00069 Dom Peridone Ch. 01

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What would you do if you have a naturist widow for mother? I undress at home as well.

My mom is quite busty, but she’s also lesbian, so she won’t get aroused by me, her postgraduate son; but once we had a good time together, thanks to domperidone, or Dom Peridone, as I love to spell it, as if it were a brand of French champagne.

My mom had bouts of dysphagia, i. e., she more often than not couldn’t swallow her food; since there was no organic cause to it, her doctor prescribed her domperidone to smooth her digestion. I warned her that a side effect to this med was galattorrhea, and it was so common that women who wanted to secrete milk without bearing children usually take it.

Mom scoffed at my remark, but a couple weeks later, while I was writing an article on marriage equality for mom’s lesbian association (I support her cause, even though I love women), and I was in my birthday suit as I was at home, she came home, undressed herself, stood by my laptop, her nipples at my ears’ height, and smilingly told me, “You were right. Look!”

When I looked at her breasts, I noticed that the izmir escort bayan nipples were darker and puffier than usual, she began expressing her breasts, and a few milk drops went out of her nipples. I drew out my tongue to collect the drops; I wasn’t going to touch mom’s tits, I was just trying to catch the milk as it fell from them — but mom put the right nipple first on my tongue, and then into my mouth.

I couldn’t decline — mom always gets angry whenever I refuse her food — so I started suckling. There wasn’t much milk in mom’s right breast, so I soon switched to the left breast — and noticed that mom was somewhat aroused by that.

I wasn’t satisfied with that, so, after emptying the left breast, I resumed suckling the right one — it was dry, but mom didn’t object, and I spent about an hour hopping between her breasts. The more I suckled, the more forcefully mom embraced my head.

When we were done, I had a full-fledged erection (mom pretended she didn’t see it), mom’s pupils were dilated, and as I accidentally touched her twat as I was going to grab the mouse in order to finish izmir escort the article, I noticed that it was wet, and the clit was turgid like her nipples.

So I hugged mom, and she hugged me in turn, kissed her on the forehead, the cheeks, the lips and the mouth. I didn’t know that mom kissed so well!

We then rushed to her bedroom and I impaled her as she was lying on her back and putting her feet on my shoulders. The lubrication was good, and the vagina incredibly tight, as more than 20 years had elapsed since she had given birth to me.

She apparently enjoyed sex as well, and after orgasm we hugged and laid together on the bed. Then mom asked me, “Darling, would you like to help me secrete more milk?”


“By suckling whenever I or you see fit. I’ll never refuse, promise. The more you suckle, the more milk I’ll produce.”

“What about …?”

“I’ll do that too, but you won’t be my only partner.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve noticed that lesbian women too love lactating tits, so I hope that my milk will help me seduce a girl I’ve set my eyes on.”

“Is she escort izmir cute?”

“She’s also better breasted than me, and most likely bi.”

“So … could I try and woo her?”

“Be careful: she’s sex-hungry, if not sex-obsessed. You risk being milked dry!”

“In this case, I’ll play sick, so you’ll have to stay in for me!”

Mom laughed, and invited me to follow her to the bathroom — she peed first, and when it was my turn, she noticed that my penis was getting erect again.

“Have you ever committed sodomy?” she asked.


“It’s high time you learn. Take a glove and the lubricant out of the left drawer.”

I followed her directions, put my penis into her ass, peed into it, and she even loved it.

While she was moving her bowels, I washed my private parts and then asked her, “Mom, your rectum seemed somewhat wider than your vagina. Why?”

“How could I have just a child without resorting to birth control?”

“Gosh! I thought you stopped having sex with dad once you discovered you were lesbian!”

“I became a lesbian after dad’s death. He, actually, we both, enjoyed sex together. You’re the only man I have made love with, but dad.”

“Quel honneur! Will you chase the sex-hungry bi you’ve told me about?”

“Of course! And I hope I’ll share her with you.”

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