A Promise is a Promise

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This is a semi-true story.

I say semi-true because even though the story is true, it’s been embellished a bit to make it read better. But the basic circumstances, events, and results are true.

When your wife has her mouth around your cock and her finger up your ass and asks you to promise something,

I ask you, who can resist.


After a really good night of sex the last thing I remember before I went to sleep was that my cock was hard from thinking about my wife and what we did all last night. Now it’s morning and my cock is still hard. I wonder if it has it been that way all night?

My wife is lying next to me, her naked body pressed to mine as we lay there with the early morning sunshine coming through the window. I listen to her breathing, feeling her warm breath in the back of my neck, very aware of her warm body pressed against mine, feeling her arms around me, breasts pressing into my back.

I slowly untangled myself from her arms and roll over. Trying not to wake her, I lift back the sheet that is covering her to look at her beautiful body. I take her in my arms and pull her to me, holding her tight, feeling her stir as she slowly begins to wake.

I press my body against hers and take one of her breasts in my hand, kneading it gently. I lower my head and take the nipple between my lips and suck it gently until it is hard. I then turn my attention to the other nipple and suck that one too as it becomes erect in my mouth. While sucking her nipples, my hand is stroking down her body until I reached her pussy. Still sucking and tonguing her tits, I gently started rubbing a finger up and down her slit, rubbing her clit as I reach the top. When I feel her starting to get wet, I gently worked a finger passed her smooth, bald pussy lips.

I start stroking my finger in and out of her which makes her smile and moan. She opens her eyes, smiles at me and reaches down for my cock, lightly stroking it.

“Morning Baby,” she says with a slight gasp as I reach the top of her slit and stay there to give her clit a good massage.

“Morning Honey,” I reply back kissing her. “Nice way to wake up huh?”

“Ummm, Yes, it is,” she replies, stretching, trying to grind her pussy on my hand and fingers.

As she stretches, she gets a slight look of pain on her face. “You know, we really need to think about getting a new mattress, I think we’ve just about worn this one out.”

“Back hurting a bit?” I ask. “If so, I can fix that.”

I turn her over to have her lay down flat and straddle her. I start rubbing her back, starting at her neck and finishing up at her feet. My cock is sliding up her ass crack whenever I slide my hands back up to her neck. After a while, I turn her over and start on the front, rubbing my hands over her breasts, her nipples growing harder as I run my hands up and down her chest brushing over them with each pass. I bend my head down and slowly take one of the nipples between my lips sucking on it making it even harder. I then continue over to the other one doing the same to it.

By now, she’s squirming on the bed as I continue to kiss my way down to her stomach and then plant one wet kiss on her pussy and giving her clit a good lick. I continue on down her legs to her feet and then back up again to her pussy. I kiss my way over her body, amazed how soft and smooth she is, and how lucky I am.

As I get back to her pussy and I slowly run my tongue up and down the slit, pausing to let my tongue run deep into her, she tastes so sweet that I could eat her all day long. I run my tongue up to her clit sucking it between my lips, by now she is soaking wet and so very hot. She reaches down and with both hands, grabs my head and presses my face hard into her pussy as she begins to moan and thrash around on the bed.

As I continue to lick her pussy, I run my hands up her sides to massage her tits while I lick and suck her. I massage both of them at the same time making the nipples stick out begging for my touch. I then work my way to her back to her clit and gently take it between my lips and start to suck on it giving it a quick lick when I suck it in. She starts to push and grind herself harder into my face, guiding me, making me move the way she wants me to do so she can cum faster. My hands are still massaging her tits, rubbing and caressing them, loving the way her nipples feel on my palms as they grow harder and harder. I stop licking her to work my tongue back into her pussy trying to bury it you as far as I can, moving it back and forth. I suck her clit back in again and start to work it over with my tongue first this way, then that way, her whole body starts to shudder as she starts to cum.

“Oh God baby I’m cumming,” she screams, her body continuing to shake as I still suck her hard clit, juices running over my tongue.

As she starts to cum, I reach out and grab her arms, holding them and her so she can’t pull away from me. She was begging me to stop, but holding her so she can’t move, I gave her pussy one eskort bayan bursa more long, hard, wet lick, making her arch her back pushing her pussy onto my tongue, she gave one more gasp and fell back on the bed, shuddering.

