A Tangled Web Ch. 03

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Big Tits

If anything can awaken someone early on a Sunday morning it might be a naked body in your bed when you’re used to sleeping alone. This was the case with Charla when she rolled over in bed and threw her leg over her stepson’s morning woody. That’s correct, lying on his back with his legs spread apart, the satin sheet that covered him couldn’t hide his full blown erection. Before even opening her eyes she realized that the night before wasn’t just another of her sometimes weird dreams.

She watched him for a moment as he slept. Propping her head up on her hand she whispered, “Oh God Alex, what did we get ourselves into.”

This didn’t appear to stir him any from his slumber, Charla watched her new bed partner while he slept. He was mostly uncovered except for a small piece of real estate concealed under a corner of the satin sheets. Strange inquisitive thoughts came to her as she started to concentrate on the concealed area.

Then she giggled and in a quiet voice said, “Hmmm… it appears there’s something that needs attention under the covers here. This may require a little more investigation nurse Charla.”

She slowly pulled on the sheet until he was fully exposed for her viewing pleasure. Continuing her fun, she said, “What do you think doctor? Is the penis in an agitated state of arousal?”

And then in a deeper voice she answered, “You are only partially correct nurse, when fully aroused such as this… the term penis is no longer a suitable word to use. It now must be referred to as an erection.”

Then back to using her natural voice, “But doctor, at what stage of arousal? What if it is only half way up?”

Charla slipped her fingers between his stomach and his erection and giggled. In a deep voice again, and trying not to laugh, she continued to tease him. “Notice that to move the alleged erection away from the stomach that there is considerable resistance. Therefore the correct term is erection… or woody if you prefer. Lesser used descriptions are also available such as prick, cock, or crank.”

She lightly stroked his shaft with her fingers and said, “Look doctor, I think it likes to be petted.”

Having been awake for several minutes now but keeping his eyes closed, Alex couldn’t take it anymore. He laughed out loud as he grabbed Charla and flipped her over on her back. “You’re funny… maybe nurse Charla needs me to take her temperature.”

He quickly moved his hand between her legs, “Hmmm… you feel a little warm… let’s see now, where should I place the thermometer? Wait a minute… I think I found a place.”

Charla grabbed his wrist and tried to push his hand away and said, “Honey… wait… I need to get up and…”

Alex slipped his finger along her slit and replied, “Wait… wait for what? Mmmm… you’re saying no wait but you’re pussy is all wet and saying yes please.”

Hearing those words coming from Alex struck her; it wasn’t long ago she would have punished him for using such words. But her instincts to react to his filthy language were quickly overruled by the raw sexual nature for which it was used. She found herself overcome with anticipation as her boy was having his way.

As Alex positioned athletic young body on top of her while Charla parted her legs to accommodate him. With the words he had used still fresh on her mind, she started to speak, “My god… it seems weird to hear your kid say something like…”

Alex thrust his shaft inside Charla’s dripping wet entrance stopping her from finishing her sentence. “Ummm … ugh… yeah… that’s it. Oh yeah… you got such a sexy hot pussy. You like that don’t you… I can tell. Ummm … ungh…umph… so nice and tight… and wet.”

“Ohoooo… ohh… oh god Alex…” Charla was quickly approaching a climax as her young stepson fucked her with long powerful strokes. In an unstable voice she managed to ask, “Don’t you… don’t you ever wear out… oh… oohhh…”

Alex was ramming her good and hard now as he spoke even more brazenly. “That’s it… oh yeah… you don’t know how long I’ve waited to fuck you. Oh that’s good… you like that don’t you? You like getting fucked good and hard… umh…umph.”

Her body began to quiver as his cock swelled, Charla was sure he was about to erupt any second now as she cried out, “Yes… oh… god… oh yesss… oh yessss.”

And that was all the two lovers could take. His huge nine inch shaft, maybe even larger at this point, began to convulse wildly inside of her.

Even after having sex several times through the night, she couldn’t hold back her own raging orgasm any longer. Her spasms shook her entire body as Alex let loose with a strong first spurt of his warm sticky essence. And then another… and another… and another.

