A Crash Course In Losing Virginity

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Ball Grab

Author’s Note: This is a true story. It happened on the night of August 30, 2003.

It wasn’t the most exciting weekend to start with. I was going to St. Mary-of-the-Woods College, an all-girl school, which meant that I never got to have any “fun” unless my boyfriend Brandon came down to visit me. Nothing really interesting had been going on, so Brandon had come to get me and take me back to his house for the weekend. At least, that was what was supposed to happen. We never actually left Terre Haute. No, it wasn’t because we had exquisite sex in my dorm, but rather because of a freak accident.

While driving through a busy intersection, a car blew a red light and nailed us in the side of Brandon’s black s-10. The force of the car caused our truck to completely spin around and skid sideways. I always used to think that traffic was supposed to stop while there was an accident. However, it didn’t seem like it as the next two semis flew past us at over 70 mph, missing us by mere centimeters. Neither Brandon nor I were hurt, and neither were the people in the other car. However, we now had no car and it would be out of police jurisdiction to take us back to St. Mary’s. We both (usually) lived 3 hours away from the campus, so going home was not an option. In fact, the only place we could go (that the police could take us) was a Days Inn down the street.

So they took us there. The police had to talk to the manager, since the motels in that area would only rent rooms to people 25 or older, and we were just lowly 18 year olds. Or so they thought.

As we walked into the room, we flicked on the lights. “Hey, look at that, there’s only one bed!” Brandon commented suggestively as I looked over at the king sized bed. The thing was, although we had technically been going out for awhile (as of the next day it would be three months), we had yet to actually have sex. We always ran out of time, were interrupted, or were just flat out tired. What we needed was a little time to explore each illegal bahis other’s souls. We needed time where we didn’t have to worry about time. The motel was where we found that time.

We had dropped our bags on the floor when we came in. After we had closed the door, Brandon came up to me and embraced me in a tight hug. The hug escalated quickly, moving to a soft kiss, and then getting more passionate. As we broke from our kiss, breathless, I reached for Brandon’s shirt, pulling it up and off. Once I had gotten his shirt off, he removed mine. By the time my shirt was gone, my hands were tugging at the buckle of his belt, trying to get it undone. I unbuttoned his button with ease and pulled down the fly. I reached for the waistband of his pants and pushed them down off of his hips. He similarly took off my clothes, pausing to undo the clasp on my bra until we both just stood in our underwear. Stepping out of that last item of clothing, we stood completely nude in front of each other. By that time, we had resumed our tonsil hockey.

It wasn’t long before we were sprawled out on the bed. My eyes followed his hand as it traveled down my body, softly caressing everything it touched. His hand reached my shaven pussy and lightly stroked my mound. He used one of his fingers to lightly stroke my clit, making small circles around it until I couldn’t take the teasing anymore. He stopped teasing me and directly stroked my clit, sending waves of pleasure down my spine. He then buried two of his fingers deep in my pussy, pistoning them in and out as my juices dripped all over his hand.

My hands were not idle all the while. I had reached over and taken a hold of his manhood, stroking the length of it. He groaned as I fondled the head of his cock causing him to bury his fingers even deeper into my pussy. Not wanting to cum to soon, Brandon moved down my body, making me release his throbbing cock. Brandon paused at my breasts, glancing up at me before he actually did anything. Once he illegal bahis siteleri was sure he had my full attention (as if there was any way he hadn’t had it), he lowered his mouth to my right nipple, lightly licking it with his tongue. He then took it into his mouth, alternating between sucking it and flicking it with his warm tongue. All the while, Brandon kept eye contact with me. He had a devilish grin on his face, and the hunger in his eyes could have written volumes. He alternated between my two breasts, pausing only to give me an even more devilish grin than he had previously.

When he looked up at me, I had my eyes closed in pleasure and my breathing consisted mostly of shudders. I opened my eyes to look down at him, only to watch him move up and kiss me. The kiss was light and quick. Brandon lay down next to me on the bed and looked deep into my eyes.

“What are you thinking?” I asked him, grinning.

“I don’t know, what are you thinking?” I knew that he was kidding. He knew exactly what he was thinking and what we both wanted to do, but both of us were just afraid to actually bring it up.

“Do you want to?” he asked me.


“You sure? Cause I don’t want you to just because…”

Cutting him off, I replied, “I don’t want to do it just to do it…”

And he cut me off, “It’s not like that, I don’t want you to do it just because I want to…”

“It’s not like that…I want to.”

“You sure?”


He knew that I was really nervous about having sex. I’d never done it before and was nervous about the whole thing (of course, he had never had sex before either, but guys are a whole nother story). Well…I was actually more nervous about getting pregnant than about having sex, but since one can follow the other, I was nervous about having sex.

“Ok.” Brandon got up from the bed and went to his bag that lay on the floor to retrieve a condom. Within seconds, he had it on and was climbing back into bed. Positioning canlı bahis siteleri his body on top of mine, he paused, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

With that, he reached one of his hands down to position his cock at the entrance to my dripping pussy. He lightly kissed me as he pushed his cock into my virgin pussy for the first time. I was so tight that I wrapped around him like a glove. With the first stroke, he buried himself to the hilt in my pussy. His cock stretched my pussy to its limits. With a quick intake of breath, he closed his eyes and started pistoning his cock in and out of my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his back and moved my hips to meet his thrusts. We quickly fell into a rhythm, moaning as our pleasure built.

Through our erratic breathing and the intense pleasure of our coupling, I managed to focus on his face and say “I’m glad it’s you…”

“I’m glad it’s you too, baby….” he groaned.

My climax hit first, as my pussy contracted around his cock, gripping it like a vise. I inhaled sharply, clinging to Brandon as I had my first-ever intercourse induced orgasm. My pussy throbbed around his cock for longer than I’d ever had an orgasm last before. Right before my pussy stopped convulsing, Brandon let out a long sigh as he buried his cock deep in my pussy. I could feel the muscles of his cock pumping his cum into the condom. Collapsing on top of me, we both lie panting on the motel bed. What fun the cleaning lady would have the next morning.

We lay like that for awhile, until Brandon started to get soft. Reaching between us, he held the condom on his cock as he pulled out of me. Leaning over the side of the bed, he threw the condom in the trash and turned back to face me. I scooted over to him, spooning with him. Within minutes we had fallen asleep.

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