I let go of her arms and laid there between her legs slowly stroking her, running my hands up to her breasts and giving her small kisses around her pussy and thighs and then start kissing my way up her body. As I reached her tits, I took first one nipple, then the other in my mouth. Her nipples were still hard from cumming and her body is hot and wet with sweat. I worked my way up to kiss under and around her throat and face, whispering in her ear “I love you.”

I slid off to the side and laid alongside her, my hands still exploring, up and down, back and forth.

She rolled over on her side to face me, and reached down for my cock, gently stroking it, running her hand from the head, down my shaft, and then gently massaging my balls. She pushed me to my back and moved down the bed to take my cock in her mouth. First taking just the head in her mouth and giving it a good long suck, then the entire length making my cock all sloppy wet. While working her mouth up and down my cock, her other hand is squeezing my balls, massaging them.

She stopped massaging my balls to slip her hand under me and started lightly stroking my asshole with one finger, the other hand running up and down my leg were it rests against her. She is driving me crazy with the want of her, I never want her to stop touching me and I would do anything as long as she kept doing what she was doing.

She stop sucking on me for a moment, look up at me and smiled.

“You like that, don’t you?” She asked, “You want me to keep it up don’t you?”

“Yesss..” I said breathlessly, my cock as hard as iron rod.

“What will you do if I keep going?” She asked.

“Anything, I’ll do anything you ask” I reply.

“Anything?” she asked, reaching back down to stroke and massage my balls. My cock jumping with each stroke and squeeze of her hand.

“Yes, I swear, anything.” I say groaning in pleasure.

“Good,” she smirked, “I’ll let you know when I’m finished, and remember, you promised.”

“Yes, yes I will.. anything you want, anyway you want.”

She went back to sucking on my cock and massaging my balls, then reaching back under me to lightly stroke my asshole.

“Oh my god.. please… yes, please..” I moaned.

“What baby? What do you want?…Say it.” “Do you like my finger at your asshole while I suck your cock?” she said softly.

“…Yes..please…” I moaned.

“Please what?” “Please finger fuck your asshole while I suck you? Say it!” she demanded.

“Yes…please finger fuck my ass while you suck me…Oh Gods please don’t stop..” I tell her, trying not to sound like I was begging her.

But that’s a lie. I was begging her like my life depended it. I didn’t want her to stop, I needed to feel her mouth on my cock and her finger deep in my ass.

“Ok,” she replied. “But let’s just make this a bit easier.”

She rolled over to turn away from me and reach over on her night stand to get a tube of lube she had there. She squirted a glob on her finger and started to rub it around my asshole, working it in and around the hole, just putting the tip of her finger in my ass. By now I’m shuddering and squirming as she rubbed the lube on and in me.

She lowered her head back on my cock and sucked me deep, still rubbing her lubed up finger around and in me, her lips sliding up and down my cock. Finally, as her lips reached the base of my cock, she pushed her finger slowly into my ass until it was in as far as her finger could reach. Then she started stroking her finger in and out of me in time with her lips going up and down on my cock.

As she stroked her finger in and out of me, every time she’d push in I would try to push myself farther on her hand, to get her finger deeper in my ass. As she slide her finger deep into me, I could feel her finger hit my prostrate and I didn’t know how much more I could take before I shot a load in her mouth. I want it to last, but it feels so damn good.

By the way I was squirming and gasping every time she fingered me, she could tell that I can’t take much more. She took her mouth off my cock and pushed her finger deep in my ass one more time. Then with just the tip of her finger lightly pressing on it, she started massaging my prostate.

“I think I’ll just stop there,” she purred, I don’t want you cumming just yet.”

“Paybacks a bitch isn’t it?” She asked smiling.

She pulled her finger out of my ass and pulled me to her, and held me tight. We lay there for a bit longer so I could calm down enough so I won’t cum just looking at her.

“You liked that didn’t you?” she asked. “And you do remember what you promised?”

I gently kissed her and replied, “Oh Gods yes baby, I loved it.” “And of course I remember that I’d promised to do whatever you want, all you altıparmak escort have to do is ask, I would do or try anything you wanted.”