When it was over they were both so exhausted that neither could speak. All they do was to lay in bed, they’re bodies still entangled, while catching their breaths.

Shortly afterwards, the guilt she felt for allowing sex into their pendik escort relationship found its way back into her thoughts. Just like the night before after their first time. And all sorts of thoughts shuffled in her head, along with his words during their lovemaking.

And then she repeated something he had said, “I don’t know how long you’ve wanted to fuck me… really Alex?” Charla got out of bed and put on her robe. “Is that what this is all about, you just wanted to fuck me?”

Alex laughed, “No… c’mon… are you mad at me again? I was just talking dirty is all… I didn’t mean to insult you… I thought you liked it. Hey… where you going?”

Charla replied, “I need a bath.” But before closing the door to the master bathroom she turned and smiled at him, “I’m not mad at you.”

An hour or so later , during breakfast, and after thinking things over, Charla decided to share her thoughts with her young stepson turned lover. “I think we have a few things that we definitely need to discuss this morning before we go about our day.”

Alex sat at the table looking intently into her beautiful blue eyes. After all the years of fantasizing of seeing her stark naked, and wondering what it would be like to make love to her, he wasn’t disappointed. In fact, she was much better than he ever could have imagined. This morning she was dressed in a medium grey skirt that covered her sexy long legs only a few inches above her knees, a light gray sleeveless silk blouse, and black high heel shoes. Her silky dark hair was tied high in a ponytail with a black silk ribbon.

Satisfied that she had his undivided attention, Charla smiled at him and said, “This is important Alex. We are going to have to watch ourselves closely when we’re around people in public, if you know what I mean.” She paused for a moment as she noticed the way he was looking at her. Then she laughed, “Alex… this is what I’m talking about. If anyone finds out about this it would be a disaster, a major scandal. None of our friends, relatives, anyone can know. Now tomorrow the maid will be along with the rest of the maintenance personel, we have to act normal around them. And when we’re in public, well, you never know who could show up. My god, your Uncle Mike and Aunt Cindy are going to be here sometime this week, I almost forgot about that.”

After a few moments of no response she said, “Your best friends Alex, the people you truly trust with your deepest secrets, promise me you won’t say anything.”

Finally Alex broke his silence, “Alright Charla, I’ll try my best not to let anyone find out how I got lucky with my mom. It’s not going to be easy though, do you know how many times one of my buddies has said something to me about how hot you look? Man… I would just love to show you off.”

“Alex! No, that cannot happen! Don’t you understand? At the very least we would be ridiculed to the point of moving away from here. And your father’s business… we would probably have to pack it up and start over.”

Alex laughed and said, “C’mon… do you think I’m stupid or what? I was only kidding… how could I help it? You looked so serious. By the way, do you know how sexy you look when you’re serious? I could take you to the bedroom right now… do you want to?”

Charla blushed and replied, “Oh Alex… what are we going to do? Look, I have a shopping date with Sally today. You should go about your business like you normally do, just don’t go and say anything to your friends about… I’m sorry… I know you wouldn’t.”

Charla spent the afternoon shopping with her friend Sally, afterwards the two decided to stop at a popular restaurant at the mall. They seated themselves at an umbrella covered table outside the front entrance and waited for the waiter to take their orders. The two women had known each other since the sixth grade and have always stayed in touch.

Standing at just over five feet in height Sally is very petite with long strawberry blonde hair. She was wearing a colorful halter top that left her back completely exposed except for the strings that tied it. Her snug fitting low cut jeans fit her personality as a free spirited modern day hippie type.

The two women finished their conversation about the pottery shop they had just visited as the young waiter, Mario, caught Sally’s attention.

“Oh Charla, check out the waiter,” Sally whispered as Mario approached.

A young college student from France, Mario has been working at the restaurant for two years now. Charla, who visits the place frequently, finds him interesting to talk to. It was also an opportunity to practice her French.

Mario asked, “Puis-je apporter vous mesdames quelque chose à boire?”

“Good try buddy,” Sally giggled. “I know we look worldly but I’m very limited on my French.”

“A glass of the house wine for me Mario,” Charla replied. Turning to Sally she said, “He asked if he could bring us a drink Sal.”

