her; she is motionless except for the violent shudders she feels as her nails dig into my back. My head feels likes it about to explode with pleasure. She then tells me to lie down because she wants to ride me.

I lay flat on the bed and she stands up, standing over me legs apart, she lowers herself, legs folding underneath her. I enter her again and her bottom starts bouncing on my tights, her hands on my chests. She then leans back in ecstasy and I reach out and squeeze her breasts as she continues to slide herself backwards and forwards, along my legs. I feel like my spunk is going to shoot straight through her. She leans in to kiss me and I’m passed the point of no return. My hips thrust faster and faster, as I’m about to cum. I slip out and she grabs my cock, my body trembles as cum shoots out of my shaft of my erect penis all over our bodies.

In a state of total exhaustion we stay kissing in sweaty embrace. After a while she rolls of me, turns over and smiles and giggles. “That was one hell of a fuck, Thank you,” as she kiss me on the check. We both fall off into a deep sleep.

Before I leave she brings up something that she notes might be a let down. She tells me she has a boyfriend, and that he’s overseas at the moment on business, so this was a one off for now, a thank you, it would be good not to mention this to anybody and that it might come back to bite. I agree and leave slightly confused but satisfied. But as the weeks go by she still comes into shop now and again for book recommendations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32