“As long as it’s not me having to share you with anyone.” “Well, maybe another girl.. but that’s where I draw the line.” I added laughing.

“Yeah, I bet you’d like that,” she laughed back, “But no, that’s not what I want from you.”

She kissed me and continued kissing me up to my ear, then lightly licking my ear, and in a husky whisper dripping with desire said, “You remember that vibrator you got me for when you’re not here?”

Of course I remember. I travel around a lot for work and she asked me to get her one so she could please herself when I wasn’t there. That was fun, taking her to the toy store to pick one out. So, OK, I figure she wants me to use it on her while we were playing, that sounded like fun.

“Of course I remember, how could I forget.” I said smiling. “I also remember how wet your pussy was when we got home from getting it.”

“You liked picking it out with me, you thought it was kinda kinky,” I said, still smiling.

“I’m glad you remember,” she said grinning impishly, “I use it every time you leave.”

“I’d like you to watch me to use right now” she continued. “Just remember, a promise is a promise.”

I was slightly disappointed since I sorta thought she’d wanted me to use it on her, but watching her pleasure herself might be hot too.

“Ok, that sounds like fun,” I replied “I’d like to watch you fuck yourself.”

“But what do you want me to do while you’re doing that?” I asked.

She reached down and started massaging my cock, which had started to deflate while we were talking, and said.

“Oh no,” she said grinning, “I don’t want to use it on me, I want to use it on you, I want to fuck you with it.” “I want to fuck you until I make you scream with pleasure the way you make me do, and beg me to stop.”

“And remember, you promised.” She said again continuing to massage my cock and smiling wickedly.

As she said this to me, my cock went steel hard in her hand. I really love it when she finger fucks my ass and I always fantasized about her doing more than that, but I could never get up the nerve to ask. I thought she’d think I was some kind of freak if I did.

Stroking my cock and still grinning she continued, “Hmmm, feeling how hard your cock just got, I take this as a most definite yes?” She reached down with her other hand to massage my balls and squeezed some precum out of the tip of my cock.

I gasped as she stroked and squeezed me, my voice coming out in a rasping “Yes.”

“Good,” she replied. She let go of me and turned over to get the vibrator out her nightstand and more of the lube.

She laid it by me and instructed, “Lay on your back.”

I did as she asked, and she slid between my legs spreading them. She slowly lifted my knees up and out, spreading my legs so she could get at me all the easier. Then, reaching down, she put two fingers in her pussy, working them around to coat them in her juices and then proceeded to rub them on my asshole making it nice and slick.

She continued rubbing her finger around my hole, the slipping her finger in. From the previous time and from the additional lube of her juices, her finger had no problem sliding into me all the way. She stroked in and out of me a few times.

Smiling at me said, “Well, you certainly were ready for my finger, but I think for the vibe, we’re going to need something more.”

She pulled her finger out and squirted a big glob of lube on it and slowly inserted her finger back in my ass, lubing me up inside and out.

As she finger fucked my ass to spread the lube and to loosened me up some more, she slowly started to work a second finger into me to widen me up some more. After doing this a for a while, she stopped and picked up the vibe, and said.

“Now, just relax, and let me know if I hurt you.” “I’ll take it slow this first time.” she said grinning.

“This first time?” Hmm.. that sounds promising, grinning to myself.

She took the vibe and turned it on low. She slid it along her tits and slid it down to insert it in her pussy, twitching as she buried it deep in herself.

“Hey,” I said, “I thought that was for me this time?”

“Just warming it up for you,” she laughed, “Got to make sure it works.”

She pulled it out and held it up so I could see it. I was shiny with her juices and she began to coat it with the lube, stoking it like it was my cock.

Moving between my legs, she grasped my cock with one hand and told me, “Reach back and grab the rails on the headboard, and don’t let go.” she said smiling wickedly.

I reached back and took hold of the headboard watching as she started stoking my cock and bringing the vibe down to my asshole. My breathing was fast now in anticipation as I was waiting, wanting her to use that vibe on me.

She slowly circled the vibe around the head of bursa türbanlı escort my cock where it stuck out past her fist and then slowly, driving me crazy, down the length of my cock and held it at the entrance to my ass. She slowly slipped in the tapered tip of it into me and let it stay there a bit. She then started moving the vibe in and out of me, never too far out or deep in.