Sally looked at Charla and said, “Tell kağıthane escort him to just bring me a beer, the Boston wheat.”

Mario smiled at Sally and replied, “Very good then, would you like me to bring anything else?”

Charla replied, “We would just like the sampler appetizers Mario, but just bring our drinks first please.” She laughed and added, “Mon ami aime votre beau longs cheveux.”

Sally noticed that Mario had blushed as he walked away, “What was that about? Charla, I think you embarrassed him, and when did you learn to speak French?

Charla smiled and said, “I’m not all that fluent, but I try to learn a little here and there. Tim and I went there on vacation that time, you remember, and I became kind of interested. Mario can’t speak a lick of English though.”

“What do you mean Charla? You just ordered in English and he answered you?”

Charla laughed, “That’s all the English he knows, just a few polite phrases and the menu items, honestly.”

“So tell me what you said to him,” Sally insisted. Charla replied laughing, “I just told him my friend found his long locks to be attractive.”

Mario returned to the table with their drinks and after a short conversation with Charla, he looked at Sally and smiled.

Sally said, “So Mario, where do you stand on breast feeding in public?”

After Mario gave her a slightly confused look, Sally figured maybe he really couldn’t speak English fluently. While she still had his attention she continued, “It’s true that I like a man with long hair, but what really caught my attention was your uniform, very sexy.”

Mario answered, “Actually I have no objection to breast feeding, babies get hungry and if they don’t get satisfaction can become somewhat angry. As for the uniforms… well, I would prefer that we could dress more casually. However the boss lady demands that we wear these vests and tight fitting trousers.”

After seeing the look on Sally’s face, Charla and the young waiter laughed. Mario then asked, “So you are one of the, how do you say in English, cougar?”

Sally laughed, “Oh you’re funny… Cougar huh? I’ll show you a cougar.”

Once the waiter had gone, Charla laughed and said, “What’s with this cougar thing anyway? Were only thirty two. Don’t you have to be at least forty to be a cougar?”

As they laughed Sally added, “I’m not sure what the age range is, maybe it depends how young the prey. Speaking of that… I’ve notice that glow in your face and gleam in your eyes today. I know you well enough, so who is he? Someone has definitely put a little extra sparkle in your life since we last talked.”

Charla blushed and replied, “It’s nothing like that Sal… I don’t know… I just feel good today is all. It’s been nice to get out for a while with you today. We need to get together more, you should come by the house sometime soon. We could spend some time lounging around the pool, oh and I hired a chef part time. She’s fantastic… I can’t wait to have some friends over for a little dinner party. I’m going to plan something soon.”

“Great… I’ll be looking forward to it. By the way, how’s Alex doing? He must be getting ready to go to college, is he still seeing that pretty blonde girl… what was her name?”

Charla had been trying to avoid talking about her stepson, but the topic was bound to come up. Sally was like family, many times sitting with Alex so that Tim and Charla could spend an evening out. Sally had accompanied her several times through the years taking Alex to his swim competitions and other events.

“Alex is doing okay I guess but… well, he’s been different lately.”

Sally looked at her friend and asked, “What is it? You sound like there’s something to be concerned about.”

“Oh… it’s nothing really. He’s just at that age, not sure about college, and I guess he and Jennie are through. He told me she met someone at the college and broke it off with him. Anyway, I decided that if he wants to wait a year it will be alright.”

Sally reached across the table and took Charla’s hand, “He’s going to be fine. Alex is a very sharp and attractive young man. When he gets to college he’ll forget about Jennie in no time. Let me ask you something, do you really want him to leave? Maybe he’s worried about leaving you alone.”

After sitting quietly for a moment, Charla replied, “Trust me… I know that’s part of it. You have no idea… if I told you the half of it… oh god. We better change the subject.”

“You know… you could send him over to stay with me for a week or so. Give him some time to think about school… let him see that you can do fine without him there. You know, it wouldn’t bother me to watch him… swimming in the pool… or lifting weights in our gym. Those raging male hormones don’t worry me in the least. ”

Charla laughed, “Shame on you Sally, he’s just a boy. God, sometimes I think you’re serious.”