By now, I’m going slightly crazy and I try to push myself onto it. But every time I do, she teases me by pulling it back so I can’t. I let go of the head board with one hand to reach down to make her stop teasing and just put the damn thing all the way in me. But, she pulled it out and slapped my hand gently saying, “Oh no, I told you not to let go, if you let go, I pull it out.”

I quickly reached back and took hold of the headboard gasping out, “No baby, please don’t stop, please keep fucking me with it, you’re driving me crazy.” “Please stop teasing and fuck me.” I plead.

“Ok, but that was your only warning,” she threatened with a shit eating grin on her face.

She slowly put the vibe back in my ass and started to work it in and out, going deeper with every stroke until the last time when she pulled it out and then slid it back in me, I could feel the head of it resting against my prostate.

She held it there and started turning up the vibes on it so the tip of the vibe buzzing my prostate. The precum was flowing out of the end of my cock, slicking up both me and her hand.

Slowly backing it out, she held the vibe in place with one hand while she moved from between my legs and to my side. She looked up at me saying, “Well, do you want me to stop? Or keep going?”

“Please baby, don’t stop.” I gasped.

“Don’t stop what?” she asks smiling. “Don’t stop fucking you?” “Say it or I will stop.”

Almost in tears from the sheer pleasure she was giving me I tell her what she wants to hear.

“Yes baby, please keep fucking me, please don’t stop, I need you to put that thing in me as far it will go.”

“Oh, you want me to keep fucking your ass with this?” She asked, moving the vibe slightly in and out.

“And what’s it worth to you?” she asked wickedly.

“Fuck, anything, anything you want, I’ll do anything you want.” I gasp out. Right now I was so crazy from the want of it that I’d promise her anything. “I promise.”

“Good,” she replied, “I’ll remember you said that.”

I guess by now she was finished playing with me, having extracted another promise out of me. So she started to slide the vibe in and out of me, first slowly, then faster.

She let go of my cock and said, “Ummm, all that precum sure looks good.” “Too good to waste.” She said licking he lips. She took the head of my cock in her moth and sucked it to get all the precum out she could while still fucking me.

She stopped sucking on me and said, “I think in ready for a little pleasure also.”

She reached up and pried one my hands from loose from the death grip I had on the headboard and drew it down to the vibe, “Here, hold this in place.” placing my hand on the vibe.

I took hold of the vibe and moved it in and out slowly, fucking myself with it. Then she slid one leg over me so she straddled me, facing away from me. Still holding on to my cock to guide it in, she eased herself down on me slowly, a fraction of an inch at time, lowering herself down the length of my cock until I was buried balls deep in her.

Supporting herself with one hand on my leg, she said, “I’ll take over now.” “You hold on to the headboard for a bit more.”

She reached down and took hold of the vibe from me and stroked it and out while she rocked slowly back and forth on my cock.

She looked back over her shoulder at me, slowly rocking her hips back and forth, side to side and flexing her pussy muscles, squeezing tightly around my cock. Every time she moved, we both trembled.

“You can take your hands off the head board now, I want to feel them on me,” she gasped out.

I grabbed hold of her hips and I slowly started thrusting in and out of her in time with her fucking me. Whenever I pull out, she pushes that vibe into me, and sighs with pleasure each time I thrust up into her. I grit my teeth, literally, fighting the urge to thrust wildly, deeply, repeatedly into her. I want to make this last, so I can feel her pussy wrapped around my cock as long as I can.

Suddenly, she slammed her pussy down on my cock and pushed that vibe into me as far as it will go. I grab her hips holding on to her them tightly as she moans and shudders and starts to cum, I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock. As her pussy grips the length of my cock from cumming, she starts stroking the vibe in and out me faster and faster.

Still ass-fucking me, she gasps out, “Come on honey, cum with me.” “I want to feel you shoot your load deep into me.”

After hearing her ask for it, I just can’t hold back and I drive up into her again and again. I can feel the vibe in my ass, buzzing deeply against my prostrate and I can feel the my own orgasm building. Her tight, hot pussy is wet around my cock and each thrust is better than the one before. I feel the cum shooting through the length of my cock and as wave after wave of pleasure rocks through me and I cry out to her that I’m cumming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32