“What? I just maltepe escort want to help you nurture him… you know how I am. Do you think I went to the swim meets just to keep you company? Just kidding, really though, you can’t blame a girl for looking… and wishing. Why Charla… you’re blushing… am I embarrassing you? Hmmm… maybe I should come over and see whats going on up on that hill.”

“Sally, please… I know you think that’s funny, god what would your husband say?”

The girls were both laughing now. Charla was used to her friend making off the wall remarks. And she knew Sally well enough to know she wasn’t completely kidding about the boys. Sally was never shy when it came to saying one of then looked… to put it politely, nice.

After the two of them got over the laughter, Sally decided to keep it going. “What was that one boy’s name… the one with the blonde hair? Oh… Anthony, he was like always hanging around with Alex. Hey… I have an idea what we should do…”

“I know where you’re going with this Sal, would you like for me to have Alex invite the swim team over?” Charla laughed, “I hate to tell you but… you wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Sally giggled and said, “That sounds like a dare.”

After regaining her composure from laughing, Charla replied, “You’re crazy Sal, but so much fun. One thing for sure… we should get together more often.”

A short time later, Charla was cruising down along the interstate in her new Lexus LX-570 sport utility vehicle. The conversations with Sally still fresh on her mind, she came to the conclusion that it could be a disaster to invite her over. She could picture it all in her mind, Sally flaunting herself at Alex. How would she be able to handle such a situation without coming off like an over protective mother hen? Or worse yet, give it away that she and Alex are intimate. And now that she opened her mouth about having her over.

Maybe she should have Alex invite some of the guys from his swim team… that would be enough to keep her distracted.

And then wondering aloud she said, “Sally is cute but… no… I don’t think anything would happen. She wasn’t serious.”

Earlier in the day, while Charla was away shopping and spending time with her friend, Alex received a visit. Downstairs in the gym, wearing shorts and a pair of white track shoes, he pulled off his t-shirt and started on a set of bicep curls.

Just as he finished his first set, a chorus of chimes made him aware of someone at the door. After running up the stairs and through the main living area he slowed down and walked through the entryway.

Alex was stunned; standing in the doorway was the most stunning teenage girl he had ever laid his eyes upon. It was Jennifer, or Jennie as he called her, his high school crush that dumped him after leaving for college. And she had changed a lot over the past year since he’d last seen her. Her long straight blonde hair was even longer, and sun bleached almost white. Alex had never seen her so tanned, a beautiful dark golden bronze.

This was not the tomboy that hung around with him and his friends. The girl that bugged them to let her play whatever sport they were doing.

Weather it was baseball, fishing in the pond, or even football, she was always up to it. Once they started letting her play, the boys found out quickly that she was very good. From then on she never had to ask, just the opposite, they would be sure to invite her. Although she was a year ahead of Alex, they were soon considered to be a couple in their social circles.

Jennie smiled at Alex and asked, “Are you going to invite me in or make me stay out here?”

Alex let his eyes move slowly down the length of her body. Jennie was wearing a light blue top, the kind that stops short of covering her thin sexy waist. Hip hugging blue jeans cut off short enough to catch your eye and not let go. Her legs were nicely toned making it quite obvious that she wasn’t skipping her workouts. Her tan gave the impression that she wasn’t missing out on any trips to the beach either.

Although it wasn’t easy for him, Alex tried to not seem too excited about seeing her. Especially since she broke up with him for someone she met in college.

“Wow… Jennie, I didn’t think you were coming back for another week or so. You ah… you look really different.” He laughed and added, “You even look a little taller… oh… I’m sorry, c’mon in.”

Although Alex had spent part of the morning and the previous night fucking his step mom, he could feel the making of an erection stirring in his loins.

After graduation the previous year, he had tried about everything get her in bed, but Jennie never gave it up. Many of the girls in high school were easy enough, not her. She had virtue, wanted him to wait until he was able to join her at the college. And she promised she would wait for him, he would be her first.

Then one day out of the blue, Jennie sent him a text to say she met a guy, but wanted to remain friends. After all the waiting, he was sure Jennie was giving someone else the prize.

As she entered the house, Jennie watched his eyes as though trying to read what must be going through his mind. She tried to make idle conversation although knowing where it was going to lead.

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